Secret Societies

People Against Secret Societies

Secret SocietiesSo we joined this Facebook group called People Against Secret Societies, thinking it was an open minded group against these secret societies that have been trying to control the world for centuries.

Little did we know it’s run by religious fanatics who go around spreading lies about spirituality and feel the need to start arguments, fights and lobby false accusations.

First they started in on a Native Indian guy in the group who was talking about nature and peace, than they started in on us.

This PJ character proceeded to say that ALL secret societies practice spirituality and it’s evil and full of satan LOL

We were shocked and asked a key question… “How many secret societies do you belong to?”

The minute we asked that question to prove that he knows NOTHING about what goes on in those secret societies, we were blocked and banned from the group.

Spirituality does NOT worship satan, in ALL our years of studying the topic, the word satan is never even mentioned, nor is the word evil. Love, acceptance and understanding ourselves, and connecting to the Universe is what is taught.

The way these people in this Facebook group behaved is just one more example of why religion is so dangerous. It has nothing to do with the traits we mentioned.

We didn’t know this PJ guy was running the group, otherwise we would have written down his full name.

We have noticed an increase in crazy delusional religious christian fanatics online. Not just in this group, but in several other Facebook groups that have NOTHING to do with religion.

We’ve also experienced religious fanatics preaching and quoting scripture on You Tube in various comments on videos that once again have NOTHING to do with religion.

It’s very shocking!

What is America coming to?

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