Seeking someone to find me leads of people who want to make money

Lead Generation jobI’m seeking someone to find me leads of people who want to make money.

You must be fluent in English.

All spammers and people who can’t read the hiring ad will be declined, so don’t waste my time PLEASE.

I’m a Truther Activist who works for free full time, but before the war started, I had a small online company in the financial industry providing merchant accounts/credit card processing for high risk companies.

Since I don’t show up on the first page of google, I get no traffic or leads to my site.

I want to partner with sales type people who will get me the leads. That’s who I need you to find, potential partners.

They should be well versed in English, and be able to email or call companies located in the US or EU.

I’m looking for serious go getter self employed type people who want to make a lot of money. Those are the people I need you to find me and they have to be interested and actually sign up with me, not just disappear or want to sell me their services after I email or talk to them.

You can also find me people who are working part time or full time and want to make extra money on the side, but they have to be the go getter types like I said.

I need you to email or call them first to confirm they are interested, they should answer a questionnaire, provide a voice sample while answering questions, and then I’ll take over from there, but I still need them to be viable leads, not leads that go nowhere, so before you give them to me, you should confirm one last time that they are very serious.

I’ll need their name, email, phone number for whatsapp and Telegram handle if they have one. Everything will be put on a zoho sheet.

You can also find me forums or groups where I can post an ad looking for these types, but I won’t pay to post anything. What you find me can also be a combination of the two, leads, and groups.

I want good leads for this, at least 3-5 people for $20, only real people who are screened by you and me, serious, and ready to start making money based on commission after we go through the basics. If all goes well with your leads, I would probably hire you again for another set.

Please give me your experience in finding these types of people vs just finding leads for companies which of course is not the same thing.

In your response also say “I know how to find these types of leads.”