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What is predictive programming

What is predictive programmingSo I realized when I finished writing up another article with PROOF about predictive programming, that I’m not telling people what predictive programming is. What does it mean? So this article will be very short, although I’ll list the other articles below.

Predictive programming is when the evils who control our entire world (always have) tell us what they plan to do to us decades in advance.

That’s because NOTHING that takes place out there is REAL. It’s ALL scripted. And before you ask HOW they can script things out decades in advance (that was my question), we don’t know. I believe the aliens control this world and the hybrids (half human half alien) do their bidding.

I have no proof of this YET, but this is my only explanation as to how they can use predictive programming AND Gematria to lay everything out so many decades in advance. Here’s my playlist on gematria.

While the evils are highly intelligent, you’d have to be a complete genius to be able to script things out that far in advance and not miss a beat. There’s just way too many moving parts.

Some people think they do this because their religion says they have to. I’ve found no proof of this.

I think they do it just to SEE if we will stop them and since no one ever DOES, they continue with their HORRIFIC crimes against us.

Every time you see a major EVENT (almost always terrible), it’s pre-planned and pre-scripted by the evils and not all, but many actors are involved so you think it’s a naturally occurring event when it’s NOT!

This is to send you into a tizzy with FEAR so they can control US and you will let them!

It’s using TV shows, movies, comic books, magazines, the internet of course, songs, entertainers, etc., to put the idea in your head about a specific topic. Then years later, the topic becomes reality.

It’s a method of brainwashing, so when the topic does become reality, your brain will accept it as normal.

Here’s my predictive programming playlist and proof about 911. It was pre-planned starting around the 1940s.

Here are my articles on predictive programming

  1. What they are doing behind the scenes – link.
  2. Predictive programming about the covid scam – link.
  3. Predictive programming about agenda 21 – link.

I know it’s hard to accept if you aren’t already awake, but it’s ALL TRUE.

Nothing happens naturally in this world when it’s a HUGE event.

Until you wake up, you will continue to take part in us ALL BEING SLAVES, so PLEASE PLEASE, wake UP to the Truth already! STOP helping them kill us ALL!!!

If you have any questions, please reach out.


Our Free Society
I hope you learned something and if you can support my work (there are different options), it would be much appreciated. If not, I understand.

A knowledgeable mind will set you FREE and so will using Natural Law to fight the evils and evil collectives. Remember, according to Natural Law, if you or anyone you know is under attack, spiritually and lawfully you are allowed to fight back even by killing that person!

Truth, connecting to consciousness, following Natural Law, learning how to love and respect yourself and then others, to build a better world, is ALL that Matters, and then taking ACTIO


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