The Greater Reset

FreedomThe Greater Reset, NOT to be confused with the Great Reset and NO, I have no idea why they picked a name like that. smh LOL

Not a good business or even spiritual decision in my opinion.

BUT, they are working towards solutions for anyone who actually WANTS to roll up their sleeves and be FREE, and STOP living behind the computer, which is where the evils want you.

So I highly recommend making it to the conference on January 25, 2021 and yes, it is virutal LOL.

You can read about it and sign up to their list here.

They will mention the Freedom Cell network site which I knew about several years ago and was really excited by, but back then there weren’t a lot of people registered.

The site design was unique but weird, so I didn’t go to it much and then forgot about it.

Then recently someone mentioned it again, so I went to check it out and they redid the site and I thought GREAT, I’d love to meet new people, but the site had so many bugs I couldn’t handle it.

I e-mailed them about it and they didn’t respond back.

Derrick Broze runs the site and has a huge issue with not responding to e-mails or messages. I don’t say this lightly. I wrote to him years ago 3-4 times spread out over the course of 2 years, and nothing. I wanted to partner with him because he’s younger and I’m older and I already knew he wasn’t the organizational type.

We were on the same page on almost everything. I read all of his books and John Bush’s too.

He even knew I wanted to talk to him, because one day he saw my message about it on one of his YT videos and responded. So I eventually gave up on contacting him.

And, of course, no one responded back about the technical issues on the Freedom Cell site, so I left the Freedom Cell Network site again.

And I just tried it, saw 3 messages from 3 different people I spoke to the last time I was on, clicked on one of the notifications and I got a 404 LOL, so nothing has changed.

But, you may love it though, so find it here.

I’m upset because it’s a GREAT idea, but you need to execute it properly, and that’s my forte, building businesses and making sure things run properly.

I agree 100% with the Freedom concept and even wrote up an article about what I learned about the cells having to be 8 people maximum (see that here), but I can’t handle sites that have a ton of bugs, no one fixes them, and it’s hard to use. I’m a netrepreneur, so I’m anal that you shouldn’t create a site if it’s not going to work 90% of the time. There will always be bugs, but they need to be fixed.

Running a site isn’t easy, especially if you have tons of people coming to it and there’s heavy bandwidth.

Most people think running a site is nothing. If it’s a simple site, sure, it’s pretty easy, but when you have a membership, that takes forethought, planning, and having people who know what they are doing. Most people who are programmers and website coders and even graphic web designers know nothing. They peddle their services and lie about the quality of work that they do.

I’ve been a netrepreneur since around 2000, so I’ve been around the block a lot and hired many people. The internet is the wild wild west when it comes to quality when you hire someone.

Again, try it out. The goal is to meet people and learn how to live a different way of life than we have been subjected to by the evils.

I want nothing MORE.

I’ve been saying SINCE the scamdemic (even before) that we need to gather together OFFLINE.

Anyone who refuses to even talk on the phone, Telegram, or whatever, has serious emotional issues and needs to work on them.

It is NOT NORMAL to hide behind the computer typing out conversations.

The evils created this environment to prepare you for what is happening now, and if that is you, you are falling for it.

You don’t have to be hooked up to the computer through your brain to be TRANSHUMAN. Just living life ONLY through your computer typing everything out, never talking, never touching, already makes you transhuman. And I’m guilty of that too, but I have reasons for that. I want to get away from the computer. I’ve been thinking about that for the last few years actually.

Let me know how it goes, There will be some great speakers there. Rosa’s going to be there, but she doesn’t tend to have much to say as far as solutions (just flyers), but still. I like hearing from her because she’s the Agenda 21 expert.

Peace, Love, and Serenity

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