Percy Schmeiser vs Monsanto

Percy SchmeiserThese are my notes from the Percy Schmeiser vs Monsanto interview Percy did back in November 2006. I’ve added to them so it tells a more fluid story and then I added my personal comments as well.

This will detail how Monsanto (along with both the US and Canadian governments) started their poisoning campaign to poison all of us through GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

You should learn a lot just like I did. I already knew that GMOs were toxic to our health and all living creatures’ health, but the lengths that Monsanto went through to bring Percy down just shows you how evil Monsanto has always been.

Don’t forget that Monsanto, along with the criminals in the US government, killed and maimed millions of Vietnamese with their mustard gas during the Vietnam war that the CIA started.

If you want to listen to the podcast, I have it here in video format here, or here in audio – Part 1 and Part 2.

This was Percy appearing for a talk at UC Berkely (University of California).

  1. Monsanto filed a lawsuit in 1998 against Percy Schmeiser for patent infringement.
  2. Percy was living in Saskatchewan in Canada, but also knew farmers from all over North Dakota, Montana, and Idaho.
  3. The Schmeisers were known for being seed developers of canola. At that time it was known as rapeseed. Half was canola for lubricating, and the other half was for cooking oil.
  4. In 1996, the governments of both the US and Canada introduced GMO cotton, corn, soybeans, and canola.
  5. The farmers were told GMO would be a bigger yield, use less chemicals, and be more nutritious.

    (My comments: of course this was all a lie.)

  6. Most of the farmers wanted less chemicals because of the environment and the human health issues.
  7. At the time, Percy didn’t know a thing about gene splicing.
  8. So the case against Percy went to federal court where there was only one judge. There was no regular jury where there could have be farmers on the jury.

    (My comments: how much you want to bet Monsanto designed it this way. Remember that all of the evil corps are owned by the evils, and they control the entire corrupt legal system. I have to assume it’s like that in every single country in the world, not just in American or Canada.)

  9. Monsanto’s seeds were found in one ditch on Percy’s land. They weren’t even found on his field, only in that one area, and he had 8 fields which totaled around 1030 acres.
  10. Of course Monsanto said it doesn’t matter how the seeds got there, you are responsible for them being there.
  11. Percy didn’t know until the year 2000 that two of his neighboring farmers had started to use Monsanto’s seeds. The first farmer started back in 1996, and the second farmer back in 1997.
  12. Monsanto eventually withdrew the complaint that Percy had gotten their seeds illegally, but that didn’t matter because the trial judge ruled that it doesn’t matter how they got there, once the seeds are there, you can’t use your own seeds and Monsanto now owns them.

    (My comments: you see how corrupt and evil the legal system is? Remember the legal system is part of the government. It’s created so only the rich, evil, and powerful can take down anyone who doesn’t do as they are told? This is a prime example of slavery.)

  13. Percy said that the judge didn’t care if the GMO seeds got there via cross-pollination, birds or bees carrying them, the wind carrying them, farmers transporting them and while moving them they fall onto his properly. The judge also ruled that the level of contamination didn’t matter.

    (My comments: WOW, just look at how evil the judge was and this wasn’t even a large city.)

  14. Here’s what the judge ruled:

    a) All of Percy’s R&D for 50 years goes to Monsanto. Percy had managed to get rid of two different diseases that canola is known for called blackleg and Sclerotinia, both of which are types of mold. Due to his genius, he was able to grow every year whereas other farmers¬† couldn’t grow the same canola crop year after year. They had to take a break once every 4 years.

    b) Percy could no longer use his OWN seeds.

    c) All the money he made from his 1030 acres goes to Monsanto. Percy had used around 9,000 seeds since 1998, and it was estimated that Monsanto’s deadly GMO seeds were about 10-15 pounds out of that 9,000 pounds.

    (My comments: the judge didn’t care and gave Monsanto, the evil billion-dollar company, all of the money that Percy, the poor farmer, had made for so long.)

  15. The scientists from the University of Manitoba came to look at Percy’s fields and found 2 acres that had no Monsanto seeds, but the judge ruled that since Percy is a seed saver, there was a probability that some of Monsanto’s seeds were in those 2 fields as well.
  16. Percy then appealed and got 3 federal appellate judges.
  17. After another 2 years, these judges ruled that while they don’t agree with everything the trial judge ruled on, they would still uphold the ruling.

    Normally if they disagree with anything, the whole thing has to be thrown out.

    (My comments: everyone STILL thinks the legal system is fair and FOR the people???)

  18. Percy went through 4 years of legal battles and spent $300,000 in legal costs.
  19. The only thing left was the Supreme Court of Canada.
  20. Normally they won’t hear a case if it’s already lost twice (10% chance), but for some reason, they said they would hear it.
  21. You are allowed to bring up other items when going in front of the Supreme Court of Canada, so they decided to bring up the following:

    a) Can farmers use their ancient right to use their own seeds from year to year and develop them?

    b) Can living organisms or organs such as seeds, plants, genes, and human organs be patented and owned (the Intellectual Property – IP) by someone else?

    (My comments: just so you know, in the US yes they CAN. I learned this a long time ago when reading one of Michael Crichton’s books which while his books (except one) were fiction, they were based on FACT. I remember reading this back around 2007/8 and being SHOCKED that you don’t even own your own fucking blood due to these evils. And get ready for MORE of this evil shit because this is exactly what the evils are doing to us now. They want to shoot us with their deadly DNA altering vaccine which will allow them to upload patches that are “supposedly” supposed to help us with viruses. And if you say no, they will cite the fact that we don’t own our own mind or body so we have no choice, and we WON’T.

    Just like Monsanto and other bio companies owned seeds which are part of NATURE, these evils will own parts of our body because they altered parts of it and we are ALSO part of nature.

    Continue to argue with me that we AREN’T SLAVES. Come on…)

    c) Can the GMO farms which have now become resistant to weeds cause the farms all over now have superweeds?

    d) Who owns life? Does anyone have the right to patent life?

  22. Before they even went in front of the Supreme Court after 4 years of this going on, Monsanto went after poor Percy for $1 million for their court costs upto that point. So the poor guy had to fight that battle at the same time as everything else.
  23. Monsanto was trying to get license fees on the seeds, damages, and the million dollars for the court costs. They said the reason they wanted the court costs is because Percy was stubborn, arrogant and wouldn’t do what Monsanto wanted.

    (My comments: LMAO – OMG).

  24. The supreme court of Canada ruled in favor of Percy, but only on this one part.
  25. During this time, every time Monsanto testified in court, they would state that this was a test case to see how far they can control farmers. Despite them saying that, the supreme court didn’t make Monsanto pay for Percy’s legal fees which at that point was $400,000. Monsanto’s legal costs were around $2 million.

    (My comments: the corruption and evilness continues.)

  26. In the end, the supreme court of Canada sided with Monsanto that their life form (their GMO seeds) can control Percy’s life form (his natural seeds.)

    (My comments: more proof that the Canadian legal system is just as corrupt and evil as the American legal system is.)

  27. So Percy asks, where does this all stop? A bird, a bee, then a human being?

    (My comments: well here we are, we are at the end with making humans NON HUMAN because the evils want to make us transhuman and technically they have already made us nonhuman with all of the poisons and drugs they have given or forced on everyone.)

  28. The only benefit to this was that now Monsanto was liable for any damages it would cause to this higher life form.
  29. Now organic farmers had a class action lawsuit because now their fields couldn’t grow multiple crops due to Monsanto’s seeds contaminating the seed supply.

    (My comments: of course we the people get NOTHING. Everything in the entire world is now contaminated by their chemicals and seeds.)

  30. Percy says that the Parliament of Canada (the people) should decide who owns life, not the courts.

    (My comments: Yeh, like that’s going to happen. Percy is a great guy, but even after how he’s been abused, he’s still very naive on how things work in this world.)

  31. On May 1, 2006 Louis and Percy Schmeiser went to Geneva, Switzerland to the UN (United Nations) human rights commission for human rights violations

    (My comments: LOL, like they give a shit. It’s the UN which is TOTALLY owned by the evils.)

  32. They brought up the fact that there’s no labeling and this is a human rights issue. In North America we don’t know what we are eating. Europe at least has labeling laws.
  33. He also filed a lawsuit (drastic violations) against Canada for human rights violations due to there being no labeling, and of course Canada is just ignoring him at the time of this recording.

    (My comments: I tried to look it up and couldn’t find anything on the case because everything is about Monsanto. If you find something, please let me know.)

  34. His dealings with Monsanto were still not going well. Before they got to the supreme court of Canada, Monsanto did the following:

    a) They tried to put liens on Percy’s farm equipment.

    b) Tried to seize the farm itself.

    c) Tried to stop him from taking a mortgage out to pay for his legal fees.

    d) Tried to seize his house and they threatened him.

    (My comments: as you can see, they tried to destroy him so he would be penniless, homeless, no way to make a living, AND he lost the case.)

  35. As of 2005 Percy rented out all of his land except 160 acres.
  36. Percy then decided to try and do research to create a higher-yielding yellow mustard.
  37. In 2005 Percy took 50 acres and left it sitting there not growing anything on it for a year. He only cultivated it to maintain it from weeds.
  38. In 2006 he came back from California only to find that there were canola plants growing on that piece of land. It was Monsanto’s canola plants.
  39. He notified them and they came out to take a look at it.
  40. They did some tests and confirmed it was their GMO canola plants.
  41. They asked him what he wanted them to do with it and he said remove them all by hand.
  42. They told him that’s fine, but you need to sign a release form.
  43. He said what release form. You said in court that if any plants were found on a farmer’s land, they just had to notify you and you would come and remove them. You said nothing about a release form.
  44. They said we will send it to you.
  45. A few days later the release form shows up by fax. It said:

    a) You and your children and any family members can never take Monsanto to court for the rest of their lives.

    b) If you find any more contamination in the years to come, it’s your responsibility to remove them or they could fine him for it.

    c) You have to sign an NDA that says you will never talk to the media or your neighbors again regarding any settlements.

  46. Of course the Schmeisers refused, so Monsanto refused to remove the plants.
  47. He notified them of the days that Percy and a couple of neighbors were going to remove the plants. He had asked them if they wanted to come and watch and they said no.
  48. The farmers did the work and it came to 3 truckloads.
  49. He told Monsanto to come pick up their plants. They said no.
  50. He said okay, I’m going to either burn them or dump them on your doorstep in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
  51. They said don’t you dare.
  52. He left them in a pile on his farm and as of 2006, it was sitting there.
  53. Then in 2006 they get a letter from Monsanto saying they can’t grow the yellow mustard in 2006.

    (My comments: anyone else feel like X*&Z9&(@ Monsanto?)

  54. That’s when Percy realized that you can’t separate mustard from canola, so he had to seed wheat and oats instead.
  55. So even his choice on what to grow was taken away from him.
  56. The next year he sent Monsanto a bill because he had to pay his neighbors $620 to help him remove all of their GMO plants.
  57. Monsanto refused because he didn’t sign the release.
  58. Percy then went to small claims court and told the judge he wanted to get Monsanto into court. The judge said send Monsanto another letter saying they have 10 days to comply.
  59. Percy did and they ignored him, so he went back and as of around November 15, 2006, they issued a summons to Monsanto.
  60. Percy says this could set a precedence for all other farmers who have been harmed by Monsanto. The farmers can take Monsanto to small claims court for liability if it’s under $10,000.

Next part of the lecture

Ignacio Chapela biologist and ecologist joins Perry Schmeiser on the stage in Ukiah, California. This was recorded in November 2006 and this first part is Percy.

  1. Tuc radio. You can find them here.
  2. Percy was from Bruno, Saskatchewan, and took over the family farm at age 16 in 1947.
  3. He was a successful farmer and town mayor.
  4. He lost his life’s work due to Monsanto’s contaminated GMO seeds.
  5. He can’t farm on that land anymore because there is GMO seeds there that won’t go away due to his neighbor using GMO seeds.
  6. Monsanto is a giant agrochemical company.

    (My comments: we already know that Monsanto is now Bayer, but they are both evil corps and I’m sure Monsanto is still connected somehow.)

  7. Most of Western Canada’s canola’s farms are ruined due to GMO canola.
  8. Many countries won’t buy from them because they are GMO crops.
  9. In Europe, the EU laws are being considered that a GMO farmer will have to pay a fee per acre, so if the non GMO farmer gets contaminated, they will be reimbursed.
  10. Of course Percy never got a dime from either Monsanto or the neighbor for losing his seeds, his research and development for 50 years, or anything to reimburse him for his land.
  11. The courts in both the US and Canada side with Monsanto saying they own everything their seeds contaminates/invades. This means they will also own anything that it cross-pollinates with like species that are in the same family of the original seed/crop. Just like what happened when Percy tried to plant yellow mustard because it’s a relative of canola. There are even wild relatives of those crops.
  12. Percy somehow survived the 6 year battle with Monsanto.
  13. Now Percy will talk about why coexistence with GMO is impossible.
  14. Once you introduce GMO seeds, you can’t contain them. Look at what happened with Percy… wind, bees and birds carrying the seeds from one land to another, etc.
  15. The GMO is the dominant gene with whatever it cross pollinates with. It doesn’t matter what plant you are talking about, the results are still the same. The GMO dominates ALL natural plants.
  16. So we lose biodiversity, heirloom, indigenous, pure seeds, etc.
  17. In Europe, at this time, they were STILL talking about coexistence and that farms still have a choice, but farms do NOT have a choice.
  18. Up until 2 years ago, organic farmers didn’t realize they could wake up one morning and find out that they aren’t growing organic anymore. They are growing GMO, their land has been contaminated and they will lose everything because Monsanto will then also own their seeds. Same with a conventional farmer.
  19. The new hot topic now is the terminator genes in the Northern and Western plains of Canada.
  20. Before that, it was the company Delta and Pine Land Company. Here’s the information I looked up terminator genes.
  21. A terminator gene means the seeds from a plant are now sterile.

    (My comments: WTF!!!! They (the evils) are making all of NATURE sterile including us humans.)

  22. Of course this means you can’t use the seeds the following year.
  23. Monsanto always made the farmer buy new seeds every year.

    (My comments: now I understand why farmers have to buy seeds every year and just one reason why it’s so expensive to farm these toxic seeds.)

  24. This is a total assault on LIFE.
  25. Under certain conditions, it can spread to the neighbor’s crop and render some of his seeds sterile.
  26. The other name for it is GURT – Genetic use restriction technology.
  27. The farmers have given it the name of the TERMINATOR.
  28. Then there’s the cheetah gene which is used in conjunction with the terminator gene.
  29. Both are put into a plant and the plant won’t produce a seed unless you spray a chemical on it.

    (My comments: MORE CHEMICALS!!!)

  30. Once the seed is created, then the terminator gene will render it sterile.
  31. Monsanto had been trying really hard to commercialize the terminator gene, especially in third world countries.
  32. Monsanto advertises that if you think your neighbor is growing GMO seeds without a license, you should rat on your neighbors.

    (My comments: more ratting out your fellow man just like with the scamdemic.)

  33. Another thing they do if they don’t know the farmer’s mailing address is go to the municipality office and get the farmer’s land location.
  34. When they know the farmers aren’t around, they fly over the center of the farm (most farms are 160 acres) with a small plane or helicopter, and drop down a spray bomb of Monsanto herbicide.
  35. Then 7-10 days later they fly back over and if the crops died, they know they weren’t using Monsanto’s seeds. If it didn’t die, they know they are.

    (My comments: so they purposely go around killing farmers’ crops and of course get away with it.)

  36. Back in 1996 Monsanto lied to everyone and told them there would be bigger yields, it would be more nutritious, and use less chemicals.
  37. The yields have gone down considerably in soy and canola. The nutritional content is about 50% of what it was before. The mass amount of chemicals that have been used since these GMO seeds have been introduced is tremendous, plus there are now mutants and superweeds.
  38. A superweed is the regular canola plant.

    (My comments: this I didn’t understand, but canola has always been toxic (I think), now it’s just way way MORE dangerous because it’s GMO.)

  39. In 1996 Monsanto wasn’t the only company selling GMO canola. There was Libertylink. (My notes: “LibertyLink is a BASF owned brand of genes for use in agriculture providing tolerance to Liberty herbicide and glufosinate (a.k.a. Liberty or Basta). The genes were developed by Bayer CropScience, before being sold to BASF Ag in late 2017.

    (My comments: look how Bayer was involved way back when. Remember Bayer is an evil German company, but I don’t want to make Germans out to be the bad guys here. I can’t find anything for the second company he mentioned, although it’s hard to understand Percy at times. He says something like “Pursue smart” if anyone has information on that evil company.

  40. Within the first year they cross-pollinated those 3 different GMO canola plants into one conventional canola plant.

    (My comments: I’m not sure what he means here.)

  41. So now it takes a ton more chemicals to kill this superweed and the superweed has spread into our wheat fields, our barley fields, towns, golf courses, and cemeteries, which is a huge expense to us.
  42. And now in order to kill the superweed they have come out with an even MORE toxic chemical.
  43. What they have done is taken over the seed supply, created more chemicals than ever before, and now there’s even more powerful chemicals that have harmed human health and the environment.
  44. Monsanto used to say that RoundUp was so safe, it was as safe as table salt. They said it was so safe you could drink it.

    (My comments: table salt isn’t safe at all actually, only sea salt is.)

  45. That year (2006) Monsanto had to release to the British government their own testing for their RoundUp. In those tests, it revealed it’s a blood disruptor which causes tumors that cause cancer. This is especially true in young people who’s organs are still growing.
  46. It lowers a person’s immune system.
  47. Kidney and liver ailments.
  48. Rashes and eczemas.
  49. To make GMO, you have to move a gene from one life form to another, you can’t do it by itself. You need to use a promoter or vector, and for plants, that’s a bacteria. Here’s a link that explains it. For humans, it’s a virus.
  50. So when you eat a GMO food, you are eating the gene that can’t die due to the Roundup. AND you are eating a bacteria too.
  51. Percy goes on to talk about how he has children, grandchildren, and a great-grandchild on the way. What kind of legacy are we leaving everyone?

    (My comments: I always dislike it when people only talk about the children being harmed. Right NOW we are swimming in poisons everywhere we turn. Trust me, most children and grandchildren will be dead and won’t even go through what we are going through because they will have all been poisoned to death.)

  52. Back in 1996, we didn’t know what GMOs were going to do to us. Now we know, so you can’t say that you didn’t know when you choose to eat or grow GMOs.
  53. Canola comes from the Brassica family, so now those GMOs will (or already has) spread to all the other vegetables in that family such as mustard, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and turnip, and even radishes.

    (My comments: OMG, there’s no food left to eat.)

  54. Most people who eat vegetables eat several of those vegetables.
  55. You can NOT put the GMO back in the bottle once it’s been released!
  56. In 1998 Percy and his wife said that so long as they have life in them, they would continue to fight for farmers that use their own seeds to farm. He travels all over to give talks.

Now Ignacio Chapela’s Talk

  1. In October 2000, he discovered that Mexico’s corn was contaminated with Monsanto’s GMO corn when it wasn’t even allowed in Mexico.
  2. It was found in the DNA of an Heirloom Mexican corn plant in the remote region of Mohaka Mexico.
  3. When he published his findings in the journal “Nature,” he almost lost his teaching position at UC Berkley

So there you have it. If this doesn’t make you livid that they have destroyed ALL of the beautiful foods we once had and this is what is making people sick every day, then you have serious emotional issues you need to address. I say this because every single video against GMOs draws people who are for GMOs and shills.

I posted a video a couple of months ago and the same shills that fought the comments in another video came to my channel, reported my channel just for me uploading the truth about GMOs.

It was bad enough when they were spraying chemicals on all produce, but now they have unleased (on purpose) these GMO seeds on the entire world and who even knows how widespread this issue is. Look at that remote area of Mexico.

It’s obvious that they spread the seeds out all over the place.

You can think you are buying organic, but what if you aren’t?

What if your local garden or micro-farm is contaminated and now you can’t grow one vegetable because they put GMO seeds on your land?

Part of the evils’ plan is to starve us to death and then force us to eat lab-made chemical food and insects.

We already know GMO plays a part in certain other poisons or dangerous devices they have unleashed on us. I’m sorry, the connection escapes me, but if I find it, I’ll write about it.

They knew well in advance that if they contaminated almost all of earth, there would be no place to get or grow clean food.

No one has to WAIT for their children or grandchildren, this is a problem NOW.

It ONLY took them 24 years (1996-2020) to get us to this point and ruin farmers’ lives, (along with the fake food industry that started in the 1950s) and force us to eat all of their TOXIC POISON.

So my question to you is… What are YOU going to do about this?

Be well both physically and emotionally.

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