Seeking long term part time Virtual Assistant (VA)

Seeking long term part time Virtual Assistant (VA)I’m Seeking long term part time Virtual Assistant (VA) part time to hire as a freelancer for an online job.

This is NOT one of those scam jobs I keep hearing about. I’m sure the evils are behind that.

Hi there,

Welcome to saving the WORLD.

No, you can’t do it by yourself, we ALL have to work together. Are you going to do your part?

You must be intelligent, have a high attention to detail, and be fluent in reading and writing English so there’s no miscommunication. I do provide detailed instructions through text and videos, and you will learn a ton from me.

Bonuses when working with me are:

  1. I correct your English which is getting free tutoring lessons, but you still have to be an 8 out of 10. If I can’t understand you and you lie saying you are fluent when you aren’t, please don’t respond.
  2. You will learn a ton both about the Truth, and how to hone your skills, and that in and of itself is worth more than all the money I could give you. Knowledge is POWER.

This is a part time job. Around 2-4 hours per week, maybe a bit more.

I’m a Truther activist. I work full time for FREE to help save Humanity and our Mother Earth from the world war we are in. I’ve been studying the Truth since 2015 and this is my non profit.

ANYONE who chooses to ignore what is going on is part of the problem and is supporting our destruction. Have you seen what they are doing worldwide in every country including the US, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, the UK, etc.? If you think imprisoning people in their homes, forcing them to suffocate and kill their braincells by way of a slave muzzle, forcing people to take a kill shot to eventually kill themselves or at the very least maim them, destroying food, stopping farmers from farming, spraying us with toxins is normal, implementing a digital prison is FREEDOM, then please don’t respond.

Do you want to help save our Human species, or look the other way pretending like nothing is happening & everything is normal?

Remember all those movies you saw about doom and gloom?

That’s called predictive programming. The evils tell us what they plan to do, and if we don’t stop them, WE are responsible for our demise.

Tap into your inner Warrior and help me fight THEM!!!

This is why the hourly rate is so low ($3-4/hr.), and that’s even too high for me since there’s a lot of work, and everything comes out of my pocket from the p/t work that I do to make money.

I need at least 2-4 freelance VAs to help me. I’m flooded with studying the Truth every day, then I educate others and provide solutions.

This war started in March 2020 with the lies spread on the fake news worldwide. It’s controlled just like everything else.

I know it’s hard to accept, but you MUST. This isn’t a joke, it’s happening right now and getting worse every day. I have a whole library of evidence, just ask for it or search on my site and playlists.

This year will be worse than last. We are being FULLY enslaved under the lies about “safety and security.” Every time you hear the words “safety and security,” you KNOW that’s the evils talking and they have brainwashed or mind controlled the person saying it unless they work directly for the evils.

You should care about what is going on, meaning you have some Life & Consciousness left in you. Most people have no Life or Conscience, they are the walking dead.

They only care about numbing their feelings with alcohol, drugs, money, fame, fashion, technology, TV, video games, etc., everything superficial in this world that the evils created.

We all need a break, but not to the point of ignoring REALITY.

I’m ALL about Nature, Consciousness, Love, Community, protecting the Tribe, alternative holistic ways of healing, Clean real food, being down to earth, and not playing games. Oh, and THE TRUTH! It’s a never ending rabbit hole of learning.

Now is your time to learn THE TRUTH.

This has NOTHING to do with fake politics. I don’t believe in the theater and lies of politicians or the mafia government, because I believe in FREEDOM. Voting is a scam, always has been. They decide who the criminal in the mafia government is. They are ALL the same.

This has to do with Humanity (we are becoming extinct, they have already killed millions worldwide) and our Mother Earth. Every breathing thing on EARTH and that includes YOU!

You will also learn how to protect yourself and your family, and how to potentially help heal yourself from the poisons they have forced on us.

You should be a hard and relatively fast worker and be proactive.

You can choose which tasks below you feel most comfortable and skilled with.

Just some of the tasks that are to be done for me are: (remember I give you instructions, but you should be bright)

  1. On Odysee, put videos into playlists and update the sheet.
  2. Go thru WordPress articles and make sure the right video embed code is there.
  3. Also add new quote posts or videos to the site. Here’s my quote posts –
  4. Online research – you must have critical thinking skills and be like a private investigator and NOT turn to the fake news sites . This is the real fact checking, not the fake ones.
  5. Post my links in social media groups.

I’m sorry, but I can’t pay for training, like reading instruction docs, watching videos, and reading the emails and listening to the voice messages that go back & forth, only the work done.

Please tell me via my contact page or Telegram specifically what tasks you are skilled in and feel most comfortable with.

Your hourly rate, and also, briefly tell me what you know about what is happening worldwide.

Lastly, please give me the keywords, “I have followed all of your instructions Michelle.”

Thanks for reading. and I welcome you to the Team!