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The Definition of Words

Definition of WordsI’m going to start a page with The Definition of Words.

I do have several pages that define one word or term, but I realized I don’t have a list.

I’ll put them in alphabetical order so it’s easier for you to scan.

And here’s my list that revolves around FREEDOM and a True Society.

  1. Controlled Opposition (CO) – someone who becomes popular in the Truther community to tell us some Truth, but then also lie and steer us in a different direction. Link
  2. Evils and evil collectives – the hybrid of aliens and humans or straight humans who control our world. Link
  3. Evil Corp (corporation) – a corporation the evils own even if it is behind 10 layers of trust companies. The US government and ALL governments are actually evil corps. Link
  4. Limited Hangout – this was a new term for me in 2022. It means the evils by way of their evil collective write an article, post a video, tell a story on their fake news channels to change the truth about a story because someone found out the Truth and the evils’ agenda, so they need to twist it to confuse people. Link.
  5. Targeted individuals (TIs) – people who are targeted by the evils usually (not always) for finding out the Truth about something. The evil collectives use their mind control weapons to put thoughts into their minds so they are non stop hearing voices and they can’t get rid of them. For most they end up committing suicide because they can’t handle it.
  6. Mind Control – the evils controlling people’s mind using their mind control weapons. They have very sophisticated weapons to do this and you can see how good they are since the entire world is under MIND CONTROL about the fake virus covid, they worship trumpet, they side with the evils over their own friends and family and abandon them (see examples here), they continue to worship the mafia government that enslaves them no matter how much EVIDENCE there is that it’s a criminal organization, and more. Here’s the link to my Mind Control playlist.
  7. Natural LawHere’s the shorter version of what Natural Law is, but I HIGHLY recommend you take the time to learn by watching the full lecture. This is the ONLY Law that matters in the entire world and yet most people don’t follow it
  8. Predictive Programming – TV shows and movies that tell us what the evils plan for us in the future. Link.

Our Free Society
A knowledgeable mind will set you FREE and so will using Natural Law to fight the evils and evil collectives. Remember, according to Natural Law, if you or anyone you know is under attack, spiritually and lawfully you are allowed to fight back even by killing that person!

Truth, connecting to consciousness, learning how to love and respect yourself and then others to build a better world is ALL that Matters, and then taking ACTION!


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