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Predictive programming TV shows about the evils killing us

predictive programmingSo this is my next article with evidence about predictive programming TV shows about the evils killing us. Here’s my definition of what predictive programming means.

I don’t have a ton to show you, but one show in particular went 10 seasons with tons of predictive programming that is playing out now.

I didn’t watch Xfiles much back in the day, but it also had a lot of predictive programming in it and here’s two videos which prove that. Video 1 and Video 2. One of them is more centered around the scamdemic, but there’s other parts in there too that have nothing to do with the scamdemic. Xfiles aired starting in 1993 and finished in 2001. I’m pretty sure these clips are from the original TV show, not the new one they came out with in 2016.

And no, just because it says it’s science FICTION, doesn’t mean it is. That’s why they put the word FICTION in there, so zombies will think it’s all BS and scoff at you when you tell them and show them THE TRUTH.

Here is another article I wrote up with EVIDENCE that the evils plan everything almost 100 years in advance.

Predictive programming article 1
Predictive programming article 2

And my article on TV shows and movies that brainwash the zombies.

Now onto the predictive programming TV shows about the evils killing us

  1. Spooks – SE 01 ES 01 – aired in 2002. It’s a British TV series.

    Look how long they have been brainwashing people about these topics that are part of everything that is happening now in 2020.They clearly spent a lot of money on this TV show because of the scenes and how many extras there were.

    The entire show in almost every episode was written to make people think that the ONLY terrorists are from Arabic countries. This was created to deflect from the REAL terrorists who are the evils, mafia governments, monarchies, and all the evil collectives. Here’s my article explaining what an evil collective is.

    This episode was all about making it seem that people who are against abortion are deranged killers killing doctors all over the place. I actually don’t know if any people against abortions are killers. That’s a good question actually. Are the murders in the fake news real, were they killed by people against abortions, or did the evils kill these whitecoats doing abortions?I’m pro choice by the way, but only under certain situations.

    This episode clearly wants to PUSH abortion which is the evils way of killing babies and harvesting their organs, tissue and andronocrome, plus also kill off future adults before they are even born – depopulation.

    Spooks – SE 01 ES 02 – more brainwashing that convinces people who don’t want their country to be overtaken by 3rd world country people are racist killers. They are brainwashing you to believe that it’s WRONG to see there’s a problem and that you should ACCEPT everyone even if they aren’t good for you, the country, society, etc.

    Here is a great video that explains WHY cultural differences harm us and it’s NOTHING to be ashamed of if I don’t want 3rd world country people ruining my community. Just like in 3rd world countries they don’t like it when first world people overtake THEIR country.

    One part of Agenda 21 was specifically designed to get 3rd world country people into first world countries to take them down from the inside. And they DID! Here’s my Agenda 21 playlist.

    Spooks (2002) – SE 01 ES 04 – they talk about protesters as if they are all crazy, then they mention anarchy being an enemy of the state and worldwide terror. All brainwashing to make you think that if you are against the mafia governments, there’s something evil about you.

    They also have the spook say “I’m serving my country. as IF anyone who works for the government is a good person.

    Spooks (aired in 2003) – SE 02 ES 01 – 2003 and they are pushing gay men ever so gently.

    Spooks – SE 02 ES 04 – an obvious gay guy. Then they paint the Russians as evil. They started the brainwashing that Russia is to blame for EVERYTHING. Make no mistake, Russia is just as evil as all the other countries.

    Spooks – SE 02 ES 05 – they talk about survivalists as if they are bad people. This was a couple of years after the false flag 911 so people were still in a state of extreme fear and they mention 911 (of course.) They throw out the “small pox” term and also the end of the world. They also hammer home that if there is no government, the entire world will collapse. That’s their way of brainwashing you to accept the MAFIA GOVERNMENT and your slavery. This is for the UK of course because it’s a British show.

    They keep talking about how the whole country is going into mayhem because there is NO MAFIA GOVERNMENT and everything is going into anarchy, that there must be chains of command and orders given from AUTHORITY.

    BRAINWASHING BIG TIME that if you don’t listen and OBEY government, there is something wrong with you. Here’s my Freedom playlist so you can wrap your head around a world WITHOUT slavery/government, and here’s a great lecture on Natural Law.

    Spooks – SE 02 ES 06 – climate change.

    Spooks – SE 02 ES 08 – character says, “New World Order.”

    Spooks (aired in 2004) – SE 03 ES 01 – They say “new world order” again. Also, in 2 scenes I saw the Jewish star which is actually the star of the evils. In SE 03 ES 02 it wasn’t on the door anymore.

    Spooks – SE 03 ES 02 – They talk about “selling their soul,” but to the mafia government, not the evils. It’s all about ruining people lives including the MI5’s lives.

    Spooks – SE 03 ES 03 – it just goes to show you how much they spy on EVERYONE with their CCTV. They use propaganda pushing the fake 911 false flag and their justification of their evil acts.

    Spooks – SE 03 ES 03 (it may have been episode 04, sorry) – they keep pushing the suicide bombers in Israel and of course IGNORING how the Israelis terrorize and kill Palestinians. Then he talks about his daughter as if she’s an idiot and how she only thinks with her emotions because she’s fighting the cause. BRAINWASHING EVILS.

    The character “David Swift” looks a bit like Dershowitz. Both him and Allan Dershowitz are Israeli fanatics. Interesting.

    Spooks – SE 03 ES 05 – they mention the papal bull (part of the evil vatican) twice.

    Spooks – SE 03 ES 06 – they talk about al-Qaeda and 911.

    Spooks – SE 03 ES 07 – they mention the 3 6’s as in 666 in relation to the children. And they mention genetically modified snake venom.

    Spooks – SE 03 ES 08 – they mention 6 Universal parallel dimensions. And then in another sentence shortly thereafter they use the word “dimension” when they could have used another word. We DO have parallel dimensions. I haven’t researched it yet though.

    Spooks (aired in 2004) – SE 04 ES 01 – They start off making a character look like a lunatic wanting to CULL the human race because of what’s happening to the planet with technology and GMOs. So instead of the evils looking like the bad guys because of those things THEY created to harm us, they make people wanting to save Mother Earth looking like the criminals.

    Notice how they say “cull,” and make all terrorist acts look like they happen every day/month. All to keep the FEAR PORN going.

    Spooks – SE 04 ES 02 – they lie saying that Britain gave its citizens so much. Education, money if they couldn’t find a job, never harassed them, etc. Yeh right. I once talked to a Brit back in 2018/19 who was homeless and the UK didn’t do anything to help him telling him it would take months for him to get welfare. He was living in his car, the poor sod.

    Spooks – SE 04 ES 03 – They talk about bringing down a political candidate because he’s against the Agenda 21 agenda to bring in tons of immigrants. They say he will never win because they will bring him down from the inside. This is what they have been doing since government was created. No one’s VOTE matters. It’s ALL theater. Every single voter who worships the state actually thinks their vote helps in some way when it doesn’t. The EVILS decide who’s going to get into office, NOT YOU!!! You can read this book.

    They make it seem like asylum seekers are the good guys and any Brit who can’t stand what’s going on is a crazy lunatic. It’s all about caring about the immigrants and NOT the British people. That’s how it is in EVERY country so they can take down all of the first world countries.

    Spooks – SE 04 ES 04 – again saying the NEW WORLD ORDER. They even imply bringing it down would be worse than bringing down communism.

    Spooks – SE 04 ES 07 – again saying the NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO). And they talk about the “Russian” type government. Look at how many times they mention the NWO. SMH

    Then they talk about turning Syria into a democracy as IF democracies are noble. There’s no such thing as democracy. Again, another lie spread by the evils to keep statists thinking they are FREE. Democracy means that 51% of the population can tell the other 49% how they can live their lives. Controlling another human being is WRONG!!!

    Spooks – SE 04 ES 09 – they admit the truth that all wars are pre-planned and staged and they use innocent people to create them.

    Spooks – SE 04 ES 09 – they did a whole episode trying to make a woman look like a lunatic for believing that Princess Diana was killed by the queen or MI5.

    Everyone believed that, but it may look like her death was faked. I’m not sure. I don’t want to say more since I haven’t researched this topic thoroughly, but one thing you have to understand is that NO ONE can ever have a relationship or marry an evil or evil collective UNLESS they are too. That’s the way it goes, so obviously she was an evil through bloodline and there’s a pretty good change she was a transgender. I was brainwashed too back then. I used to worship her. sigh

    Spooks (aired on 2006) – SE 05 ES 01 – brainwashing about the fake climate change. Energy shortages. I want to be very clear for people who don’t understand. ALL weather catastrophes are done by the evils and their WEATHER WEAPONS. Watch my playlist. We are NOT responsible for any of this, it’s another LIE and Scam, and I used to be very very GREEN (still am), but now I know the TRUTH. Even recycling is a scam. They never recycle. I even saw something about this years ago about how all of Canada’s recycling is sent to China and what do you think China does with it??? And in the last 3-4 years China said they wouldn’t take anyone’s recycling.

    POLLUTION KILLS and that is what is going on. They are killing us and all life on Mother Earth, but it’s NOT due to climate change. Here’s my geoengineering playlist.

    Spooks – SE 05 ES 02 – This is ALL predictive programming with what is happening now. Tearing down what little freedoms we had and the show even says “tearing down democracy.”

    They make it seem like it’s just a handful of men who are fed up with things and want to release everyone from their chains, but it’s exactly what the evils are doing now. The evils are making it seem like this could NEVER BE a worldwide terrorist threat and yet these sub humans always controlled the world, so YES, they have ALWAYS been a terrorist THREAT.

    A bill that is supposed to have passed that would allow them to do things without the British Parliament during a NATIONAL EMERGENCY. Where have we heard THAT one before???

    Brainwashing telling the people that if they JUST MARCH, that the bill won’t go through. And that’s what anyone who is slightly awake DID (still does) is protest to their slave master (the mafia government) instead of FIGHTING BACK! Here’s my playlist about why protesting never works and never will.

    Spooks – SE 05 ES 06 – every so often I hear of this drug that allows the person to suggest anything while their victim is under it and they will believe that it happened or do it.

    That’s another version of MIND CONTROL.

    They spread the lie that the oil is running out and we need other forms of energy. Listen, I’m not for RAPING our Mother Earth (I now know that our Mother Earth needs this oil), but what the evils are doing is getting rid of the oil that they profited from for minimum 300 years and replacing it with toxic electricity that costs way more and harms our frequency (each of us has a frequency) and then forcing this on us.

    This is NOT because they give a shit about our Mother Earth, this is to bring down our world, economy, fry people in their electric run cars, etc.

    They say that the so called “muslim” terrorists never let the cells know what’s going on with one another and that’s EXACTLY what the evils do. It’s called compartmentalization. This is WHY when you tell someone who works for the mafia government or an evil corp that they are complicate in this agenda, they say you are crazy. That’s because they do NOT see the BIG PICTURE, nor do they ever even wonder about them (they are asleep).

    Spooks – SE 05 ES 07 – it’s all about Israelis posing as radical terrorists (typical) and want to take down Saudi Arabia. Of course they have to use the excuse that there are suicide bombers in Tel-Aviv which I don’t have proof of, but it was supposedly the evil Israelis at the top who did the Israeli bombings to, OF COURSE, mind control the Israelis to live in FEAR, and then act like criminals and lunatics and kill everyone.

    The evils did this back in and around 1948, they would go to Iraq to convince jews to go live in Israel. When they didn’t want to because they were happy in Iraq, they started posing as Iraqis who went around killing jews. The Iraqi jews ended up leaving.

    Most Israelis are CRAZY, have no conscious and the evils trained them to WORSHIP the state of Israel above ALL else when the British empire actually owns Israel (like all other countries.)

    SAME as Americans. No different. Patriotism TRUMPS Humanity! I’m reading a book now on ALL of the evil things America has done with the military industrial complex. It’s HORRIFIC. They are one of the BIGGEST pollutes in the entire WORLD because they have bases all over the world. Plus they kill innocent people all over the world.

    Spooks – SE 05 ES 10 – the whole episode is about the fake climate change and how it’s so bad that environmental terrorists threaten to kill millions because of what happened in New Orleans with Katrina that THE EVILS CAUSED with their weather weapons.

    Spooks – (aired in 2007) SE 06 ES 02 – the whole season is going to be about a virus that kills you within 18 hours and how it’s good that they spy on you because then they can find you to stop the spread and that quarantining is GOOD. It’s all propaganda and brainwashing to lead up to this WAR!!!

    Of course there are masks too and they use the word “disease” over and over again. This aired in 2007 which is 13 years before the scamdemic.

    They show gruesome scenes and then say over and over again that they need the vaccine so people will believe the lies that vaccines save people.

    Spooks – SE 06 ES 03 – they start talking about aliens. Yes, there are aliens and I’m not 100% positive they are at the top of the evil food chain, but that’s what I have heard.

    Spooks – SE 06 ES 05 – the whole show implies the MSM doesn’t know anything and it’s all for the GOOD of society that they lie to us. That’s always been their “go to” lie. We can’t tell you for your safety. BULLSHIT and people welcome lies and being treated like CHILDEN!

    Spooks – SE 06 ES 06 – they say they lost the British empire – LOL, LIE!!!

    Spooks – SE 06 ES 06 – I forgot to mention this before, but on top of the US embassy building they keep showing an eagle with spread wings. That’s one of the illuminati signs if memory serves.

    Spooks – (aired in 2009) SE 07 ES 01 – they mention the pedo queen over and over again as if she’s some WONDERFUL person.

    This season is more low quality BS where the stunts appear fake and the script has decreased in quality. The entire episode was about remembering soldiers who died in the wars.

    They do this to make it seem like it’s a GOOD THING for people to go work for the evils and the mafia government to go off and kill innocent people in other countries so low IQ people will continue to join the military.

    They do this (the British empire is behind all of this I’m sure since they STILL own America) to continue the lies and the slavery worldwide all the while blaming Islam and Muslims for everything. Certainly can’t blame jews and christians.

    Not ONCE in this TV show did they ever say that jews or christians are terrorists, ONLY muslims.

    Spooks – SE 07 ES 04 – War on terror (all FAKE) mentioned over and over again. There is no war on terror, the evils terrorize us every day and create fake organizations. That’s WHO the terrorists are.

    At around 16:00 he talks about nano particles that can be transferred just by shaking someone’s hand with a ring on and then it turns on so you are tracked by microwave radiation from a satellite. They mention 911 again and Iran again.

    Called Russia the energy superpower and of course has to set up Russia as being the evil country.

    Spooks (aired in 2010) SE 08 ES 03 – they talk about the new world (left out the word “order.” And they are making it seem like anyone who resists the evils are CRAZY. The activists take over the Bilderberg group. They call it another name also starting with the letter “B.”

    They act as if men who control the entire world is normal.

    Of course they have to throw in how the evil man is dying to discredit climate change so people think everything is true including climate change.

    Spooks SE 08 ES 04 – Again they mention “new world order.” They make it seem like it’s just 25 men responsible for the meeting in the UK. Yeh, NO, there’s more.

    Spooks SE 08 ES 07 – they show how the evils create conflict between two different sides so everyone is fighting one another like we are all puppets on a string.

    Spooks (aired in 2011) SE 09 ES 01 – Said New World Order again.

    Spooks SE 09 ES 05 – again making it seem like all Muslims and Arabs are dangerous and out to kill, while Israels are the sensible ones, although in one episode they sort of showed the true colors of Israel, although not to the extent that they are ruthless killers when they work for their mafia government aka the evils.

    They also make it seem like the conflict is an even conflict when it’s not. Israel has always controlled everything by way of the evils and of course the US.

    Spooks SE 09 ES 08 – they brainwash people to think that they must worship something higher than themselves like government, gawd, or country.

    Spooks SE 09 ES 09 – they created a nerve agent (I believe it’s not nerve, it’s frequency weapons) genetic weapon that can target specific racial or ethnic groups. We already know they are going to do that with our DNA. Go back and watch that Xfiles video at the beginning of this article. It talks about it in there TOO! Yeh I know, all zombies will say it’s JUST A COINCIDENCE!

    Spooks (aired in 2011) SE 10 ES 03 – again they use the word “anarchists” to make people think they are always killers. Here’s a video about anarchy and a booklet. BOOO, don’t read it, you might LEARN SOMETHING. We can’t have that, now can we?

    Spooks SE 10 ES 04 – they ask a Russian head of state who does the FSB think killed JFK and he says, the CIA and the mafia. Then he says… “We thought everyone knows that.” LOL

    Spooks SE 10 ES 05 – they talk about the New York Times being prestigious when it’s a lying piece of shit newspaper/site.

Phew, I’m finally done. This was a long one.

I hope you learned something from this.


A knowledgeable mind will set you FREE and so will using Natural Law to fight the evils and evil collectives. Remember, according to Natural Law, if you or anyone you know is under attack, spiritually and lawfully you are allowed to fight back even by killing that person!

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