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What is a psyop?

PSYOP means – Psychological Operations

A short explanation of what is a psyop which turned out longer after I edited it. LOL sorry

I just realized while educating someone, that I don’t have an article explaining what is a psyop. Sorry, my initial sentences may sound off I have to write them that way for SEO purposes. Not that nazi goolag will ever pick up my site as I’m sure I’m sandboxed, but anyway…

A psyop is a psychological operation. It’s a creation (a script) developed by the evils for their usual BS theater that they brainwash you with by way of the fake news which includes old newspaper, radio, and TV, or through hollywood.

This entire WORLD is one big fake THEATER SHOW to make you think whatever they want you to think. Psyops are like an elaborate hoax if you will.

Covid was a HUGE psyop, but it was also a false flag. Q was a psyop. Several school shootings were all fake and therefor psychological operations. Q was meant to lead people around by the nose and stop them from fighting back because evil collective trumpet was going to “save them,” and it did a very good job of stopping ANY resistance.

A false flag is similar, but not 100%. It’s when they assign blame to another party for their psyop and they hire crisis actors to start the psyop. These actors are paid (maybe some are under mind control) to play the part in the evils’ theater.

Often real people go in thinking the psyop is real and they become part of the psyop. Like the Black Lives Matter psyop at the beginning of the war in the summer (I think it was) of 2020.

While the evils blame others in a false flag, sometimes many people still get hurt or killed. 911 was a false flag  and so was the Maui Hawaii fires. 911 was in the works being developed since the 1940s. Link and the Maui fires were preplanned (psyop), but are also a false flag because the evils, using their deadly weather weapons, or in this case their DEW (directed energy weapons – laser) blame their fake climate change on the fires and it’s shocking to me that EVERYONE believes it because they saw it on their FAKE NEWS.

It’s not that the event doesn’t happen and some people don’t get hurt or killed, the main point is that it was all pre-planned and staged to control your thoughts (mind control), feelings, and behavior in a the direction they want you to go in. They are literally controlling YOU like a puppet and zombies welcome their brains being controlled – sigh

But there are also times when no one is hurt, but they lie on the fake news and tell you they were. That’s when they use crisis actors with fake blood, acting, etc.

The evils’ mafia governments (moreso the US) plan these psyops operations to scare and CONTROL a HUGE amount (if not the majority) of the population, whether in one country, or THE ENTIRE WORLD (covid the scamdemic anyone?).

WWII, 911, weapons of mass destruction, even WWI were all false flags and psyops. They were planned in advance and they brainwashed people into joining in the fight and having hatred towards the fake “enemy,” when REALLY the enemy was the evils all along.

The people in every branch of the military are all complicit in helping the evils maim and kill people, as well as further their agenda for WWIII. Every war was a move on the chessboard so the evils could take over the entire world in preparation for this WWIII we are in now.

I don’t care what branch of the military they or you were in, the evils could NOT have pulled off their psyops and false flags without YOU just like they couldn’t have pulled off this scamdemic without the zombies and now the digital prison and the fake climate change!!!

Think about that PLEASE! STOP WORSHIPING THE MAFIA GOVERNMENT and believing what they say and doing what they tell you to do. If you do, you are also a zombie. As I wrote in my article from yesterday, every decision you make (I know it’s hard and sometimes it can’t be helped) means you are either helping the evils or helping Humanity. Analyze every choice even down to who you hang around with and who you support/enable who are zombies helping the evils. That’s also a form of consent.

I hope this helps.


Our Free Society
I hope you learned something and if you can support my work (there are different options), it would be much appreciated. If not, I understand.

A knowledgeable mind will set you FREE and so will using Natural Law to fight the evils and evil collectives. Remember, according to Natural Law, if you or anyone you know is under attack, spiritually and lawfully you are allowed to fight back even by killing that person!

Truth, connecting to consciousness, following Natural Law, learning how to love and respect yourself and then others, to build a better world, is ALL that Matters, and then taking ACTIO


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