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What affects does the covid19 vaccine have on peoples personality

What affects does the covid19 vaccine have on peoples personalityI’m going to detail What affects does the covid19 vaccine have on peoples personality based on other people’s comments.

I won’t put quotes to save time.

Here’s the one about how it affects their bodies. Link.

And the article on people who were killed from the death jab. Link.

  1. ” less hiding anger, more “blank,” more acting silly
  2. My friend’s jabbed adult son has become extremely hostile to his parents. His hostility is actually shocking it is so bad. My unjabbed friend has taken several PCR tests and the shingles and pneumonia shots and while not hostile she has gotten somewhat cold and indifferent. I definitely see a personality change in her as well.
  3. Yep. An old friend of our family had a sudden change in personality after taking the shot. From being a kind cheerful woman, she’s become incredibly cold. Unrecognizable from my childhood
  4. Yes have noticed how selfish they have become and can be really moody.
  5. Noticed personality changes in them and the cultish mask wearers personally seen it in my grandfather he’s a avid mask wearer and turned on me like never before the evilness was beyond what I imagined he would be capable of hurts to this day but I had to cut ties to protect me and my kids. Also he was very healthy now riddled with clots and two types of cancer.

    Personally my grandfather was a nice man odd blow up cause of drinking but in general he treated me well once he got jabbed and started wearing masks he became nasty malicious and evil he took strangers over me and believed them to go as far to report me to services and make up lies . The lengths he went to too destroy me are unreal pretending to be a professional to report me further which was discovered . He’s now down as mentally unstable and a risk to us he’s my last family member I have so it hurts that bit more

    I just feel my grandfathers being possessed by something unnatural and unholy his eyes are dead and the richness in his skin is gone he is empty

  6. I can answer question 2. Using my boss as example, double jabbed, not sure if she took the booster. She was always narcissist, but couple of months after the first jab she really started becoming more narcissistic. And she has cognitive issues and battling with showing emotions, if you catch her fast she does not know how to react. All the fellow workers is complaining about her attitude. Another worker was always bipolar, swapping between good and nasty, after the second jab she is battling with anger issues. She admits the jab is responsible. The jab enhances the bad, taking them to the extreme. All of this started happening within months of the first jab.
  7. I have exactly same experience from My mother in law.
  8. I have vaxxed and unvaxxed family. I haven’t noticed any behavioral changes.
  9. Yes I’ve noticed everyone jabbed is getting very cranky and moody….and my daughter also jabbed bern haviing tummy issues as well as severe percarditis….
  10. I am a marketing manager for a real estate company. I think that the jabs here in South Africa is doing more brain damage. Other people I know is seeing the same with jabbers around them. My one friend says that almost all his other friends took the jab, and that he can’t chat with them anymore as they cannot carry conversations anymore, and that their personalities have changed so much.
  11. Not that I know of (she’s talking about stomach issues after the death jab). No, I haven’t noticed any changes in the personality of those around me who got vaxxed.

    I asked her which countries and she said… “Iceland, mostly Pfizer, up to date, so it will be 4 I guess. And Poland, but most folks I know didn’t boost and are generally fed up with it”

Okay, that wraps it up for this article. I did add in one or two who said they noticed NO changes in their friends and family (to be fair.) I find that interesting that the very small percentage of people who notice no changes happens outside North America.

Please add your stories or send them to me, and I’ll add them.

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  1. “I saw a 2x jabbed friend yesterday. There is something odd about her now. I can’t put my finger on it. She seems disjointed. Inconsistent with her communication and energy.. it’s like how someone with early dementia symptoms can appear. Distant and a bit floaty. She is only 50. I have witnessed this oddness in other jabbed. It feels like a part of them has gone and won’t return. Like someone stole their essence which is probably what has happened. Some.of.their chi has been stolen and replaced with tech.”

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