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The Need for Action


Action Plan

It is getting clearer every day that WE ARE IN A FULL BLOWN WAR with the evils, and that they will never stop until we take action.

No strong leader will save us, we need all hands on deck to wake people up, neutralize the attacks, and take back control over our lives.

We need to join forces, pool resources and people’s expertise’s to fight and create new communities and societies for a World!

Join us in fighting the evils – now is the time for Action!

Just because this seems daunting, it doesn’t mean we can’t win, but we need planning, strategy, dedication, and focus to build on our strength and work together!

An analysis of our situation is below. For outstanding tasks/vacancies, see here.

The Situation

Humanity is under attack by the ‘evils’ who have controlled the world for thousands of years. Since they openly started the war started in March 2020 with “COVID,” they began rolling out the last phase of their plan to kill 85-90% of the world’s population and enslave the remaining 500 million. See this video about the Georgia Guidestones which the evils just destroyed in 2022. Their evil plans were put up via these stones in March 1982.

The ‘evils’ include bloodline families, crypto Jews, Jesuits, vatican, monarchies, secret societies as the freemasons, Bilderberg and Illuminati and their collective puppets such as the WEF, UN, WHO. There are tons of corporations, organizations and almost all of the governments worldwide who are under these puppets and controlled by the evils. There are just way too many to list here. Here’s more information on the evils and their evil collectives.

Most people didn’t see this coming. They have been asleep and even now refuse to see reality, as they are under DEEP MIND CONTROL. Even within the Truther community most people are under MIND CONTROL, so they think someone or something else is going to save them, or this is just a dream and they will wake up from this nightmare. A video on the evils’ sophisticated mind control weapons is here.

Mid 2020, the evils stopped hiding their agenda. The “in your face” slogan of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and their allies is, “You will own nothing but will be happy by 2030.” See here.

They have used the fake covid virus and other lies to start the process of destroying humanity and all living things through a multitude of attacks and this is without a doubt – GENOCIDE.

You can watch this video on the 10 stages of genocide.

The many ongoing generational attacks of the evils:

  • Corrupted the media (fake news) since the early 1900s. Over time it got worse and most people believed all of the lies spread on mainstream media. Even the information on alt media/news is regularly compromised by what’s called Controlled Opposition (CO). Here’s the definition of CO.
  • Around the 1960s, the evils started to undermine the social structure leading to divorce rates of 50%, children raising themselves, attacks on gender and culture, and the division of community.
  • Since the 1980s, they created a worldwide drug addiction pushing recreational drugs or their toxic medical drugs.
  • Collapsed the banks and received huge bail-outs during the financial crisis meltdown of 2008
  • Started to eliminate cash and digitize money for full control.
  • Printed huge amounts of money through their central banks worldwide, which lead to hyperinflation and each country’s bankruptcy.
  • Treated humans as slaves or cattle by forcing them to use toxic masks, toxic PCR tests, and take deadly injections. They imprisoned people at home through lockdowns, and made people afraid to be around other people by using social distancing mandates. Children weren’t allowed to play with other children and see their  grandparents.
  • Split families and friends through media and other manipulation techniques by creating fake controversies such as covid19, race, gender, climate change, medical care, conspiracy theories, and pseudo wars.
  • Left the elderly in hospitals to die alone due to lack of human contact, proper food and water, or were poisoned to death by drugs or the ‘vaccine.’ Many seniors were so scared of the fear porn on the fake news that they refused to go to the hospital when they were in pain. They died alone in their apartments or houses.
  • While we don’t believe in toxic allopathic “medical” care at all, thousands of people who were scheduled for doctor appointments or surgeries were refused for various reasons including NOT having taken the death jab.
  • Poisoning the world’s air, food, and water supply. They started decades ago, but ramped it up after March 2020 to make people believe the effects of the poisoning were due to the fake covid19 virus. They accomplished this with chemtrails and electromagnetic radiation using their frequency weapons. Fluoridation of toothpaste and water is ongoing. They even put it in salt in some countries.
  • Drastically reduced the middle class by lockdowns and other measures which lead to bankruptcies and cheap sell-offs of their businesses, properties, and land, especially farm land.
  • Blocked food production to create starvation by spraying the skies with toxins including graphene oxide and heavy metals. This also reduces sunlight.
  • Paying farmers to destroy produce and animals.
  • Burning down food storage and processing plants.
  • The mafia governments are also throwing out food.
  • Creating wild fires, droughts and massive floods using geo-engineering.
  • Dramatically increasing the cost of energy and fertilizers. This is just one reason the Russia/Ukraine war was started.
  • Increased lies about climate change to convince people to accept a one-world government as a solution!
  • Causing heavy inflation to impoverish and starve people. An increasing amount of people can’t afford a home, food, or energy anymore.
  • Forcing farmers to STOP growing food by taking away their land or they are using geo-engineered attacks.
  • Forcing people into the toxic ‘smart’ cities as the new jails.
  • Brainwashed people into using ‘smart’ electronic devices which emit radiation and allow 24/7 spying and control.
  • Limit travel and access to forests, mountains and beaches.

The Need for Action – Join OFS

It is clear that the evils will never ever stop this ‘war’ unless we take action.

Just because this seems daunting, it doesn’t mean we can’t win if we focus, have a strategy, and work together!

No strong leader will come to save us, we need all hands-on deck to wake people up, resist, neutralize the attacks, and take back control over our lives: WE ARE IN A FULL BLOWN WAR!

For several years, Our Free Society (OFS) has been investigating the evils while striving to provide options and solutions. Join us with your energy and skills in this existential battle.

Meditation and Prayer Circle

Our Free Society is looking for people who:

  • Are clearly awake and understand the challenges and attacks humanity is facing.
  • Are serious, committed and stable emotionally.
  • Can be from anywhere in the world.
  • Can spend a few hours (1-3) to a few days per week working on tasks. No one is looking over your shoulder.
  • Have basic skills for the tasks listed below.
  • Being a good communicator and intelligent is an asset!

Your energy and help is really needed for the tasks mentioned below. For some training and support can be provided, for others, relevant skills and experience are needed. Most work is done online.

Creating communities based on FREEDOM

Details of work and required skills

A. General OFS work including:

Virtual assistant (VA) for creating polls, surveys, basically doing any kind of assistant work online. You should have some online VA experience.
Online research work for investigating a myriad of topics and people. May also include reading books. Research about the evils’ influence to identify trusted experts rather than controlled opposition (CO), psyops and other information needed for articles or creating videos. You need to have good investigative skills and dedication for this work.
Video editor for adding music to slides on videos and/or cutting parts of a video. Training on NCH video editing software available.
Copywriter to produce memes, video text etc. to get people to take action. Hard hitting but with love.
Financial Planner for budgeting funds required for Our Free Society activities.
WordPress and Buddy Press expert for fixing issues with WordPress and expanding our community platforms. You need to be a skilled PHP coder with semantic clean code.
Social media ‘addict’ to spread articles, videos, surveys and polls to relevant social media platforms.  You need to be conversant in using the major social media platforms and discover relevant new ones.
Meme creator for memes that are stylish and stand out. You need to be creative, text will be made available.
Fundraiser to cover expenses for hosting, research, content creation and other OFS projects.
Translators to translate webpages into your language. You don't have to be a professional translator. Languages such as: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Greek, Hindi, Punjabi, Bangla, Urdu, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Korean.

B. OFS Think Tank for Solutions

OFS Think Tank (TT) The OFS TT focuses on analyzing the problems humanity faces in this war and ways to overcome them. It maps out solutions and explores ways to spur them into action. Meetings are held weekly combined with homework based on each person's expertise. Ideally the TT needs 6 more ‘Warrior’ type people with the following ‘ideal’ attributes:
  • Intelligent and ability to strategize.
  • Spiritually conscious  - nothing to do with religion. Rather understanding ourselves so we can respect and love ourselves and others. The understanding that we ALL affect one another energetically and even if we don't like most people, we strive for love, understanding and care whether HUMANITY and our Mother Earth continues to live and function as we were meant to.
  • Having a good overview of what we face on this planet, and ideas for solutions.
  • Ability to withstand mind control, peer pressure, and the handling the complex Truth.

C. Various Projects

Project #1 ‘Orgonite to combat chemtrails, weather control and EMR in your area’

Going unnoticed, toxic chemicals such as aluminum, barium, as well as graphene oxide have been sprayed by planes since the 1980s. The reasons given were for rainmaking in desert, or to stop global warming.

Cell towers, wifi, smartphones, and power lines emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR) which affect our energetic body. In fact all living things (even tangible items) have an energetic footprint to them.

When people are near these devices, they experience major health problems over time. 5G is the evils' new tool for total surveillance, mind control of people who have been injected with the ‘vaccines’ and even lethal attacks on individuals using its DEW (directed energy weapon) feature.

‘Orgonite energy devices’ have proven to create positive energy fields that counteract several of the negative effects.

Orgonite is made of metals, resin, and crystals. They filter and neutralize toxic ionized air, and create a natural energy field that benefits all people, animals and plants.

The original scientist and inventor of orgone energy, Wilhelm Reich, died in jail in the 1950s. Others have carried on his work which leads to the present day orgonite devices.

Orgonite energy devices need to be spread widely and specifically positioned in strategic places near 5G and other cell towers, weather stations and places of the evils such as offices of the FED, Big tech, Big Pharma, etc. People who have used orgonite and seen the benefits, share orgonite with others and distribute it freely. This is why they use the term ‘gifting’ for orgonite devices.

Having this in every country will have a cumulative and a major positive effect worldwide!

Reported positive results:

  • Restored natural weather patterns such as the return of rain in deserts.
  • Reduced the evils' use of weather control weapons that is creating droughts, deserts, storms (rain and snow), tornadoes, and hurricanes.
  • Created a positive mental state of mind and atmosphere; reduced health problems such as headaches and low energy.


Dedicated groups can carry out this work including the production of the orgonite devices, safe and effective ‘gifting,’ upscaling to larger orgonite devices, and fund raising. A guide is expected soon, and will be available with background information and more details.

Project #2 ‘Research - breaking mind control using frequencies

This project's aim is to test if the widespread mind-control can be broken by frequency therapy.

Many people are under DEEP MIND CONTROL through years of propaganda, social engineering, social media and other mind-control weapons. In addition, people’s bodies and minds are affected by masks mandates, toxic PCR tests, and the ‘vaccines’. For more information watch this video.

Healing tones (frequencies) may overcome the mind control spell and maybe a potential solution which we need to research. For example, Michelle was able to heal 3 times with these healing frequency tones after getting sick from ‘vaccinated' people through their toxic shedding.

Mind control project managers will work with a few participants who are ‘mind controlled’ and test the frequency therapies.

People who are ‘vaccinated’ and mind controlled may be interested in participating as they become aware of the negative effects of the 'vaccine.' The project manager should be able to establish a working relationship with the mind-controlled participants.

This will test the healing capacity of frequency tones as well as how quickly it breaks through their mind control.

OFS will keep track of all notes with observations to create an extensive report.

Outline for the testing:

  • Quality headsets or a good set of speakers are required to pick up low frequencies.
  • Select one tone at a time and see which one work best.
  • Participants should listen to the tones 30-60 minutes per day minimum. They can fall asleep which is even better for healing.
  • This should be done daily for a minimum of 1-2 weeks.
  • Detailed notes should be taken to record any changes.
  • After testing several tones for 2 days minimum, record which tones work, and which ones don’t.

Contact and follow-up:

If you want to help fight the evils, please do one or more of the following:

  • Share this information widely with people who may be interested in joining or providing support.
  • Provide financial support even if it’s just a little bit. See details here.
  • Get active by helping the team. We’d love to have you! Please contact us with a brief outline of your background, tasks you are interested in, and the days and times you are available to help.

Suggestions and feedback are appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you!

OFS Team:

Website: https://ourfreesociety.com
Odysee channel: https://odysee.com/$/invite/@OurFreeSociety:2
Financial and other Support: https://ourfreesociety.com/support/


Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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Much appreciated

Thank you



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