People Hate Socialism and Don’t Even Know Why

SocialismPeople think Karl Marx was the first person to want socialism, but that’s not true, Christianity, Islam and even Judaism were the first sets of people to want socialism.

Only in America are there no socialist parties within the government. In almost every other country in the world there are many people who support socialism which means  to care about others and the welfare of others, not just oneself.

Every day while we are online learning about our history (the real truth, not the fake lies told to us by government and schools), at one point or another people online bash socialism.

These people don’t even know what socialism is. All they know is that they MUST repeat the same propaganda the government has been feeding us for centuries.

The evils of the world were scared of socialism and NOT because they thought it was bad, but rather because this would mean they’d lose control over the people.

A Summary of the History of Socialism in the US

In the late 1800’s there was a clash of the workers against the capitalists.

Workers Had Been Slaves

Workers were about to win finally getting an 8 hour work day, BUT the capitalists didn’t want that. They wanted to work their slaves to DEATH with the usual 14-16 hours per day. This is one reason why people died so young, they were literally slaves working for the business elite.

When works fought back, they were shot and killed ALL for the RIGHT to work ONLY an 8 hour work day that we take for granted today. And who do you think did all the shooting?

The government OF COURSE.

So anyone who says it’s only recently that the government was owned and beholden to the EVIL CORPS, hasn’t studied real history.

How the Government Tried to Quash Free Speech and Better Working Conditions

In 1887 seven anti-capitalists were sentenced to death on trumped-up charges.

The government made SURE to paint socialism in a nasty light and made sure that people knew the consequences of fighting for their rights.

Back then child labor was still alive and well, working children to the bone. Also, women couldn’t vote.

Blacks (back then called Negros) were warned by the KKK NOT to go to communist meetings.


The Whites and Capitalists Feared Freedom

The fear by the white elite was due to the communist movement growing in Russia. People in countries worldwide were realizing that they TOO needed to be free and the US was scared Americans would want to be free too!

President Wilson Was a Tyrant

President Woodrow Wilson wanted to criminalize OPINIONS, not deeds. so in 1915 in his State of the Union address, he made it very clear that ANYONE who was against how the government ran things and wanted better in their lives needed to be CRUSHED OUT.

This was around the time of WWI, and any socialists and anarchists AGAINST the war were arrested and given very long prison sentences.

The Government Protecting the Capitalistic Elite

The government allowed the EVIL CORPS (the oil companies) to create lynch mobs and gangs to go after anyone who wanted peace. The IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) was very vocal in their anti-war movements, so they were targeted, by the “Pinkerton Gang” who was hired by the capitalist companies.

They went after and killed many IWW leaders. In one incident, Frank Little who was part of the mine IWW from Butte, Montanna was beaten, dragged behind a car and hung from a railroad.

The Pinkerton Detective Agency even exists still today.

Wilson Created More Oppressive Laws to Stop any Idea of Freedom and Peace

That same year President Wilson created the espionage act to go after decenters. Decenters are people who cause someone else or they shift away from what has been the traditional focus or emphasis of a topic.

And that topic was war and of course the government has been committing war acts for a very long time and didn’t want anyone disrupting that.

It’s a federal crime to interfere with, among other things, the Selective Service Act or military draft.

Freedom of Speech anyone?

Freedom to fight for human rights?

Nope, the government wasn’t having any of THAT!

Eugene Debs a Socialist who Cared for the People

Eugene DebsEugene Debs, an anti-war IWW worker, wanted to run for president. His family orginally came from France where as you can see today people stand UP and fight for their rights.

He stood up in front of a crowd and gave a long speech and this is part of what he said,

Wars have been waged for conquest, for plunder. In the middle ages the feudal lords, who inhabited the castles whose towers may still be seen along the Rhine–whenever one of those feudal lords wished to enrich himself, then he made war on another.


They wanted to enlarge their domains.

They wanted to increase their power, their wealth, and so they declared war upon each other.

But they did not go to war any more than the Wall Street junkers go to war. (Applause.)

The feudal lords, the barons, the economic predecessors of the modern capitalist, they declared all the wars.

Who fought their battles?

Their miserable serfs.

And the serfs had been taught to believe that when their masters declared and waged war upon one another, it was their patriotic duty to fall upon one another, and to cut one another’s throats, to murder one another for the profit and the glory of the plutocrats, the barons, the lords who held them in contempt. And that is war in a nutshell.

The master class has always declared the war; the subject class has always fought the battles; the master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose, and the subject class has had nothing to gain and all to lose–including their lives. (Applause.)

They have always taught you that it is your patriotic duty to go to war and to have yourselves slaughtered at a command. But in all of the history of the world you, the people, never had a voice in declaring war.

You have never yet had. And here let me state a fact–and it cannot be repeated too often: the working class who fight the battles, the working class who make the sacrifices, the working class who shed the blood, the working class who furnish the corpses, the working class have never yet had a voice in declaring war. The working class have never yet had a voice in making peace. It is the ruling class that does both. They declare war; they make peace.

“Yours not to ask the question why; Yours but to do and die.”

That is their motto, and we object on the part of the awakened workers.

If war is right, let it be declared by the people–you, who have your lives to lose; you certainly ought to have the right to declare war, if you consider war a necessary. (Applause.) . . .”

You can read the full Debs speech here.

While Debs tried to curb his speech so he wouldn’t be arrested, Wilson had sent two people to spy on Debs, take pictures and gather evidence to arrest him. Wilson had also lowered the threshold of what constituted treason so he could get rid of Debs.

Now the Sedition Act to Control the People

This Sedition Act was a TERRIBLE law meant to silence anyone who didn’t promote WAR and obey the slave master THE GOVERNMENT.

“The Sedition Act of 1918, enacted during World War I, made it a crime to “willfully utter, print, write, or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language about the form of the Government of the United States” or to “willfully urge, incite, or advocate any curtailment of the production” of the things “necessary or essential to the prosecution of the war.” The act, along with other similar federal laws, was used to convict at least 877 people in 1919 and 1920, according to a report by the attorney general. In 1919, the Court heard several important free speech cases — including Debs v. United States and Abrams v. United States — involving the constitutionality of the law. In both cases, the Court upheld the convictions as well as the law.”

Over 1500 people were convicted due to this Act and faced upto 20 years in prison.

Murderers often get less time than that.

The government censored everything including books and film.

Postmasters were told they had to monitor all mail and determine if any papers were unloyal and refuse to mail them.

The Workers Started to Win the Struggle

Amazingly during WWI, despite this tyranny and oppression, workers managed to get higher wages, but AFTER the war, their bosses wanted the wages BACK!

People weren’t having that, and they rose up going on strike. In 1919, 1 out of every 5 workers walked off the job.

Hoover Gets Involved to Quash the People

Starting in November 1919 to January 1920 across several states, the government created a task force (headed by Hoover) that started raiding socialist homes and businesses without a warrant. Over 10,000 people were thrown in jail and thousands of immigrants were deported for being communists.

The brutality was a heavy BLOW for the socialist movement.

For the next several years, the raids and brutality against the people by the GOVERNMENT continued. There were even “red” squads specifically to go after socialists.

The government worked hand in hand with the business ELITES which is why we always say that the government was NEVER formed for the people, it was formed to protect the ELITE! Again, study your history to see the proof that the lie spread by the government that it is here for US is just that, a lie, and most people bought it hook line and sinker.

This is exactly WHY today in 2019, people are petrified of the word “socialist.” The government has been a tyranny for a very long time, but there were years when there was peace because socialism had been quashed due to all of the threats. And if you don’t know the REAL history, you won’t understand why.

More Tyrannical Laws to Lord Over the People

In January 1947, the government passed the Taft Act that stated that Unions could no longer be under the Socialist movement. Each person then had to sign an affidavit stating that they did not believe in socialism. If you didn’t sign, you lost your job.

Went After Hollywood

This was the year the government went after Hollywood’s writers, actors, producers, technicians, directors, and musicians.

They were forced to go to Congress and publically swear that they weren’t communists and if they said they were, they couldn’t work and were blacklisted in Hollywood.

But even if you didn’t state you were and you just wanted to take a stand FOR YOUR RIGHTS, you were sent to prison.

There were 10 screenwriters and directors who refused to answer and that was their punishment.

Another New Terrorizing Law Against Americans

Under the Smith Act, anyone who did admit they were communist was arrested, and many leaders of these gatherings were arrested too.

Over 5,000 people had to escape America, and over 1,000 were sent to prison.

Anyone who even leaned to the left was demonized.

The American Government Killed Innocent People

In 1951 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were not just arrested, but charged with the murder of EVERYONE who died in the Korean War. Then they were executed in 1953.

During this time after WWII, many countries around the world were having a civil war and the US wanted to STOP this dead in its tracks before it even got to the US.

Spreading Propaganda Lies

In order to do this, they started to spread lies that communism was evil and mainly related to the “evil” Russia. That if you even sympathized with socialism or communism which was the ideology of helping PEOPLE, NOT the elite EVIL CORPORATIONS, you were considered a traitor to America.

People felt so threatened that they would lose their employment or education and ruin their family, they totally denounced anything to do with socialism and self-censored themselves. They were FORCED to be silent about their thoughts and feelings.

The US government and their mainstream media did a VERY good job of controlling the slaves they have always owned.

This war against Americans then carried over to the Black Liberation Movement, and even white people who stood up for black people were jailed, and some still ARE until this day.

The F..B..I ransacked 10’s of thousands of people’s homes, and black community groups were infiltrated with spies. And of course many were assassinated as well, it wasn’t just Martin Luther King. We hope you STILL don’t think MLK was killed by a lone assassin. Here’s a video on that if you want to watch it.

America Decides to Destroy 17 Innocent Countries

The US then decided that THEY were the ruler of the WORLD, and went after and killed millions of people in all of these countries that believed in of socialism.

NONE of these countries did ANYTHING to harm America.

Korea – 1950
Iran – 1953
Guatemala – 1954
Tibet – 1958
Indonesia – 1958
Cuba – 1959
Iraq – 1960
Congo – 1960
Vietnam – 1964
Laos – 1964
Cambodia – 1964
Brazil – 1964
Chile – 1973
Afghanistan – 1979
Turkey – 1980
Poland – 1980
Nicaragua – 1981

Socialism is About Change and Equality

Most people who ook at the bigger picture turn to socialism when they want change for a better life. They want to get rid of the EVILS and injustices of the world.

They want public ownership so when they work, it’s NOT just the companies who make ALL of the money off of their hard work, and the money is spread around for the WHOLE of society.

That can be called “Market Socialism.” This site was recommended as one to read up on re: Market Socialism. We will research as we find time.

Just to be clear, there are different types of socialism and we don’t believe in flat out communism or extreme socialism where the government can come in and just take your business away from you.

This is the ignorant answer we see all over the Internet when the question is asked if you can still own a business in a socialistic society.

Even NOW in our so-called “capitalistic” society, the government has taken MANY farmers’ land away from them, or forced people to move from their homes that they lived in for years.

We do NOT believe in government controlling anything, but we DO believe in people not being SLAVES towards the crony capitalistic society like we have now.

And just because people now have the 8-hour workday, it doesn’t mean people aren’t working MORE than 8 hours with 2-3 jobs or overtime because of the EVILS purposely inflating the cost of living.

Almost no one can support themselves and their children with only one person working unless they are making a lot of money.

We envision a society that is a combination of socialism AND REAL capitalism. There is NO Law of Nature that says you have to go with whatever someone else has done in the past, why not come up with your OWN idea of socialism?

Ignorant People

People who are against socialism usually don’t understand what socialism is all about, or they have grown up learning from their parents or grandparents that socialism is bad due to EVERYTHING the government did to quash freedom for the people.

They are usually oblivious as to what is going on around them, they want EVERYTHING for themselves, or they only care if they are okay, not if their neighbor or someone they don’t know is being abused by capitalism. They often want to control others and keep themselves on top.

They often look down upon and judge others who can’t find a good paying job without even finding out WHY they can’t work or get a higher paying job.

They are usually also good little slaves that do the bidding of the crony capitalistic society by outing anyone who disagrees with the state.

What is the socialist program?

  • Everyone has the right to employment
  • Everyone has the right to an income if they can’t work
  • Everyone has the right to an affordable place to live
  • Everyone has the right to a free education

What do we or other countries have today due to socialism?

  • Kindergarten
  • Free Health Care
  • Free Education
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Social Security or a Pension
  • Welfare

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