The Government is Protecting Evil Industries

Protecting Evil IndustriesSo you have to ask yourself this question of why the government is protecting evil industries.

Who are these industries you ask?

Well first off let’s explain that these EVIL INDUSTRIES are in fact harming us, so the obvious conclusion is that the government knows they are harming us and is STILL protecting them.

If you’ve read many of our articles on this site, you will already know we don’t believe in government and this is just one more reason WHY we don’t believe in them.

The government has ALWAYS been run by criminals, it’s just gotten worse as the years go by.

We will write more articles that prove these facts as time permits, but let’s just start with this article about how the government is protecting evil industries.

  1. The Vaccine industry

    run, of course, by the PHARMA MAFIA, got the government to protect them back in 1988 with this federal law.

    The law states that no matter WHAT, if you or your child dies or is harmed by a vaccine and the vaccine company didn’t warn you this could happen, you can’t sue them civilly. You have to go through a special panel AND to make matters worse, you the parent has to prove that the vaccine harmed your child.

    The help you needed was the responsibility of the government until this law was passed.

    Then in 2011, a family tried to go to the Supreme court and they ALSO stopped the family from suing the vaccine company. You can read that article here.

    Do you know how many children and adults have been harmed or died due to various different types of vaccines?

    The stories are ENDLESS.

    Here are stories just from people getting the flu shot.

    And here are other examples of parents talking about how their children were harmed by other vaccines.

  2. The Pharma Mafia

    We call this the pharma mafia because that’s what it is, a mafia.

    This industry more or less started by Rockefeller back in the late 1800’s systematically took over the medical schools, was behind the scenes of the mafia-like controlled AMA (American Medical Association), jacked up the prices to go to medical school so really only the rich could, then over the course of about 2-3 decades, step-by-step drove all holistic practitioners out of town by lying about them.

    They would spread rumors about how these holistic practitioners who had been around for centuries were fraudsters, when really they were the fraudsters. They printed lies about them in the newspapers until people started to believe it the MSM (mainstream media.)

    Then it was just a matter of time, using the criminals in the government, that they went after each and every person who was a holistic practitioner.

    After that, there was no one left BUT allopathic scam artists.

    Everyone associated with allopathy is a scammer in my opinion.

    Now saying that, most of these doctors and scientists start off (usually) with good intentions and believe all the lies, but later on if they have any brains at all, you’d have to be really stupid to not see what’s really going on.

    By that time they are so in debt having to pay off school, having already bought a big house with a high mortgage, they already like the rich lifestyle (who wouldn’t), that to turn back and tell the truth about what is really going on, would mean losing everything.

    That would include their reputation, probably their license, any insurance coverage, and they would be tarnished in the media, in their inner circle of co-workers and all medical journals.

    These doctors are brainwashed in school because the PHARMA MAFIA supports the medical universities and when you invest that much money into the Universities, well, needless to say, you get to decide what is taught, what they can’t divulge, how the books are written, and what the professors can and can’t say.

    Then these doctors become just like every other drug dealer on the street corner, a drug dealer who peddles for the mafia don!

    There isn’t really one drug on the market that is helpful to anyone. Even asprin and tylenol are dangerous to our health, but as you can see, at least 75% of all people worldwide STILL think that drugs are necessary. And they take them whenever their doctors tell them to without asking any questions. Or if they do ask questions, they believe the lies the doctors are peddling.

    But the good news it that due to the Internet (the good side of it), more and more people are waking up to how stupid and toxic their doctors are and switching over to holistic.

    Did you know there was a cure for cancer as far back as the 1950’s but the government stopped anyone who tried to help people by giving it to them? These people (sometimes nurses) were warned, and then later either fined, thrown in jail or both.

    Why do you think health insurance companies ONLY support allopathic doctors?

    Why do you think they ONLY give you money back if you take drugs?

    Why don’t they support holistic practitioners and herbs, homeopathic meds and supplements? They don’t even cover holistic modalities like infrared sauna treatments, foot bath treatments (or to buy one of those expensive foot baths), Electromagnetic therapy, Qigong, Tai Chi, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and the list goes on. Here’s a somewhat complete list. There’s modalities in here we’ve never heard of before, but some we know are also not mentioned.

    Getting onto the reason for this section of this article, the truth finally came out about Eli Lilly paying off and getting rid of all lawsuits that prove that the toxic drugs they peddle are so dangerous, if you have had negative thoughts before, you could very well act them out in real life once you are on Prozac.

    Here’s the article.

  3. EMFs (the telecommunications industry)

    are proven to be harmful to our health and even cause cancer. EMF stands for Electromagnetic Frequencies.
    We are inundated by EMFs from everything like the wiring in our home, dirty electricity like dimmer switches and fluorescent lighting, to our routers, modems,  computers, and especially our cell (mobile) phones.

    Even living near an electrical grid or electrical tower is harmful to your health.

    Cell phone towers are also very harmful to our body and YET, we just learned that there’s an act that started in 1996 called the “Telecommunications Act (TCA) that does NOT allow people to sue a telecom company for either their cell phone antennas or towers if they cause you health issues. You ALSO can’t demand they remove any wireless service so long as they stay compliant with the FCC.

    Of course, the FCC is just as corrupt as every OTHER government agency out there. They are there protecting EVIL INDUSTRIES, not us.

    If you want to read all about EMFs and how they cause illness to millions of people worldwide, there’s a great book called “The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs: How to Fix Our Stupid Use of Technology.” You can find the book here.

    There are numerous studies that show that EMFs are harmful to us, but the wireless industry has the government protecting them, and most of these studies are done overseas, not in America.

  4. The fast food industry

    is another example of the government protecting EVIL INDUSTRIES.

    There is absolutely NOTHING beneficial to the fast-food industry. In fact, we like to call it the fake food industry because that’s what it is.

    In 26 states its against the law to sue them for causing us health problems, including obesity.

    Now while we don’t think people should go around eating this garbage and then blaming the fake food industry, if you read this book, you will be SHOCKED at the lengths these EVIL INDUSTRIES will go to to get you addicted to fake food. And make NO MISTAKE, it is just as addicting to eat fake food than to smoke cigarettes or do drugs.

    And poor people or even people who are in a rush and always on the go have NO CHOICE, but to eat this fake food garbage, because in America, Canada and other countries, those are the only choices you have out on the road.

    Even the so called “better” choices like Chipotle are not healthy. They are healthier than MacDonalds, but the bottom line is that they are still full of chemicals, their sauces are full of chemicals, table salt and sugar, and most of these places use factory-farmed beef and chicken which is very toxic because they are raised on drugs, hormones and toxic feed which then you eat and it goes into your body.

    Also they are kicked in an abusive manner which means they are in a state of fear during the killing.

    This produces adrenaline throughout their bodies and tightens their muscles and you as a person ingest that fear and energy.

  5. Monsanto

    Our beloved most hated EVIL CORP in the world bought out by Bayer, was protected by none other than Obama back in April of 2013.

    In fact, he snuck in the bill and many lawmakers didn’t even know Section 775 was in there until it already passed.

    It was so controversial saying… “would protect U.S. biotech companies from litigation if their GMO seeds turn out to be dangerous.” that even the Tea Party and the environmentalists were on the same side.

    It’s known as the Monsanto Protection Act, but its legal name is the “Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2013.”

    You can read more about it here…

Since the government was created to protect the elite from us, the 99%, it is no surprise to this writer, that the government has a long history of protecting the evils of the world.

It’s not that we think people who have money are evil, but when they get to the level of the elite, they are beyond evil. In fact, as of February 4, 2020, we have come to learn from a very thorough truthful activist and journalist, that you can’t go from being a millionaire to a billionaire UNLESS the evils let you.

They literally control the entire world, and it all started many hundreds of years ago with the Roman Empire run by the Catholic Church.

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