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What affects does the covid19 vaccine have on peoples body?

What affects does the covid19 vaccine have on peoples bodyI’m going to detail what affects does the covid19 vaccine have on peoples body, personality, and mind, but I’ll put the personality in a separate article. I’ll keep adding to this as I come across people’s observations.

And now that I’ve done the SEO part LOL, they aren’t people, they are ZOMBIES and it’s not a vaccine (none of them were actually), it’s a DEATH JAB.

I won’t put quotes around other people’s comments to save time.

Here’s the article about how the death jab has changed people’s personalities. Link.

And the article on people who were killed from the death jab. Link.

  1. A lot of weight loss. Some within 3-4 months, some it took longer.
  2. Look sickly and pale.
  3. Loss of hearing
  4. Loss of eyesight
  5. Fever
  6. Insomnia, can no longer sleep or lay flat in the bed. Was having fits.
  7. Heart palpitations
  8. Double vision
  9. Face rashes
  10. Yellow eyes
  11. Allergies
  12. neuropathy in hands and legs – link
  13. Breathless and chest pains
  14. Myopathy
  15. Pericarditis
  16. From someone who commented on one of my videos… “So far, with my own eyes I have seen in my group of PPF ( Pre Pandemic Friends): 35 yrs old stage 4 breast cancer, 12 yrs broken arm and clumsy behavior and mask wearing obsession, 13 broken arm social behavior apathy/gorophobia, 45 yrs loss consciouness during VAXX inoculation, 63 yrs severe sciatica nerve paralysis, 13 yrs brown brain zombie mind state and mask wearing obssesion, ambulances in my very quiet neighbourhood increase by 300% during first VAXX wave earlier this year, 83 yrs open wounds which won’t heal and lastly an ambulance finally pulled up at my neighbour’s house. I do not speak to any member of my family since 2020, therefore I do not know what the real world data is like. I can only assume that my family is ill, but will blame it on COVID/OMICRON or NOCEBO effect!?”
  17. They are constantly clearing their throat or doing low short coughs.
  18. Not all, but many no longer want to work.
  19. I have noticed memory issues. Even in the midst of a conversation with them, they go off track. I know 3 people who found they had cancer. The others I’m wondering if they do have cancer and do not know it yet.
  20. stomach/colon issues after the death jab
  21. Everyone i kno w 3 or 4…dropped the weight! One friends so happy she can’t understand how…i said those who r vaxxed lose weight quickly i stopped it there…in her mind its a positive in my mind i see sickness
  22. Someone told me two friends of her’s lost their voices and ONE is a singer.

Please add to this list or write me so I can add it.


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5 comments on “What affects does the covid19 vaccine have on peoples body”

  1. “I am not jabbed and am just fine, I am glad I followed my instinct, all friends I know that have been jabbed are with high fever in bed and it is SUMMER! Never heard of so many people with a high fever flu like in the middle of summer!! Even my stupid jabbed son got it 3 times! he has swollen lymphatic glands soar throat fever and bad cold, he has taken 3 jabs. I have been around him and got nothing, same with my dog’s groomer 3 jabs with fever she coughed in my face, I got nothing. I am 70 years old and even a smoker, no jab, no flu vaccine, still got nothing.”

  2. Vertigo

    A woman told us that she belongs to a vertigo group on fakebook and everyone in the group thinks they got vertigo from the fake virus.

    She said they won’t even listen to her.

    She didn’t take the death jab, BUT she went in for allergy shots and that’s when she started to get sick. She said the vials were milky white AND had to be kept in the fridge.


    There’s no such thing as allergies. It’s your body reacting to a vaccine you took either recently or even years earlier.

  3. From a holistic person…

    “My mom.got blood clots shortly after the two Vax shots. She later got colon cancer. My aunt also got cancer shortly after. Other people in my family.who got the Vax all had major health setbacks,.diabetes, and my uncle.became zombie like and died this past year. He was 82 but still there is a clear pattern many ppl in my family who got vaxxed got very sick at some.point.”

  4. A comment from a channel on her debunking the snake venom in the water.

    “Many people who have had the vax have stomach related problems, bio engineered and created proteins have been created by them, parasites that are do not just deliver Oocysts but created ones, its also looking like its in the frozen food packaging too, anything that can be used in bio mineralisation can be utilised. Such as ice cream.Do you remember the Trafalgar Square final plinth attached? Its an Icecream with a drone and a fly on top with a cherry. Thats the cherry on top of the cake, to be able to recreate something that can be served up in water, the fly was the first insect ever used in genetic studies.


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