Trumps Bullshit

People who believed Trump’s Bullshit

Trumps BullshitDid you ever wonder how Trumps Bullshit actually won him the presidency when at first he was doing so poorly?

Here’s a video that shows who was behind all the money that poured into Trump’s Candidacy after Cruz lost.

Video Details

Pay attention to the end of the video, where it will detail why if you had ANY hope that Trump would save the day was ALL due to LIES.

It STILL amazes us that people are so stupid, or in such denial, that they continue to believe Trumps Bullshit without even looking at the FACTS.

People bought into the exciting theater that Trumps Bullshit spewed out BECAUSE part of the money donated to Trump’s campaign was spent on analyzing what you as a country wanted.

That and

  • Most people, unfortunately, respect MONEY, more than honesty, integrity and people who actually give a shit. This is due to several reasons, capitalism being one of them.
  • Most people get hypnotized by TV glitter, and they were used to seeing Trump and his Bullshit reality TV show where he could do NO wrong.

Trumps Bullshit Campaign

Once Trumps Bullshit campaign figured out what buttons would make you vote for him, Trump went to town pushing your buttons to make you BELIEVE that he would save you.

All this because any one of you who voted for him or believed in him STILL believes that someone else is going to save your life INSTEAD of you saving your own life.

Most of you are hypnotized by propaganda and repeated mantras instead of being able to think for yourselves.

You voted for Trumps Bullshit, which makes YOU responsible for the condition of this country. You are the VOTING CATTLE.

In Denial

If you STILL don’t believe you screwed up by voting for ANY candidate, let alone TRUMP, than clearly you’ve been BRAINWASHED, and you need some good deprogramming from the cult you call TRUMP.

Fast forward to the end of the video above and watch.

Take a look at all the people who were in Trump’s cabinet.

Every SINGLE one of those people are part of the 1% conservative that have NO interest in saving us poor people.

NOW they are in a position to save THEMSELVES from any so called “law” that was stopping them from raping us and our earth in order to control US, and line their greedy pockets.

And guess what…. YOU helped them get there!

Who’s Still Left in Trumps Bullshit Cabinet?

We don’t even know who’s still in his cabinet since Trump has fired so many people or they have left him.

We know first hand how hard it is to find quality people to hire for a business, but we don’t have the funds and connections to find top quality prospects like Trump has.

The very fact that he fires so many people, or they run from him, just shows you that he either:

a) Doesn’t know how to run a business properly and yes, we’ve heard that he doesn’t, as he’s gone bankrupt many times.
b) He is so difficult to deal with, no one wants to be around him.

Yes, many entrepreneurs are difficult to be around, but then there’s the ones who go beyond that, and are abusive sociopaths who portray narcissistic tendencies and we already know what camp Trump falls into in our opinion.

Capitalism is Failing

Next, listen to this economist detail what a terrible state our economy is in.

1. Trump isn’t talking about jobs anymore, he’s talking about immigrants. Why? So he can distract you from the REAL issues America has.

2. Even Wallstreet is concerned, despite the Dow Jones being on a high.

Who benefits from the Dow being high?

Well unless you own TONS of stock, it’s once again…. (can you guess it?)….

THE 1%!

So why is Wallstreet worried if the Dow is doing so well?

Because they can’t figure out WHY the Dow is so high and the economy is doing so poorly, so they assume that Trump has done something underhanded. For this reason, they are starting to sell off their stocks.

This is a precursor to the Dow CRASHING!

Take Back Your Country – You Can Do It

On a positive note, here are some VERY good ideas to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY:

1. Create worker-owned companies (details in the video on why this will help EVERYONE, not just the workers.)

2. Create co-ops

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