Revolutionary Books

RevolutionThese are revolutionary books to help you start a revolution and fight the war we are in because of the evils.

On this page I’ve uploaded several books on the topic of revolution which discuss all types of non violent revolutionary actions. This will help you can get ideas from the masters who wrote them.

Please reach out to any of the authors still with us, or go to their sites to give them credit.

To read the books, use the controllers to switch the pages or zoom in and out.

I hope you get something from at least one of the books. We all need to learn and gather ideas that will help us get past this worldwide WAR the evils have forced upon us. We were always in a war, it just wasn’t as clear to those not paying attention or studying what was really going on in the world.

They escalated the war since they rolled out the scamdemic they had planned for the last 70+ years!


Our Free Society
Peace and Love to ALL!!!

From Dictatorship to Democracy


How Nonviolent Struggle Works


Manifesto Humans


Non-violent Revolutionary Actions


The Most Dangerous Superstition Larken Rose


Waging Nonviolent Struggle


What Anarchy Isn’t


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