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Video Platforms

Video PlatformsSo I’m going to talk about some of the video platforms I’m on.

My comments in my YouTube description were getting far too long about these two specific video platforms, so I said screw it, I’m going to write an article about them as the story continues.

Video Canund

Here is my profile – https://video.canund.com/@OurFreeSociety (of course this was shut down).

They are Canadian, from the Regina, Saskatchewan area. No traffic at all. I got my 16 subs and nothing since November 19, 2020, and I’m lucky if any of my videos get any views.

This used to be a good non censoring video platform and I spoke very highly of them until they started having technical issues in November 2020.

I was uploading all videos that could be taken down by YouTube onto their video platform because it’s very easy to upload there unlike with Bitchute.

I’ve been paying for their service every month and getting no credit due to their video uploading issues. I’ve asked twice.

If it was just one or two days, no big deal, but even after they said it was corrected, I still had issues uploading videos, so we are talking at least a week, maybe 1 1/2 weeks.

During that time I noticed that they make me pay every 21-25 days instead of every 30 days.

The guy I was talking to on fakebook, Bryan Boucher (COO), started to become a problem for me even before that. He used to be great in the beginning, then he stopped answering all of my questions, and at times it was clear to me his brain wasn’t working properly.

He didn’t even tell me that they don’t notify you when your month is up, so unless you are on the site and try to upload and need to pay again, you won’t even know.

I specifically asked him if their import feature from YouTube keeps the video on their server even if it’s taken down from YouTube and he said yes.

Well as I suspected, it doesn’t. I had to point that out to him and he seemed clueless on what I was talking about. Kind of like he just didn’t get it.

I’m not even sure I got an apology.

When I stopped being able to upload videos due to their technical issues, I started to get really pissed. He claimed he doesn’t check his messages on fakebook often, but failed to tell me how else I could reach him or someone else.

I see he has NO PROBLEM posting on his timeline. I just took a look at it when I went to grab his name, and saw that he’s on there begging Santa for a good criminal politician to save Canada.

I even asked him what would happen to my videos if I stopped paying for the pro service and he said he didn’t know and when I asked him if he could find out (I mean that IS his job to know these things or find out), he just ignored me.

I then reached out to the owner Scott Bacheldor (CEO) on their social media platform which is poorly coded and hogs tons of your CPU. I had told Bryan this a few months ago, and despite giving him evidence not just from my computer, but also my website coder’s, he claimed there was nothing wrong.

Also, 99% of anyone who tried to add me as a friend there was a scam account. I’m somewhat of an expert on these types of accounts after dealing with them on MeWe and fakebook.

Of course Bryan stated that wasn’t true, they have many good people on there.

I found 2 legit people who tried to add me as a friend.

I also had issues with Scott not responding to me, then not reading what I write, asking me to repeat myself and when I said please read my questions above, he proceeded to ignore me, so at this point I have to tell people my experiences with Canund.

For that reason I no longer love this platform which is a shame.

12-16-20 – Scott continues to ignore me so this time I asked him WHY he’s ignoring me and listen to this unintelligible English that makes NO sense at all. He’s basically saying he doesn’t give a shit about his customers (that’s me)…

“If your not currenty asking i got lots of work todo thanks”

I’ve asked him 2-3 questions that he just ignores every time, or he expects ME to do his job for him (like scroll up and READ) and wants me to repeat myself over and over again. Otherwise, I have no idea what he’s saying.

I would run from this video platform now. I won’t be paying them again. They’ve already ripped me off for 3 months now charging me not every 30 days, but every 21 or so days. TERRIBLE!

He wrote me back almost right away. I only happened to see it. I was right, he thinks I should be his secretary. And it’s clear he thinks his time is worth more than mine… “Ask the question again I’m not going to search through a chat”

Search through a chat? All he had to do was scroll up 2-3 paragraphs. Clearly something beyond his capabilities.

March 15, 2021 – Video Canund is now down. WOW. And I tried to log into this main site which I think was their social media site. I did it first on Brave where all of the CSS was missing and then on Chrome, it wasn’t, but when I tried to log in, it just spun and spun, and their site isn’t SSLed. Figures.

I told you I had major issues with their social media site. They have no clue what they are doing coding-wise. http://canund.com/

March 27, 2021 – so it turns out that Scott got his feeling hurt by me relaying what happened and so he removed me from his site and people couldn’t find my videos.

Good for you Scott. You are a great businessman who can’t even have a mature conversation with me and you stop others from getting the truth because you can’t admit when you and your staff do something wrong.

Here’s Scott’s pic.

Brand New Tube

This is my profile – https://brandnewtube.com/@OurFreeSociety

They are British.

It’s the same software as Canund’s which I found odd at the time because I came across them both within 1-2 weeks of one another.

They claim they never censored, but now they censor a bit, as they claim they were contacted by the police which make no sense to me.

The police deal with criminal matters, not censorship/civil issues.

You always have to wait for them to approve your videos, so they may not approve it and unless you keep track, you will never know. No other video site that I know of (I don’t know them all) does that. I could see them doing this initially for new creators, but not after a while.

At first I loved the traffic there, but then I started to notice their EGO.

You are forced to get HUGE notices (tons of text) under your bell notification for channels you don’t even sub to.

Their banners were HUGE and took up a ton of your real estate space. They have since removed them.

You also don’t get money for clicks even though they asked you to apply for monetization.

I e-mailed them at least 3-4 times to different e-mails, from their site, but they ignored each e-mail.

Then they held back information when they got hacked in October, 2020 and overtly lied about the hack.

I mentioned this on their site and I got attacked by their members that I was a bad person for speaking out about how they handled the hack. Some would even go downvote every single one of my comments.

I did take notes about every technical issue they had (at least 17) because they were lying and telling people that they thwarted the hacker and he did no damage (yeh right).

The owner Mohammed or Muhammed can’t even do a proper video of himself talking.

I couldn’t understand a word he was saying and his volume was so low I had to jack up my volume to almost 100%. It wasn’t a one-time thing either because the next video I saw of him talking was the same.

How does someone who owns a video platform not KNOW how to record a simple video properly? I’m not asking for movie quality, just at least decent quality so I can hear and see what’s going on.

Even after the hack finally died down weeks later, there was still a lot of site issues with Brand New Tube.

I couldn’t upload any video that was large and even some small videos. They don’t charge you anything, but I was getting the same error (some others too) that I would get on Canund if I didn’t pay for their pro membership.

I had no one to complain to about this because they were ignoring everything. I do know that others also had issues.

Then the hacker (or BNT) added their own BS text to one of my comments on someone else’s video, I was teed off by a whitecoat who was clearly a moron and the next thing I knew, someone had put nasty text above my own text in a comment – WOW. It made it seem like I was saying those words when I wasn’t.

After that, I was so ticked off by the hacker or Brand New Tube hacking my comments, that I stopped uploading (or trying) videos and pretty much gave up on the site. I don’t trust the owner (the guy, not the woman) and the site is way too cultish for me. I don’t need to be cyber bullied because I have complaints about the site. Most everyone on there worshiped the mafia government, worshiped controlled oppositions, if I said anything negative about the person in the video I got bullied then too.

It seems to be a whole video platform of immature little babies. Where they came from I have no idea.

In early June 2024, I FINALLY got access to my desktop after 2 1/2 years. Well, I started trying to go through some of my video tabs to clear them out. Besides many videos that were VIDEO BURNED by nazi YouTube, it became apparent that at some point BrandNewTube changed its domain to OneVSP.

While I still had my account because it was the same login, why didn’t they forward EACH video to the new video link?

Not only do I find that suspicious, at the beginning if you are brand new to the index page, it shows some intense rainbow lines that animate and it hurt my eyes and brain.

I’m very attune to non Natural things because I’m very Spiritually Conscious, and with all of the fakery all over the world that has especially increased in the last 5-10+ years, I get very triggered by things that are dangerous to the Human body or mind.

I hate those jerky videos on Tik Tok. I believe they are meant to do something to our brains and this cascade of rainbow colors is doing something. What I don’t know, but I find it and the fact that they suddenly changed their domain name very suspicious. I have no idea when that happened nor do I care.

I did a little digging and they were HACKED AGAIN in August 2022 – SMH

Maybe that’s why they switched domains, but I hate to break it to you, the domain isn’t what gets you HACKED. sigh Maybe the hacker somehow stole the domain, but only a fool lets their domain get stolen. Anywhere, here’s the info on that. They say they are migrating over, but they put NO DATE on their info popup so who knows when the migration started.

I was going to take a video of the cascading colors for you, but once it loads it’s hard to get it back, so here’s just an image of it.



This is my profile – https://www.bitchute.com/channel/PwuzxHtoe7Eo/

British owned and no censorship supposedly.

I only found out they were Brits a few weeks ago.

You should find all of my videos here that are on my YouTube channel.

Ongoing issues with them ever since I started using them full time in March 2020.

Even before, when I tried to watch a video on their video platform it would buffer or cause problems.

You can’t upload videos the normal way and even when you do it the other way where it doesn’t show up automatically (someone on their Discord channel told me how), it takes a long time for the video to process. It can take 2-5 days, depending. Now as of 01-27-21, even that way isn’t working. I had 6 bloody videos that would NOT go through and it’s been almost a week now.

Before I learned about the other way, I was getting so pissed off with them because I was wasting time uploading videos, them not publishing, and then me having to do it all over again. Sometimes 3-4 times.

With this other way I’ve only had to redo videos 2-3 times a second time, but they still take a long time to publish. Now this is no longer working.

Videos disappear which they claim isn’t true LOL Yeh, I’m lying. It’s happened to me 2-3 times so far and who knows how many other times it’s happened, but I can’t keep track of every video I’ve uploaded unless I search for it. As of 01-29-21 – it just happened again. I had 4 videos in processing mode and now there’s only 3.

You can’t search just for your own videos. You have to search the title and then comb through everyone else with the same title.

I get new subs every few days, but not many likes or comments and the video platform’s subs are known for their hatred of all Jews which upsets me. This has died down some.

Their video player is not great. I can barely see the numbers or text near/on it.

Their new comment software doesn’t notify you when you get a comment or response. You also can’t downvote it, and you can’t block someone who’s a spammer or just full of hate.

They claim until they raise enough money to get new servers, nothing will change. I think they just raised the money because that’s what I read on Discord. They only have 2-3 people working on the backend and who knows how often they even try to fix anything.

They don’t let you have more than 2 playlists unless you pay and the playslists don’t work properly anyway.

I am certainly NOT paying for a site that doesn’t work properly. I’m not sure how much it costs.

I don’t think the new server is going to matter much. I think the coding and interface is also a big problem. 01-29-21 – it’s 100% that it’s coding and not just the server. Their house of cards is about to crumble down.

If I dare talk about these things on their Discord channel, I risk being attacked although as of 01-26-21 more and more people are complaining, so the worshipers of Bitchute aren’t attacking anymore.

01-28-21 – Bitchute got their full funding monthly funding on November 30, 2020 and it’s now January 28, 2021 and they STILL haven’t fixed anything that is a major issue like me not being able to upload videos, having to redo them all the time and that doesn’t guarantee they will upload. And the thumbnails never working. I have to re-upload them 99% of the time. AND they have no date (approximate or otherwise) on when any of this will be fixed.

I will NEVER EVER pay a monthly fee to a site that doesn’t know what they are doing, gets money from people, and doesn’t fix anything.

03-27-21 – I hope I have some good news. The videos are processing faster now, so I’ll keep you updated as to whether this continues.

06-04-24 – Sorry for not updating things. I’m too busy with the war and forgot about this page. Anyway, all has been going pretty well with the uploads since they fixed things ,and I can’t remember when that was. I think 2022 or early 2023. The odd time it gives me an error, but then after 1-2 more clicks, it’s fine.

They still haven’t fixed the following or changes they made that frustrate me:

  1. You can’t put numbers in the tags on the front end, you can only use the backend which was fine before they did their revamp.
  2. You can’t upload very tiny files, so unfortunately guys, some videos only go on Odysee.
  3. They changed things to the interface recently that pissed me off. Now to get to comments you have to do another click. Before you could just scroll down. Also, on the backend they changed it so I can’t use my mouse to scroll down when I’m filling out the description. Now I have to scroll my mouse (can’t use down arrow or page down) from outside that essay field on the right or left, and there’s not a lot of room there. It’s definitely not ergonomic.Why change that? There was no need, it was fine and easy to use before.At this point since around late 2022 or even late 2021, due to a myriad of evidence I see from different companies, they are definitely making their software harder to deal with, a lot more bugs and they force us to click more than before. Here’s an article you can read over with just some examples, and I didn’t even write down the initial companies I came across because I didn’t realize it was a pattern at first.If you know anything about GUI (graphical user interface) the rule is, the less clicks the user has to click, the better GUI your site has. Tons of clicks, it’s a pain in the ass and terrible GUI.

Unfortunately I’m pretty sure they are censoring videos, because 3 tabs had no video and when I emailed them first time when it was already maybe the 2nd empty video that I came across, the guy who had nervous energy and had a signature pleading for money, said the channel took it down.

Now WHY would a channel take down a video?

Does it happen? Sure, the odd time, you made a mistake and need to upload a new one, but unless the person is a moron and makes mistakes all the time, those 3 videos were from different channels.

Then around 1-2 weeks ago I saw a notice saying this video was taken down for incitement or something. I have the screenshot somewhere if you really want the evidence.

I have a feeling we are going to lose them soon.

LBRY or Odysee

This is my profile – https://odysee.com/$/invite/@OurFreeSociety:2

They are American owned.

Great tech support. Very friendly, although I haven’t contacted them in a while.

I’m not sure if they have fixed the buffering issues, but it was such a big problem for me in the beginning, that I didn’t recommend them to anyone.

You can make tips from your videos, but their cryptocurrency is worth almost nothing, so you make nothing, and I can’t understand things half the time on how it works and neither could my website coder and trust me, we went back and forth with tech support LOL

01-28-21 – look what I just came across. This makes me suspicious now. Their terms and conditions.

03-27-21 – there’s been some more bugs with LBRY like one of my videos that was uploaded through their YouTube sync feature couldn’t be found anywhere. I wasted almost 30 minutes of my life searching all over the place for it.

Of course I used their search function, and there was nothing there either.

I had to go through every page and I searched the few pages where it should be according to the date since they don’t put dates on the pages that list the videos, only on the actual video and nothing.

I managed to find the URL to it when I tried to upload it again because it said there’s a claim staked. I then tried to edit it and when I saved it, it didn’t show up until the following day.

That was a huge waste of my time. And then after this happened, it happened several more times. Their search doesn’t always work and find the video.

The other bug which has happened to me twice is that in all of the pages of my videos, I will find someone else’s video listed there LOL – SMH

Turns out they are moving everything over to Odysee soon so I’m wondering what’s going to happen to all of my links.

06-03-24 – They were down last week for several hours in the wee hours of the morning. They claim it was an upgrade that caused a problem. Maybe, but I can tell you that since around late 2022 or early 2023, they have to be shadow banning my channel.

I used to get a steady supply of new subs every month or so. Now I get MORE on BitChute than Odysee. And no one is commenting anymore. I wonder if many were bots before.

There’s a very annoying bug they aren’t rushing to fix. One of my videos is pinned to the top of the list of uploads. Only they can do something on their end to release it. It’s happened 4 times already in 1-2 months.

And I must not have updated that they, just like Presearch, roped us in with LBC (Odysee’s crypto for Library) and then suddenly (this was in the beginning of 2022 if memory serves) lowered it so we get almost nothing for all the work we do. It’s just like with Presearch, it’s an insult. They might as well give us nothing in the end because it would take years to even make $25 unless you are a HUGE channel and most of those are CO. Why did they change it from what i was before? Of course I’ll get all sorts of excused like scammers, etc. Even before it wasn’t anything, like one penny, so what now it’s 1% of a penny???


Canadian owned

So I never started with Rumble years ago because when I emailed them to make sure they don’t censor the Truth, they ignored me. Eventually when I started seeing tons of awake people on there, I started to upload there too.

Here is my link – https://rumble.com/register/OurFreeSociety2021/

As of late October 2022 I will no longer be uploading videos to Rumble.

First of all I made almost nothing on there in almost a year. $2.35, but I don’t do this for the money.

  1. Almost all of the channels on there are low level awake people or CO (controlled op). They still worship the mafia government. There are even some that believe covid is real.
  2. But here’s the most important issue I had. I don’t get ANY email notices. Not for new videos I upload, or even notices when the channels I subbed to upload a video. And NOTHING for anyone who comments on my videos or replies to my comments on other channel’s videos.I wrote to them, they asked me one question and then ignored me. I wrote them again telling them that NO, they are not in my spam folder, I’m not a moron. That’s the first place you check. They ignored me again.Then months later recently I had a VA write them. They wrote her once and then also did the same thing to her.
  3. Plus they just sold out to an evil corp. I don’t know if they are evil, but my guess is that they are.
  4. 06-03-24 – Okay, so they are an evil corp as I suspected but wasn’t sure. You can watch this video here.
  5. They FINALLY fixed the email notifications last year or so. I’m going to say mid to late 2023. As I suspected, some people had been commenting. It’s just terrible that I wasn’t able to talk to them.
  6. The place is still full of zombie awake people who worship trumpet, the mafia government, watch the fake news, still believe in the evil mafia allopathic industry, etc. but the odd time I get someone who’s more than just a bit awake.
  7. And I am upto $6 just on the videos I had up there before I stopped when I was at $3 or something, and I need money since I don’t get donations, so I’ve decided to start uploading again. Of course you can’t case out until you have a minimum balance (it’s that way on all sites), so let’s see if I can get to that level.
  8. Oh, their suggested thumbnail doesn’t work, on the backend it shows that the image is missing, so I have to upload my own thumbnail which I do on Odysee and Bitchute, and they say it’s too small. I don’t have time for this BS, so if it’s too small, sorry, but the video is what matters.

So that wraps things up for now.

There are other video platforms, but I am not on them. Most only allow very short videos and you know I’m a die hard Truther Scholar who watches upto 10 hour videos I think the maximum was, but that one I didn’t finish because it was on gain of function and I just couldn’t watch them torture animals. sigh

I don’t do tik tok BS, although I do watch a lot of them because they end up on Telegram, but I’m into the serious Truth going back to the beginning of time to STILL figure out who the REAL evils are, NOT DISTRACTIONS.

If you hear of a good one that doesn’t require we record LIVE (like DTube), please let me know.

Thanks, and I hope you are doing well, all things considered.

The only way to win this war is with US!

People can shirk their responsibility in all of this which is just cowardice, but every day you can always choose to REALLY wake UP to Help Save Yourself, Humanity, and our Mother Earth.

Truth, Spirituality (nothing to do with the psyop known a religion), shedding your childhood trauma, becoming a mature adult, and then taking responsibility for yourself HAS to be done.

I know it’s hard because the evils control us, but it HAS to be done. If we all start to do it, this war WILL BE OVER. We have the POWER to stop them, but you have to play your part.

The key is learning who you are with everything else stripped away. Truly look in the mirror.

Learn how to love and respect yourself and then help others. If we all help one another, that’s sharing the workload.

Build alternative communities based on FREEDOM and Truth. Do it together outside of the evils’ mafia governments. It’s the ONLY way.


It’s our negative energy they feed off of. So long as we aren’t United and Strong, they can control us. We need to be United and Strong and NOT just accept what is going on. This is NOT a movie!!!

Both parts have to be done AND people have to STOP WORSHIPING MONEY.

The evils use money as a WEAPON. Money shouldn’t be used to judge others by their WORTH. Anyone who thinks this way is controlled by the evils and is harming Humanity. Yes we need it in THEIR system, so that’s why you need to break FREE from their evil MATRIX.

This war can ONLY BE WON BY US, not some deity or Human. That’s where the psyop religion comes in – SALVATIONISM.

They want you to NEVER grow up and fight them. They want you waiting for someone ELSE to save you so they have free reign to kill us.

Here’s my alternative therapy page. I hope you read and bookmark it. https://ourfreesociety.com/alternative-therapy-courses/

There’s NO SHAME in admitting you have issues. WE ALL DO.

It’s when you don’t care and don’t work to rid yourself of them (this doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a work in progress) that I have a problem with that because you refusing to not do the work affects ALL of us, not just YOU.

With tough Love

The Our Free Society Warrior Alliance
I hope you learned something.

Never make Authority your Truth… make Truth your Authority

The definition of insanity is blind obedience.

Culture teaches us that only the police have the right to defend.

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Thank you



7 comments on “Video Platforms”

  1. This is an update about Video Canund.

    So once again Bitchute was causing problems, so I went to Canund to see if I could upload my video there. I wasn’t sure if I could, because remember they had been overcharging me where I wasn’t getting a full 30 days service, and I mentioned I wasn’t going to give them one more cent because of how Scott Bacheldor treated me.

    Anyway, amazingly the video took, and this particular video got TONS of views. The most of any video I’ve ever uploaded anywhere before. I’m upto 31,655 views as of right now.

    I also suddenly started getting more subs to Canund which kind of upset me because I hadn’t gotten ANY new subs since November 2020, and I wasn’t planning on uploading anything there anymore because I’d have to pay to upload.

    And I didn’t want to disappoint the people who subbed.

    I also started to notice that the minute this all happened, I stopped making money.

    I’m not sure how their system works, but I was making a few cents every time someone viewed the video (I think).

    I thought the people would have to click on one of their banners, but I highly doubt that anyone was clicking on those banners, and I was making money every day (I checked), so it must have been because of views.

    So I started to ask myself, WHY my balance just stopped growing the minute I uploaded this video and started getting tons of views.

    I also noticed that Scott liked my video which means he saw it.

    Then he started talking to me in private asking me if I saw how many views the video got.

    And then he tried to make it seem like it was because he passed the video around. Yeh, I don’t think so. It may have helped a bit, but I passed the video around a lot.)

    Then (get this) I told him this was going to be my last time uploading a video and you know what his intelligent response was? LOL


    Not why, what happened, NOTHING.

    I’m not even sure his brain computes with the fact that we had a conversation and argument on his social media site a couple of weeks earlier.

    I brought him tons of new members because of this video, and he doesn’t even care.

    So then I tried to write an article telling everyone that I won’t be uploading any more videos to Canund hoping somehow they would read it, and guess what…

    The bloody article has to be APPROVED by admin LOL Here’s a SS


    Videos never had to be approved, so why do articles???

    I just went to check and it was NEVER approved as of December 31st when I wrote it, and I haven’t made a dime since December 29, 2020, and I even got 8 more subs since the last time I checked all of this which was January 3, 2021.

    So I’m going to have to do up a video, put it on my YT platform, and do an upload, because I have no other way to tell my subs that they should sub to my other platforms.

    Just terrible how he’s ruined a perfectly good platform – sigh

  2. I just went to video canund again, and the video is STILL bringing him tons of traffic and I got more subs.

    And, I STILL haven’t made a penny since that day.

    It’s obvious to me that the money I was supposed to get was stopped, and because I can’t make the minimum payout, he gets to keep the money I did make.


  3. Bitchute is still causing me tons of stress.

    I may have forgotten to mention that they delete videos.

    I don’t think they are doing it on purpose, but it’s happened to me minimum 3 times now while I was waiting for videos to process.

    It just happened again a few days ago and it took me 5 TRIES to get one video uploaded.

    Now I’m on the 4th try for another video – sigh

    I’ve been going back and forth with LBRY support which is actually very responsive, BUT they are being difficult on a few levels.

    1. I asked them to upload Pinterest and Tumblr to their share icons and they won’t. Bitchute did it for me, but screwed it up and it doesn’t work (no comment.)

    2. They refuse to put a like or downvote button on their site, so they will be the ONLY site in the world that doesn’t have that – smh

    3. They renamed the titles of their cryptocurrency balances and since they were difficult for me to understand before, I asked them twice now to tell me what the label was before and what it is now. They won’t do it – smh

  4. Bitchute – a video that took me 5 bloody tries before it would publish finally went through.

    I went to find the other 4 so I could delete them and they were GONE!

  5. Sorry I forgot to update that the evils (SEC) are trying to take down LBRY.

    I did watch a video on the topic and I guess “technically” the SEC can go after them, but come on people, LBRY is a small company. Why would the SEC want to go after them.

    Because the evils do NOT want the truth out there, that’s why.

  6. So someone told me about this platform https://joinpeertube.org/ and it’s sort of complicated, but with my website coder’s help, I signed up to this instance where they SAY that they are activists.


    I started uploading, didn’t get any followers really and then all of a sudden I had an issue with the site, so I e-mailed them. This is the e-mail he wrote me from. contact@tromsite.com

    I had also e-mailed them because I came across their site where they believe in freedom and working together to build community and I was wondering how I could help, but no one got back to me.

    Well as it turns out, just because someone believes in freedom and community, that does NOT make them intelligent.

    The guy who wrote me said he’s going to have to tell people that if they are conspiracy theorist, they can’t use his platform.

    He started calling me names and I was giving him a piece of my mind, he ignored all of the links and finally he stopped.

    I just wanted to let you know that not EVERY video platform is run by awake people, many of them (I’ve even come across them on Bitchute) are braindead.

    I stopped uploading anything on that platform.

  7. So at first Rokfin didn’t respond back to my request to be a content creator, so I e-mailed them. Then they wrote back saying no to my content.

    While they were nice about it, it’s clear they are brainwashed and refuse to allow the truth to be told.

    Interesting, since I found them through Jason. I wouldn’t call him a die hard truther, but he’s certainly not mainstream.


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