Seeking Experienced Programmer to create an Evernote type application

Seeking Experienced Programmer to create an Evernote type applicationI’m seeking Experienced Programmer to create  an Evernote type application.

Please contact me once you have read the hiring ad. You can also reach me on Telegram here.

We can talk about if you have the rights to the software if that helps at all, but I need updates and bug fixes.

This is an opportunity for you. A lot of people are jumping ship from EVN.

Ok, so first off, you must be fluent in understanding and typing out fluent English and I will be giving you VMs on Telegram, so you need to be able to understand me.

You should be responsible for your time and the work. If you can’t start on this within 3 days, please don’t respond.

I will NOT accept a subpar application just because y price is low and I will have someone check on your code.

I’ve been online full time since ’96, so I know a ton about GUI and applications and websites. I used to be a netrepreneur.

You should be an experienced application developer for desktop apps who cares about the quality of their code.

I do want a mobile app ONLY for the odd time I need to get something from the account when I’m out of the house, but since I rarely use it and I know it will cost more, you can hold off on that for now if it’s too much trouble. Evernote’s is TERRIBLE.

I’m a Truther Activist.

I work for free to help save Humanity and Our Mother Earth.

I work part time just to pay the bills (yes I’m in debt), and the rest I use to pay staffers to help me because I can’t do this myself, and whenever I have some extra, I donate to others.

That’s the reason for the low budget.

I’m looking for someone who understands that  and will also help in the cause and help me. My note taking software is THE most important software I use with only Thunderbird being a close second after Brave of course.

Now, onto the task at hand.

I use the Evernote Legacy version and have been using it since around 2014. Their new version in 2021 was terrible. I won’t go into why.

I used to love EVN until I started noticing that some VERY important notes went missing. Notes I had spent at least 6-10 hours EACH working on .

They blamed me for them going missing saying I trashed them (yeh right) & there was no way to get them back because I don’t even know when I lost them.

It’s a guess that if my computer was using a lot of memory or CPU, that this is why they got lost, or their code is just so bad that it’s deleting notes randomly. Is that even normal?

Plus, if you don’t tell them that the note went missing within 30 days & you don’t have the exact title which I didn’t memorize, they can’t retrieve it for you.

They have NEVER been able to get me back a note they lost and I’ve lost at least 10-20 that I know of. I have tons of notebooks and notes within the notebooks.

This is VERY VERY important work that is lost forever, we aren’t talking something personal here like taking notes for a birthday party, this is intense research about the Truth and EVIDENCE! Some work that can never be redone.

So I’ve been looking for replacement for EVN for at least 3 years now off and on.

I was just about to switch to Zoho notebook, but first they strung me along for months saying they were going to make their interface look like EVN which is list view. Right now their interface is not professional looking, IMO, it’s more for people who want to use it for fluff, not work work. It uses big note cards that have designs on them and which take up tons of space.

I’m furious at them.

I literally switched to them this month 2 weeks ago and I was FURIOUS that not only do the thumbnails waste my time in scrolling, they literally took away the scrollbar AND even though they are smaller, it still takes forever to scroll.

Plus, TONS of bugs and EVERYTHING take 1-2 clicks instead of how EVN had it laid out which was a breeze.

Anyway, here are the features I need for a replacement. Every other note taking software I’ve researched doesn’t have very important features, or they don’t even respond to emails, so I’ve crossed them off of my list or they have no way to export the TONs of notebooks/notes.

I am looking for a desktop version. I don’t want to have a web version that takes up one more tab that I can’t find, and then taking up more memory and CPU, although I’m not sure what’s easier to create for when I’m on the road, a mobile app or a web version.

I want the app to be lightweight and your code should be clean, symantec, and you should normally comment.

I don’t have a cloud to store the data to, but I’ll find something and NO, I’m not using AWS or google.

Please detail the following:

  1. How well do you know EVN on a scale of 1-10
  2. Which language would you code it in?
  3. Approximately how long would it take?
  4. How many different applications have created from scratch?
  5. What did the applications do?
  6. What do you consider the most important attributes a programmer should have?
  7. What do you consider the most important attributes an application should have?

My budget is around $125.

Thanks a ton