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Suggestions to avoid the spies

Here are just some Suggestions to avoid the spies.

SpyingI got them from a commenter on my YouTube channel. I’ve edited it for clarity.

  • Do not travel with bluetooth. Just keep any smartphone and other bluetooth devices either at home or work.Merely turning the bluetooth off may not work, as apparently bluetooth devices can activate other bluetooth devices.

    Keep 2 sets, if necessary.

    Use faraday enclosures, if they need to be moved.

  • Don’t use Facebook. Write email to your friends instead.My comments – Even twitter isn’t safe. There are other safer social media sites, but there are spies EVERYWHERE.

    I recommend you do NOT use gmail and always encrypt your e-mail. Make sure any e-mail you use has end to end encryption. Google is one of the evil corps that is partnered and/or controlled by the government. They hide information from you every time you use their search engine. They will either bury or completely remove sites that speak the truth. Use DDG instead.

    In fact, google just went in and removed a file from someone’s google Drive, and I knew that was going to happen eventually.

  • If asked to give ID for a haircut, just leave and don’t get the haircut. Find someone who will break that rule for bit of extra cash.
  • Only go to small restaurants. Give fake names, if that might work. Offer cash in return for ignoring rules. People who run small businesses or restaurants will not be inclined to rat out their customers. Stay away from chains like Starbucks.My commentwatch this video I uploaded. Starbucks has been in bed with father and son Gates for decades.

    All chain restaurants are terrible food. It’s basically fake fast food dressed up to made to look pretty with some nicer interior design.

    Nothing healthy about fake food.

  • Don’t cooperate with the watchdog. If they call, don’t answer. And don’t tell them who you have been around physically. Just tell them you are reclusive.This strategy is also a safety precaution against your life, since many people would resent being put under house arrest because of you.

    They could easily find out who reported them since the whole neighborhood would be buzzing with gossip over who got quarantined. If you have children in the local school, everyone will know.

Face the facts: flu season is long since over; and this hysteria needs to be stopped now.

My comments – if you know my work, you will know this isn’t a flu and never was. It isn’t even about the flu, this is about training humans to accept being slaves.

We have been slaves for a very very long time (I’d say forever), but most people think they aren’t slaves because they can come and go as they please (sort of) and they have no chains on them.

People have to stop comparing slavery and war to what they see on TV and in movies.

If you have to ask permission of someone else to do the simplest of things in life and you are a robot that can’t do XYZ because someone tells you can’t (or can), then you are a slave.

It’s that simple.

This CV scam was a man-made weapon that wasn’t bad at all, but some people have been sick for 2-3 weeks depending on how their health was before, whether they got the flu shot in the last 1-3 years, etc.

But along with the criminals in government and the MSM that is owned and controlled by the evils and the governments, they got the entire world (LITERALLY) walking around looking like morons wearing face masks, AND hiding in their homes from the boogeyman.

And masks make your health way worse because you aren’t breathing properly.

They even have morons wearing the masks in their CARS while alone AND at home.


What better way to get people sick then by getting them to suffocate themselves.

And now everyone is wearing masks at work for 8-12 hours a day and then outside as well, in their cars, at home, probably even when they are sleeping, so I can only imagine how many people are going to get sick and even die due to wearing these masks.

People are so low in intelligence, and always have been, but this takes stupidity to a whole new level.

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