Predictive Programming Pandemic

Coronavirus Predictive ProgrammingDiscussing the Predictive Programming Pandemic.

As usual, the evils used Predictive Programming for each of their false flags. They used it for this plandemic, and they use it for everything.

While the list isn’t very long as I only watch certain types of TV shows, considering this was supposed to be some pandemic that came out of nowhere, here’s more proof this was pre-planned by the evils.

Remember, the evils use hollywood (and the music industry) to do Predictive Programming for EVERY major negative event you see, and they’ve been doing this for over hundred years minimum.

So what is predictive programming?

It’s using TV shows, movies, comic books, magazines, the internet of course, songs, entertainers, etc., to put the idea in your head about a specific topic. Then years later, the topic becomes reality.

It’s a method of brainwashing, so when the topic does become reality, your brain will accept it as normal.

Here are just the TV shows

  1. The 12 Monkeys – The TV show was created in 2015 long before the end of 2019. It’s about a scavenger who travels back in time to 2015 from the year 2043 to stop a deadly plague that was created by 12 monkeys.

    First, this lie that animals create plagues has been passed around by the evils for decades now.

    Second, it discusses the plague itself which is just another term for pandemic.

  2. The Crossing – they talk about a pandemic virus that was released on the world both years in the future and then it was spread back in present time. Of course they had to mention the toxic vaccines and quarantining as well. This show came out in 2018 long before this plandemic.

    They also mention in the future that no one eats meat, and this is what the evils have planned for us. Fake meat, food made in a lab, and insects. You can watch this for more details about what they have planned for us in real life, but make sure you aren’t eating when you do. And make sure that you have someone there with you, because if you have any feelings in you, you will get very emotional.

    Then later on in the show it says no more than 4 people in a group.

    Also, their APEC half-human species is exactly what the evils are planning with anyone who wants to go over to the dark side.

  3. Mr. Robot Season 03, Episode 10 – while nothing is mentioned about a pandemic in this season, in this episode you see military walking up and down a train in New York City saying curfew is at 8 pm, don’t come out of your house after that time.

    The curfew was supposed to be for other reasons, but they were preparing people to get ready for the curfews we have had to endure during this scamdemic, and I know it will get worse as their holocaust/war continues.

  4. Good Trouble Season 02, Episode 07 – actually, they even started talking about Black Lives Matter even a few episodes before, and they were going to do something that had to be kept secret. Remember that the George Floyd killing was a false flag.

    Not only was he never killed, the rioters were paid actors. Last time a false flag was played out, George Soros was the one who created that scenerio, but this time Black Lives Matter is funded by tons of evil corps and even you, the taxpayer. See here.

    This episode aired on July 30, 2019 long before the riots and Black Lives Matter ever became front and center in this war/holocaust.

  5. Modern Family Season 11, Episode 01 – within 2 minutes of the show starting they already showcased Antarctica where the evils have always hidden things they are doing, like when they hid the nazis, etc. AND then they used the words “the new normal.”

    This was aired on September 25, 2019, well before the scamdemic started.

  6. Modern Family Season 11, Episode 07 – he mentions FEMA the criminal organization run by the evils and are supposed to build FEMA camps to house us as prisoners. In the TV show it was mentioned totally out of left field, and way over the top for the context.
  7. Modern Family Season 11, Episode 09 – mentions malaria pills. While they didn’t mention hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), that doesn’t matter, it’s the word malaria that’s the trigger word since HCQ is a malaria drug.
  8. In Contempt Season 01, Episode 04 – in the courtroom he talks about abusive cops towards people, and literally describes one situation where the victim said, “I can’t breathe.” This was aired on May 1, 2018, approximately 2 years before the false flag about George Floyd, but I do see that other black men have said the same thing. Sorry, I can’t check if they are all false flags.

    Nope, it’s 100% confirmed now, because in episode 09, she wears a t-shirt with the words, “I can’t breath” on it. Also a character said “burn shit to the ground” after a boy was charged with first degree murder for killing a cop after the cop tried to kill him. What’s happening now? The evils are playing out the burning of “shit” to the ground.

  9. Men of a Certain Age Season 2, Episode 5 – The line doesn’t even fit with the scene. The father says, “I guess it’s a new world order.” While this doesn’t have anything to do with predictive programming, during this episode and the ones after, they were brainwashing men into getting a colonoscopy. No one NEEDS to get a colonoscopy. This is what they do with women and getting a mammogram.

    Most people don’t know that there’s a high rate of woman having no breast cancer when they go in for the mammogram, then they come out with breast cancer either due to the stress, or the radiation, or both.

    If you haven’t read my other articles that detail it, the medical mafia industry is ALL about harming (emotionally too) and killing people with the added bonus of taking your money.

  10. The Quad – season two. This is a black TV show and you’ll see why I say that as you read more.

    It peddles Black Lives Matter which is an organization that was started by the evils and is funded by very rich evils. All of the money they raise from brainwashed people does NOT go to black people and families in need.

    You can watch this for more evidence.

    Oh, and it also made violence against an asshole’s car look cool. Sure he was an asshole having sex with his girlfriend and then dumping her, but my point is that the show made it seem like it’s what every woman should do. It just rang of predictive programming Antifa BS which is also funded by the evils.

    This was all part of the George Floyd false flag that people believed because they believe everything they see on the MSM (hollywood). and they never bother to investigate the truth. The George Flooy false flag started shortly after May 25, 2020.

    More predictive programming… On January 30, 2018, the school had a pandemic (they didn’t use that word) along with masks and quarantining. And what’s worse, it was all based on food poisoning which you can NOT give to someone else (just like you can’t give a virus to someone else), and yet they were STILL forced to wear masks and quarantine. The lies are just NUTS, and what’s worse is that these kids believe it!!!

    At the end of episode 4 there was more predictive programming. They showed a clip of Eric Garner who was killed by police on July 17, 2014. The chokehold and how he said he can’t breathe is the SAME as the BS false flag George Floyd incident that the evils spread worldwide, not just in America.

    This will now allow the evils (via their controlled governments) to sick their military on all of us.They could have showed any other incident which wasn’t the same, but they didn’t, which is proof right there it’s predictive programming.

As I come across more, I’ll add them to the list.

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13 comments on “Predictive Programming”

  1. Heartland season 13, episode 1 – so I’ll start off by saying that AGAIN, in almost every single episode (that’s usually 18 per season) they talk about vaccinations.

    I watched this show years ago, took a break and picked it back up a month ago because I needed a non violent show to reduce my stress. so I started with where I left off, which is season 6.

    I don’t remember what the propaganda was prior to that, and I wasn’t AWAKE back then, so I would have thought that vaccines were normal when they aren’t.

    Then in this new last season 13 that aired on September 22, 2019, which means the script was written at least a week earlier, it’s already setting us up with so called “contagious” viruses that are “supposedly” passed from horse to human so they have to wear masks (the humans, not the horses), gloves and they are quarantining the horses. BULLSHIT that a virus can be passed from horse to human, let alone that horses get viruses!

    As one of the last 1-2 episodes in season 12 said… race horses are drugged all the time so they run on fractured legs just so the owners can win races. This is a well known secret within the industry, and this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that horses are abused.

    We don’t know why horses get sick, because no one EVER takes a serious look at why they get sick. They just throw the word “virus” around to come up with a reason so they can then shoot the horses up with more drugs/vaccines.

    Then the one character tells her over and over again to wear HER MASK!!!

    A show that for all intensive purposes is about family, caring for animals, working issues out even after fights or disagreements, beautiful nature, working the land, etc., has been brainwashing people into accepting that vaccines are NORMAL and now that there’s a virus running wild.

    Just remember, the evils run all over Canada too and of course we already know that Canada is in complete communism now as you will see in this video and here. Almost all Canadians are brainwashed supporters of nazis and they attack you if you dare mention that covid19 is a scam.

    The more I learn about the history of the evils, Canada is mentioned often, and they have a long history of raping and killing children from Canada, especially Native Indian children. I have a video I need to upload, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  2. Heartland Season 13, episode 9 – I told you there was going to be a lot of predictive programming in this season since it aired in 2019.

    This one talks about the fake meat that is made in a lab and how once the evils get rid of ALL of our natural food, that’s what we will be forced to eat, along with insects.

    Why do you think KILL BILL invested so much in the fake meat that is sold in the fast food fake food chains?

  3. The Hot Zone – I won’t watch it. It aired in May 2019. I just read the description on what it’s about and it was clear it’s complete predictive programming and brainwashing.

    A so called “ebola” virus that spreads from monkeys to humans and there is no cure.

    Preston described a 1989 incident in which a relative of Ebola virus, Reston virus, was discovered at a primate quarantine facility in Reston, Virginia, less than 15 miles (24 km) away from Washington, D.C.

    It’s based on a book (no, not Dean Koontz’s book) from a 1994 nonfiction thriller by Richard Preston who wrote an article in the New York Times (evil owned and always has been) article back in 1992.

    I don’t have time to investigate who this Preston is and how he’s involved with the evils, but it’s clear to me that he is.

  4. “The Good Fight” season 03, episode 05

    They caused division in the law firm between blacks and whites and I’m NOT saying that there aren’t racial issues in corporate America, but it’s interesting that it’s all a setup to what went down with the riots in 2020.

    They eventually started talking about Black Lives Matter, then further on in the episode whites and blacks got into a huge fight that turned into whites trashing cars, windows, beating up people, etc.

    Remember, there’s NO such thing as a coincidence. The evils plan this all out ahead of time to brainwash you into accepting it as normal.

    This aired on April 11, 2019 and so it had to be written in the script at least 2-4 weeks before.

    Episode 06 – talks about small pox and quarantines and NEW YORK.

  5. “The Good Fight” Season 03, episode 10 – first there’s lightning balls which they allude to global warming when all of these things are done by the evils’ geoengineering weapons.

    It’s probably done by their laser weapons.

    Then they start talking about the “end times” which the die hard religious fanatics have been talking about since even before the evils started this war back in March.

  6. So I’m going to put this on a separate comment for “The Good Fight,” because now that season 04 has started and I’ve watched episodes 1 and 2, it’s clear t me that the writers know some of the truth about reality.

    They’ve come to the realization, that both sides of the political spectrum are the SAME. They are both part of the problem.

    I’m hoping that despite the Kings producing a show for the evils about the scamdemic, I think the writers know there’s something not right about the so called “virus.” I can’t be 100% certain, but it’s sort of leaning in that direction.

    They also started talking about how the judges are controlled in the legal system. They aren’t quite there in understanding that the ENTIRE legal system is controlled by the evils, but at least they know that much. And that the evils are stealing people’s land and shutting down their businesses with the BS eminent domain created by the mafia government.

    Of course if you have a brain, you know that they can’t write the complete truth, otherwise the entire show would get shut down. That’s assuming they know more than they are writing.

    I still question how they managed to shoot during the so called “pandemic,” but I’m hopefully they will divulge more of the truth in the show as I watch the rest of the episodes and there aren’t that many. Three less than normal.

    Wehther it’s because of the plandemic or not, we won’t know.

  7. The Blacklist, Season 07, Episode 19 – while this isn’t technically predictive programming, since it’s about the scamdemic, I’m adding it to this article instead of the brainwashing one.

    Just like another show I saw, at the beginning of this episode, a few of the cast from “The Blacklist” talked to the camera about how they were shut down due to the scamdemic and how they were trying to find a way to shoot the rest of the episode while being imprisoned (my word not theirs) away from work.

    Well, Amir Arison, who plays Aram, is either completely brainwashed, or he’s part of the evil collective and has sold his soul to Lucifer.

    He tells everyone to wash their hands, social distance, and don’t go out unless you have to. Now that I think about it, I’m SHOCKED he didn’t tell everyone to wear the toxic masks.

    He also talked about how he wore gloves in between takes.

    I’m going to go with my gut and say that he’s very low IQ, and a hypochondriac. That he really didn’t sell his soul to the devil, but he did a good job helping the evils to brainwash people who worship actors. sigh

    I’ve finished this episode. The animation was terrible in my opinion. I would have preferred to wait for the REAL thing.

    Then at the end, more cast from behind the scenes chimed in to say “stay safe” over and over again (more brainwashing) AND one brainless chick said make sure to wash your hands.

    Again, I don’t know who’s sold their soul to the evils or who is just a complete moron repeating the same lies the government and white coats spread, but it disgusts me when actors do the bidding of the evils to brainwash the already low IQ populous. I’ll see how the next season’s episode is before I decide whether to ditch the brainwashing cast of “The Blacklist.”

    Hollywood is going down the drain just like the rest of the world (they just don’t know it yet). The evils have no need for them anymore because they already know they can do whatever they want to us, and the braindead/walking dead will follow everything they say.

    I only watch the show for James Spader. He’s an excellent actor and I LOVE his intellect and sense of humor, although obviously part of that is the writers.

    Oh, Brian Dennehy passed over and I’m SURE they all think the scamdemic killed him even though he was 82 years old (this is the normal age for males to pass over) and I’m sure he was never healthy and that’s both in mind and body.

    People who are passing over and going to escape the ongoing war and terror we are in are lucky.

  8. Rather than start a new article just for this one video game, I’ll squeeze it in here, although I should add the Koontz book that was predictive programming as well:

    1. Dean Koontz – “The Eyes of Darkness” came out in 1981. I love how the communist run mainstream media tries to make everyone who shows the similarities of his book and the scamdemic out to be cooks, as IF that’s all we base our facts off of.

    And let’s assume they seriously think Koontz’s book is all fiction, well they clearly don’t know how the evils operate.

    They use FICTION to brainwash people into accepting what is to come down the road.

    That’s a brainwashing tactic my low IQ talking heads and fake fact checkers.

    That’s what the evils do in hollywood too.

    2. This video game looks to have come out in 2016 and it’s all about a “deadly” virus that starts off slow and builds momentum in Manhattan.

  9. The Simpsons (no clue what season or episode)

    So I don’t watch this show, therefore I can’t give you the episode, but I’ve seen the episode about masks and vaccines and people who know the truth being ridiculed.

  10. The Zoo (Bronx Zoo) – Season 03, episode 02 – so this whole episode showcased masks.

    Even masks and then covered up with the stupid plastic visor mask on top of that AND gloves. Out of the blue for no reason at all.

    Just like with humans, there’s NO reason to wear masks and gloves, although I could see wearing gloves if you are dealing with a dirty animal.

    They also started mentioning vaccines a tad more than normal.

    In my opinion, it was out of nowhere and I don’t remember them wearing them before.

    This episode aired on February 16, 2019, and since they have to shoot over the course of many months because of the animals, that episode could have been shot in 2018 for all we know.

    Just terrible. I love that show and they ruined it.

  11. Leverage – SE 02, ES 03 – Talks about Vegan options.

    This season started in July 2009, LONG before the scamdemic, so this is predictive programming.

    They also talk about germs being feared. The character was PETRIFIED and even went so far to make himself bleed due to his fear.

    One of the characters said… “Did you traumatize him so much that he bled?”

    The entire episode is about how you can make people sick by tapping into their brain and a deadly virus that the Soviets created and they don’t know how to contain it.

    Masks and quarantining.

  12. Back in 2000, there was a video game called Deus Ex that is playing out right now with this scamdemic.

    I’ll have to upload the image with the details in a sec.

    Deus Ex Video Game Predictive Programming About the Scamdemic

  13. Tommy SE 01, ES 04 – so to understand his better you should read the comment in this brainwashing article on this same date.

    In one of the episodes (I can’t remember which one now) the character even said they would start arresting people BEFORE they even committed a crime (thought crimes). This is predictive programming as they definitely plan on doing this and they have been talking about it for decades.

    Then he says that the terrorists aren’t from a foreign country, but here in the US, there are domestic terrorists.

    This is again, predictive programming because the evils plan to make EVERY truther out to be a domestic terrorist so they can lock us all up for committing no crime other than telling people the TRUTH.

    In that episode he also said not using the software to spy on people without a warrant is like (get this), NOT TAKING VACCINES.


    This aired on February 27, 2020, so it was written before that which means it was written before the scamdemic. CLEARLY PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING.


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