Seeking part time social media expert

Seeking freelance social media managerI’m seeking part time social media expert to hire virtually as a freelancer.

I’m a Truther activist. I work full time for FREE to help save Humanity and our Mother Earth from the WWIII we are in. Nope, not crazy, I just know a lot because I’ve been studying the Truth since 2015 and I don’t just accept what our slave masters tell us. I’m fighting for FREEDOM, mine and yours.

This is my non profit.

ANYONE who chooses to ignore what is going on is part of the problem and is supporting the evils who’s main goals is to kill 90% of us off. Millions have already died due o the death jab and millions more have destroyed their bodies and health by believing in the lies and taking it.

They also plan to institute the NWO (new world order) where we are under lock and key (not in a jail cell) and controlled by the weapon known as the cell or mobile phone, the internet, their AI (not the baby chatGPT, and the digital prison.

Besides already having poisoned all of our food, they plan to destroy it all  (already started in 2020) and to bring down the entire world’s economy. As you can see, their plan is well underway.

So, are you going to help me, or just go back to your life and pretend you never heard me say all of this?

You must be intelligent, have a high attention to detail, and be fluent in reading and writing English so there’s no miscommunication and people understand you.

Bonus when working with me is:

You will learn a ton both about the Truth (not your fake news), and how to help save yourself and your family from this world WAR we are in. Knowledge is POWER.

This is no joke and is serious.

This is a part time job. Around 2-4 hours per week.

I need someone well versed in facebook to post hiring ads and then add the details to a Zoho sheet (same as google).

After that, the main crux of this job is to get more people to certain pages on my site, Telegram groups, and to sub to my Odysee and Bitchute channels through social media.


Please tell me via my contact page or Telegram:

  1. How long you have been doing social media work?
  2. What percentage have you helped companies increase their views/subs, etc.?
  3. Why do you think you can help?
  4. Your hourly rate

I look forward to working with you.