Solutions to take down the evils

Solutions to take down the evils

SolutionsHere are some Solutions to take down the evils.

So I’ve been talking about this for the last 2 years and no one wanted to listen.

Now that we are in the thick of the evils taking us down, do you think people will listen?

Based on what I’ve seen just from the truthers alone who are already WOKE, nope, nothing will change.

Yes, I’m being negative because I call things like I see them.

Truthers who supposedly know what was supposed to take place and know exactly what is currently taking place NOW, don’t even want to join my Think Tank to brainstorm a solution to take down the evils.  And that work is a lot easier than what I will detail below.


Now onto the solutions that will bring down the evils, but make no mistake, it’s not something you can do in just 5 minutes flat.

There is no quick fix to anything in life and maybe this is why this is happening to us from a spiritual perspective.

People are so used to their quick fixes which first started with the fake food places like White Castle, McDonalds, KFC, etc.

Then the toxic microwave that could cook (although deplete all nutrients) your food fast, then frozen toxic ready-to-heat in the oven or microwave fake food which stopped mothers from cooking REAL nutritious food.

All of these “quick fixes” harmed us and took away our brainpower, and damaged our cells and body.

Then the toxic cordless phones that were emitting EMFs that harm our bodies (electromagnetic frequencies).

Then the cell phones in the car. Back then they were called mobiles and now everywhere but in North America, they still call it a mobile instead of a cell phone. Interesting that the word “cell” is in there, as it damages our cells.

Remember that the evils ALWAYS use words to brainwash and make fun of us, as the words are right there in plain English, but we almost always just never see them, or their true Latin or Greek meaning is lost on us.

Then fast forward (no pun intended) over to when “THEY” started creating the Internet back in the late 60’s. Then, later on, they let it loose on the public under the guise that it would help us be free. Of course nothing could be further from the TRUTH!

I highly recommend this book that shows that the story behind the Internet was almost all a lie. It was ALWAYS created to spy on us. This shows proof that the government DID create Silicon Valley and all of the high tech companies you see all around us that control us. Why do you think these companies ALL have something to do with the government and they give them all of our information about us?

You think it’s just a coincidence?

Once the Internet started, that’s when people’s attention spans and requiring a 6-second buzz started. If your site didn’t attract people’s attention within 6 minutes, POOF, they were gone.

People became even MORE addicted to flash, sizzle and stupidity.

People stopped being able to read books and their brain started to become manipulated by the sites they surfed on. Of course, facebook was the ultimate of ultimates when it came to powerful brainwashing (not to mention gathering data.)

This video doesn’t divulge a ton of what they did because I can’t find that video I saw over a year ago, but it does give you a taste of what they intentionally did.

Oh, and let’s not forget the toxic video games that while yes, are exciting, made people feel excited 24/7. That means they were on a high just like any drug and they never wanted to come down OFF of that high.

Many a relationship (this was all pre-planned) was destroyed because of people’s addiction to video games.

Not to mention men’s respect towards women, which was never great to begin with, was degraded even more. Add to that dating sites, sex sites, and extreme porn.

I have no problem with some porn, but people were literally becoming addicted to porn and then they wanted something even MORE kinky because the regular porn was just too boring for them.

This broke up even MORE relationships, not to mention the cost to pay for these sites.

So if you are looking for the quick fix that got us into this mess in the first place, you can stop reading as this won’t help you.

Here’s my list of solutions

  • EVERYONE needs to first work on getting rid of their childhood issues so they can learn how to love and respect themselves first and foremost.

    90% of the population doesn’t want to do this hard work. And I don’t mean using the subpar fake allopathic shrink methods. Been there, done that, it never works, just like nothing mainstream works.

    If you want my list, just contact me. I have a list of alternative therapies you can choose from.

  • Second, people need to study the occult. This is what the evils have used for thousands of years. It’s what is locked up in the vaults at the Vatican.

    People don’t want to study it because they have been brainwashed to think that the occult is evil and that religion (choose whatever religion you want) or jesus is the ONLY way!

    Religion WAS created by the evils to control the masses.

    If you want to continue being brainwashed by religion, then you can stop reading. This won’t help you.

    The occult is merely a tool to allow us to tap into our natural power. It can be used for good or evil, as always, the choice is yours.

  • We also have to tap into the Universe to get pure clean energy, and I don’t mean energy to power your car, rather to power YOU!

    The Universe will help if we ask it to help us, but most people don’t ask. They just expect the Universe (what most people call gawd) to do everything for them.

    The Universe isn’t in control, WE THE PEOPLE are.

    That’s why I don’t believe in gawd, I only believe in the Universe and spirituality.

    The Universe gave us free will, which is why it’s not allowed to intervene. There’s your answer as to why “gawd” never stops evil on our planet.

  • The last step in this very short solution is to pass this knowledge onto others.

    It is YOUR duty to help yourself first, then, of course, your family (assuming they even want to learn), then help the rest of humanity.

    We are individuals and should never be compared to anyone else, BUT we are all in this together, so it’s our duty to help others once we learn how to love, respect and tap into the power we were given by the Universe. Then our power together will take those ASSHOLES down!

Until people start realizing they have POWER, nothing will ever change and we will continue to fight instead of being strong and loving one another. Of course power for good, not for evil.

And people won’t realize this until they first start letting go of anything mainstream and start studying human behavior and getting rid of their childhood traumas.

My guess is that 90% of the human population has been severely abused in some way. Whether it’s by their parents, family members, the school, peers, etc., it doesn’t matter. That constant abuse has made almost everyone deeply insecure. We all have insecurities, it’s a matter of how many we have.

This is also why people are so easily brainwashed and need others to like them in order to feel good about themselves.

This is why they always seem to get into unhealthy relationships, whether it’s friends or partners or even allowing family to constantly abuse them all throughout their adulthood. Make no mistake, I was exactly the same way until I started studying spirituality, and even then it took years before I started to realize many things.

All of this abuse (emotional, physical, sexual, even ignoring is a sign of abuse) is something we ALL need to clear out. Until we do, the energy (frequency) will never change, and people won’t even want to study the occult.

Unfortunately, this requires a lot of hard work and just like no one wants to come up with a plan on how to fight back the evils, no one wants to do this work either.

Do you?

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