Seeking good editor

Seeking-good-editorI’m seeking good editor.

I’m a non profit on a tight budget.

I need someone who’s command of the English language (American) is top notch and they have good editing skills.

I need someone to re-organize these 2 office manuals with more headings or sub headings if needed, or you can edit the headings that are already there.

The 2 office manuals are almost the same, so when you edit one section of one manual, I can just copy that to the 2nd manual.

I need the office manual to be more streamlined and faster to read without losing the content I already put there.

If you need me to re-write something, just ask and I’ll do it so you are just concentrating on the above. If you want to shorten something, that’s an option, so long as it’s not completely removed.

Here are the 2 docs

I also need additional information re-written and I’ll edit it using Track changes until it’s 100% edited, and then add it to the office manuals.

I’d do it myself if I could understand it LOL SMH

You can also edit with Track changes using Zoho’s.

Here’s those 2 links

I know the amount is low, but that’s my budget. It can be discussed, but I can’t go much higher than that.

Please let me know what experience you have doing this type of work before and I’d also like to see 3 docs you have written up yourself from scratch.

Also please give me the keywords “I want to edit the office manuals Michelle, so staffers can read and understand things more clearly.”