Denial of Truth

TruthAre you in denial about the truth of who we are as a society and as humans?

Do you feel like you are all alone on this earth?

That no one understands you or how you feel about life?
This may answer some of your haunting questions about why you feel this way.

Satanist Evil Cult

Mark Passio used to be a part of a satanist evil cult.

He left the cult years ago and it took him several more years to realize what he had been a part of.

Now he educates people on what mankind is really all about including the fact that there IS evil in this world just like there is LOVE.


He wants FREEDOM for all (like we do) and he calls people out on either their Bullshit or the ignorant lies they spread to justify encouraging others to be slaves to the evil and governments of the world.

Here is just some of what Mark talks about in this interview

  1. People continue to look to others to own them. Anyone who can’t think for themselves and has the belief that they are owned by other humans have a slave mindset. Most of them actually enjoy being slaves. They don’t want to be free, they are deniers of truth.
  2. No one has the right to decide what is moral or what is considered right or wrong. Only the Universe can decide that.The truth is, that man doesn’t have that right or capacity to tell US what is right or wrong. This is why our world has almost always been a state of chaos because the smart evil ones convinced ignorant stupid people that they can’t live their lives UNLESS they control them.Of course man-made religion is one of the biggest scams that accomplished this goal.

    Men used their fake gawd to create rules and laws telling others what is right and wrong while they went ahead and controlled them and perpetuated evil.

  3. People who think they can get to freedom and happiness WITHOUT having to do any internal work. They either run from fear of what they will find out about themselves if they dig deep into their subconscious (they fear deep down that they are evil), or they are lazy and think others should do the work for them.This is NOT how life works.No one can get away with someone else doing the internal work for them. We ALL have to do it ourselves.
  4. People who are anarchists and expect freedom without knowing themselves and working on themselves. Again, this is NOT how we attain freedom.
  5. People who believe in nothing. They are left brain thinkers who think that there is no philosophy in life, that we have no spirit or soul, and that the Universe was created by accident.We can’t talk to those types of people, because they are brain dead.
  6. People who continue to believe that if they just think positive thoughts everything will be fine.THIS IS New Age BULLSHIT.These people don’t understand the Laws of Nature and how the Universe works. They lie to themselves (and others) telling everyone they are happy and nothing is wrong with the world and if there is something wrong, it’s all their fault.

    These deniers can’t even see what is going on around them and they do absolutely nothing to educate themselves and don’t realize that we are all in this together.

  7. The EVIL satanists actually understand the Laws of Nature and have for thousands of years. This is why they are able to control us and the world we live in.They HAVE done the work.
  8. The 3 different forms of Magic.
  9. Cosmic Law
  10. Knowledge First, Action Last
  11. What is occultism and how is it a science?
  12. What is Natural Law?
  13. Mind and heart-based intelligence
  14. The Dark Priesthood
  15. What is the difference between the physical and the spiritual domain?
  16. Most people live in the state of an animal… eat, find shelter, mate, reproduce.
  17. Humans are the only animals that have a higher state of consciousness that is above the animal kingdom.Unfortunately, instead of using their state of consciousness, they just live like animals do.
  18. The more a society becomes moral, the more they become free.
  19. The more a society becomes immoral, the more they are enslaved. It’s all about the Laws of Nature and Science.
  20. Our goal should be a voluntary society based on freedom. Free of coercion and authority.

Full Interview – the Truth

If you want REAL change and are sick of the EVIL getting ahead in this world, we encourage you to watch Mark Passio’s interview here.




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