We Can Breath

We Can Breath

Repeat after me – We Can Breath!

we cant breatheSo everything the evils do is symbolic. And since they have studied psychology, spirituality, and occultism for thousands of years while they kept what they learned hidden from us so we would stay slaves and not learn how to hone our inner power, this is all starting to make some sense to me about which direction they are going in.

It’s ALL about breathing!

These 6 points are mine after my ahha moment after reading the words from someone else (see below…)

  1. The massive pollution in all 4 areas (China, Italy, Iran, and New York) that supposedly got the worse covid-19 deaths. Pollution causes breathing issues. Again, we will never know how many really died because they lied and inflated the numbers, when most people did NOT die from covid-19. P
  2. People had trouble breathing so they went to the hospital. The evils did heavy geo-engineering spraying just before the supposed deaths started happening in March 2020.
  3. At the hospitals they were vented so they could NOT breathe and then they died because of the vent.
  4. All telecommunications equipment including cell phone towers and the 60 GHz towers cause people to not being able to breathe. It affects the absorption spectrum of oxygen. What have they been sneaking into ALL of the schools in many countries while they locked us in our homes? 5G.
  5. Then they started forcing people WORLDWIDE to wear masks which do NOT allow us to breathe pure oxygen. Instead, we are forced to suffocate ourselves with our own impure CO2.
  6. Also locking us in our homes means no going outside to get FRESH AIR. Fresh air is needed for BREATHING!

So I just found this on someone’s Facebook profile who got this below from someone else.

Read this and see how everything that has happened so far all ties together with their brainwashing and now the current false flag of George Floyd which means it was ALL pre-planned.

Here’s this wise person’s thoughts…

“Ok, so we had/have a respiratory virus that was/is killing people, then masks that obstruct breathing, now after a staged event in Minneapolis the whole world is chanting ‘I can’t breathe”.

I give you this..

Pranayama is the conscious awareness of breath. The term is derived from Sanskrit, Prana means breath, respiration, vitality or energy. Ayama means expansion or stretching. Thus, Pranayama connotes extension and control of breath.

Thousands and millions are chanting, “I can’t breathe”. 🤔 this negative mantra has been orchestrated. They are controlling your very breathing, and subsequently your ability to breathe.

Mantras are powerful. By chanting mantras you are programming your subconscious mind to reverberate with the said mantra that is being chanted. since the mantras have a certain level of consciousness, you are vibrating with the consciousness.

You do the rest to piece it together.
I’m off to cleanse my soul from these satanistic rituals that they have everyone all over the world unknowingly doing .

Lightworkers.. We need a mass meditation to reverse this darkness back to light. I CAN Breathe / We CAN breathe.”

(Shared by me, not written by me)


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