Seeking Telegram bot developer

Seeking Telegram bot developerI’m seeking Telegram bot developer.

I have been fighting in this war (WWIII) full time since March 2020, and part time prior to that. I’m a non profit hence the low budget. Just so you understand, I pay for everything out of my own pocket.

You must know how to communicate well with typing and reading English and listening to voice messages on Telegram.

I’m looking for someone who codes with popular coding languages like Python.

You use the best coding methods, you comment, your code is easy to read, you make the bot work fast, you make sure your code allows for new features down the road & that it functions well.

I will provide you with a zoho doc where you will write down step-by-step written instructions along with screenshots on how the revised bot will work

This will be a flat rate job to fix this Telegram bot that was created for me. I have a whole list of the features it needs to have, only one or two features aren’t there, the rest are. It was developed in Python.

I am NOT a coder or programmer, so I am not looking for a Telegram bot developer who assumes I know how to PM the bot or how to do any coding to get the bot to run. Everything should be me just clicking on buttons and filling out text fields.

I need a skilled Telegram bot developer who is also good at fixing issues.

The first Telegram bot developer did a terrible job and his bot brought down my site and it deleted members from my Telegram group.

It’s a good idea to skim over his instructions just so you see what he did. If you want them, just ask. He didn’t create the calendar I asked for and didn’t know how to tell me what to do to get the bot working.

The last Telegram bot developer created the bot, but never got it working and it doesn’t allow me to have different sets of screening questions per Telegram group.

I will own the bot.

Before the job has ended and you ask for the money in escrow, you will also allow for testing in my group(s) for at least 5-7 days to make sure it doesn’t go down and doesn’t have problems like it did before. As I’ve learned, testing in a group with NO people and activity isn’t the same as testing in an active environment.

You will also help me to make sure the free hosting works with your bot.

Please write me and tell me:

  1. Which language you code in?
  2. How long have you been coding bots for TG?
  3. How many bots have you coded in total?
  4. What do the bots you created do?
  5. And what questions you have for me?

Thank you & I look forward to working with you.