Examples of how the US government overthrew other governments

US government overthrew other governmentsWe are going to show examples of how time and time again, the US government overthrew other governments to PREVENT freedom for the people.

Why you may ask?

Because they did NOT want freedom for Americans, and if Americans got wind of how these other countries run their society (good socialism), Americans would want the same kind of respect.

We are NOT talking about tyranny communistic countries, so don’t confuse the two.

Here’s a detailed report about how the US government, dating all the way back to the early 1900’s, crushed any sense of freedom and respect towards the American people.

There are many different types of socialism.

We are currently studying anarco-communism where everyone does their fair share, and production is owned by the people, NOT only by the 1% at the top.

We all have a say in how our own small communities are run, we then support other communities by way of resources, education, infrastructure, etc.

There is no government to control us, we set our own rules where there is no abuse.

If we want, we can also start our own businesses to make more money, but we still have socialistic values so people aren’t exploited like they are with capitalism.

Most Americans have no clue what democratic socialism is, where you can own businesses and work harder if you want more, but you aren’t forced to work as a slave if you are fine with what the government gives you.

In our vision of society, there would be NO government to control the people, so socialism where the government controls the people would be nonexistent.

Having freedom gives you the ability to really live LIFE, and do the things you want like

  • Study
  • The arts
  • Spiritual development
  • Work on healing ourselves
  • Travel
  • Work on our relationships

Americans have been indoctrinated by the government for so many years to believe that socialism is a bad thing.

Most people are ignorant of what you actually receive in a socialistic country, and they are oblivious to any of the aspects of the US that is socialistic.

Things like

  1. Universal health care
  2. Free education including post secondary
  3. Free Police and Fire (you already get it)
  4. Help for the disabled (you already get it, but it’s a broken system)
  5. Social security/pension for people over 60-65 (you already get it, but it’s a broken system)
  6. Free childcare
  7. Paid vacations (you already get it, but it’s a broken system)
  8. Paid sick leave (you already get it, but it’s a broken system)
  9. Paternity leave
  10. Free public transportation
  11. Protecting natural resources
  12. Welfare for those in need (you already get it, but it’s a broken system)
  13. Equal pay between the genders

So here is a list we compiled.

It details how the US government overthrew other governments by invading them so they could control who was in power and take down the government that was democratically elected.

Keep in mind that NONE of this is legal according to the UN, but the US has been doing this for so long, no one says a word about it.

    1. Iran

      In 1953 Britain and the US got together to control Iran because Britain had been stealing Iran’s oil for 3 decades only giving Iran 16% of the oil that came from their very own land.

      The newly democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh wanted to nationalize the oil industry to stop this from continuing. The company who controlled the oil and had been letting Britain have all the control was called the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.

      Britain was shocked that Iran would try to take down their company, but everything they tried failed to get it back, so their next decision was a coup. That also failed which is when they had to turn to the US for help.

      Truman who was president at the time said no way, but the minute Dwight Eisenhower came into power, Britain got their way.

      To create the coup, the CIA was in charge and sent in Kermit Roosevelt, the grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt.

      Norman Schwarzkopf, the father of the man who led the Persian Gulf War, Norman Schwarzkopf was also part of this coup, was also involved. It was called Operation Ajax. The operation to put the Sha of Iran in place.

      Mossadegh was overthrown, sentenced to three years in prison followed by house arrest for life.

      After the coup, the oil company became known as British Petroleum (BP) and we know how nasty BP is if you remember how they got away with polluting the ocean with their oil spill on April 20, 2010.

      Of course BP got away with it (other than some low-level lawsuits) because the British still controls the US and the US government does whatever its told.

      For the next 25 years, the Shai became a dictator and was financed by America through arms and aid.

      As for the oil, on paper it was Iranian, but secretly Britain owned 50%, and America owned 40% of that.

      Due to Britain’s and the US’s actions, in 1979, the Shai was finally overthrown, and the hatred towards the US led to Islamic militants. Not only that, this sent a clear message to all the other Middle Eastern countries in the region that the US did not want democracy, they wanted dictators in power.

      During the years, some Iranians were trying to take back their government. Eventually the Shai escaped to the US where President Carter let him in.

      Even though he was out of the country, Iranians were still scared that the US would send the Shai back to take over again, so on November 4, 1979, some Iranian college students belonging to the Muslim Student Followers, took over the US Embassy in Tehran Iran for 444 days holding American diplomats hostage. This was called the Iran Hostage Crisis.

      Everyone thinks some Iranian people did this for no reason at all, and they are just evil people, but here is your answer as to why this incident happened.

      In fact, during the hostage crisis, do you know how many Americans even knew that the event was taking place in the very embassy that planned the coup?

      The Iranian students sure knew what had happened to their country, but once again, the mainstream media (MSM), which is controlled by the government, kept it all secret from the American public.

      Watch this interview and read the transcript. It’s fascinating to learn the TRUTH about what really went on.

      Evidence that once again, Americans and others have been lied to time and time again about what these governments and empires do to others.

    2. South Korea

      In 1961, Park Chung-Hee led a coup against the democratically elected government of Yun Bo-seon of South Korea. He was a fanatical dictator who arrested anyone who opposed him and he would play music he liked on speakers all throughout South Korea.

      Also, there was martial law enacted four times during his reign of terror.

      He was later on given billions of dollars in grants and other monetary compensation by the US government to go help fight in the Vietnam war.

    3. Indonesia

      “In Indonesia in October 1965, Suharto, a powerful Indonesian military leader, accused the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) of organizing a brutal coup attempt following the kidnapping and murder of six high-ranking army officers.

      Over the months that followed, he oversaw the systematic extermination of up to a million Indonesians for affiliation with the party, or simply for being accused of harboring leftist sympathies. He then took power and ruled as a dictator until 1998, all with U.S. support.

      “Suharto stole billions of his people’s money and possessions from 1967-1998

      On October 20, 2017, The Atlantic came out with an article explaining America’s role in that massacre.

      “This week, the non-profit National Security Archive, along with the National Declassification Center, published a batch of U.S. diplomatic cables covering that dark period.

      While the newly declassified documents further illustrated the horror of Indonesia’s 1965 mass murder, they also confirmed that US authorities backed Suharto’s purge.

      What was even worse, was that the American officials knew most of Suharto’s victims were 100% innocent. The US embassy officials even received updates on the executions and offered help to suppress media coverage.”

    4. Chile

      In 1970, Salvador Allende was the democratically allected Marxist President to Chile that was then a liberal country.

      In order to get rid of the peaceful president, the C..I..A planned to overthrow him using Augusto Pinochet who was the general of the military that Allende himself had awarded general.

      On September 11, 1973, Pinoche overthrew Allende in a coup.

      The new government rounded up thousands of people in a stadium and many were killed.

      This brutal dictatorship with Pinochet lasted until 1990. At least 3,000 people were killed by Pinochet and over 1,000 are still missing.

    5. Saudi Arabi

      (this isn’t a coup, but information)

      The Saudi Royal Family is known for all of its brutal acts against anyone who disagrees with them, and yet the US government (the Bush’s) has backed the Saudis since the first Gulf War.

      Saudi Arabi buys more weapons from the US than any other country, although now Israel is a close second. They are the richest country in the entire world despite their people being the poorest.

    6. Syria

      2017-2019 – we couldn’t decide if this even should be in this post, or another post called, “The Evil America,” as we have yet to finish it.

      The US government didn’t really perform your typical coup, but they did want Assad discredited, so they could bomb Syria with no public blowback.

      When Trumpet wanted to pull out, the MSM ran with this false flag that Assad gassed his own people so they and Israel could go ahead and bomb the shit out of the country.

      Like all psychopaths, they literally celebrated the bombing on American TV.

      During this false flag, Assad was actually winning the war, so people who don’t believe anything the MSM says, questioned why he would gas his own people. It made no strategic sense.

      Any expert or journalist who brought this fact up, was cut off or trashed in the MSM (mainstream media.)

    7. Venezuela

      In September 2018, Trumpet started his coup attempt in Venezuela trying to oust Nicolás Maduro who was elected by the people to their socialist country.

      He’s been trying to put Juan Guaidó into power and still is at the time of this post which is May 31, 2019.

      Guaidó isn’t even a politician, he’s some rich guy that will help the EVIL CORPS of the world turn Venezuela into a capitalistic country where the people will be slaves and only the rich will control the country.

      They will then rape the country of its cheap oil.

      In early 2019, Trumpet levied sanctions against the Venezuelan people and even their oil, This is to try and starve them to death.

      In May 2019, Trumpet went so far as to use the government’s federal agents to try and scare and starve out the peace protectors from the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC.

      They stopped food from going in through the front door, and threatened to arrest them if they didn’t leave.

      These Americans and some American Venezuelans were arrested several days to a week later even though they were legally allowed to be there as Maduro gave them permission.

      Even with all of this terroristic pressure, the people of Venezuela do NOT want Guaidó.

      What Trumpet did, arranging the coup within US borders against Venezuela is against the law, and has NEVER been done in American history.

      Then just this week we found out that Raytheon and Pentagon Employees were behind the pro-coup protestors who screamed at the peaceful people, grabbed women’s breasts, blasted music and tried to deafen people using a megaphone, shone lights in their eyes, and more.

    8. Iran

      As of this date May 31, 2019, Trumpet has been threatening Iran verbally for almost a year, starting around July 2018.

      He and his evil buddies and Israel want to start World War III and overthrow Iran next and they are already starting their coup attempt by levying sanctions against them.

      They also created a false flag against Iran as Iran denies the US accusation that Iran attacked oil tankers off the UAE coast.

    So this wraps up our list of all the countries we know of (so far) who the American government brutally overthrew for no reason at all other than they wanted their resources, or to keep Americans inline so they wouldn’t get wind of what socialism is really all about.

    We will add more to the list as we learn of more horrific instances of American terrorism.

    P.S. The US has over 300 military bases around the world so they can strike against ANY country they want at any time.

    Is this what you as an American give permission for? Did you know the US government overthrew other governments?

    Are you ALL about war and terrorism?

    Now you know why so many countries hate America. They didn’t wake up one day and decide to hate the country, this was all forced upon them.

    Our Free Society

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3 comments on “US government overthrew other governments”

  1. So let’s add Darfur to the list

    9. Darfur, Sudan – The war had been going on for a long time since around 2003.

    I got most of my information from this video, although he talks about other countries too.

    This is the truth about Darfur, not the lies that were spread by the MSM, George Clooney, Michael Moore and others.

    We don’t know if George was being played, but we do know that his agent has ties to one of the companies involved in this genocide.

    And if you’ve read my other articles or belong to one of my groups, you know that the government controls hollywood.

    Darfur has a lot of gold and…. OIL.

    Uganda, Ethiopia and the Congo are also at war due to the oil in Darfur.

    Is.ra.el was also involved, as they were after Sudan’s Uranium for both their nuclear program, plus to sell it.

    Prior to that, they were after the diamonds in the Congo.

    They also wanted what’s called gum arabic, which is found in coke, drugs for the PHARMA MAFIA, ice cream and other items.

    Darfur is also huge in sugar.

    So this government organization called USAID, got together with factions within Sudan to have them spread the lies that genocide was going on. They, of course, funded these people so they would start the killings.

    Of course there were also EVIL CORPS involved in this plan.

    Here’s their current day mission statement from their site:

    “USAID leads international development and humanitarian efforts to save lives, reduce poverty, strengthen democratic governance and help people progress beyond assistance.”

    If you want to watch the video, disregard the TERRIBLE music, I almost shut it down, but I’m glad I didn’t.

  2. We have to add Vietnam to the list.

    We only just learned that the US government (CIA) was behind making Vietnam’s civil war even MORE horrific than it ever needed to be.

    Once again, they didn’t want the Vietnames to have freedom (Communism), and so they started backing someone the people didn’t like and they didn’t expect the people to resist.

    When the people did resist, that’s when they brought in American troops and created the Pheonix program which was meant to terrorize, torture AND kill innocent civilians just because they wanted their OWN way of life.

    Operation Tailwind – they also used sarin gas on the Vietnamese people in Laos, Vietnam and Henry Kissenger authorized it.

    When one of the producers of CNN (April Oliver) made the mistake of airing this information in 1998, the government then shut it down, it was removed and she was fired.

    You can watch the interview here.

  3. So it’s been a while since I wrote this article and I wanted to update it, although I don’t have time to write proof about every single war I’m about to list, but I’m 100% sure now that the evils started all of these wars.

    This was their plan to take over the world one country at a time and then their government or monarchy.

    Since the US is a military state (you can watch this video here on that), it’s no wonder they eventually used America to go after all of these countries in my original article.

    With this list below they controlled the kings and queens at the top with their spies or people they paid off to do their bidding and they instigated the wars between the two countries.

    They would then use their money to lend the country the money to fund the war and by the time the war was done, the country was in debt and beholden to the international BANKERS. They did this with every single war.

    I had started to read a book several years ago that proved that the US government was 100% communist, but since I never heard of that prior to reading the book, I thought the guy was nuts and I put it down.

    Now I know that he was telling the truth.

    So I’m not going to blame America 100% for all of these wars since Britain and the evils from all over are ultimately responsible for them, but the US military has been in charge of harming by poison or killing almost every single person on the face of this planet.

    That has to do with their chemtrails which harms our body, air, and soil, their weather weapon devices, their food supply which is toxic, and I’m sure they have been poisoning the water for decades if not over a hundred years. The evil corps didn’t just stop with poisoning Americans and Canadians, but then they branched out to every country.

    Just go look at the fake food industry like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and even the fake food products you buy in the grocery store. They are all over the world in most countries unless they are 3rd world, but maybe they are already there.

    Not all of the companies are American though, Nestle isn’t, and neither is Unilever.

    You can read my list of poisons here.

    This is my list of wars so far….

    1. One hundred years war between England and France which in fact lasted more than One Hundred years. (1337-1453)
    2. The Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) which led to the Westphalia Peace Treaty in 1648.
    3. English revolution 1640-1649
    4. French Revolution 1789
    5. WWI
    6. Spanish civil war
    7. Russian Revolution 1917
    8. Japanese and Russian war 1904
    9. “Gulf War” (Iraq War I) was launched against Iraq on January 17, 1991
    10. Iraq War II (March 2003)
    11. Iraq War III (August 2014)
    12. US declared war on Afghanistan in 1979 under the label of the Soviet-Afghan War, which was sustained by the US support to Al Qaeda’s Mujahideen referred to by President Ronald Reagan as “Freedom Fighters”. The war on Afghanistan did not start in October 2001.
    14. Korean War (1950-53)
    15. The Indonesia Massacre of Communists (1963)
    16. The Vietnam War (1965- 1975) – I wrote about that above. They did more than just make the war worse, they started it.
    17. Syria (2011- )
    18. Libya (2011- )
    19. Yemen (2016- )
    20. There were Numerous US sponsored military coups: Guatemala, The Congo, Egypt, Salvador, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and of course Iran back in the 70s.
    21. 911
    22. WWIII (our war now)


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