What is war

What is warI’m going to start detailing what is war.

Most people still live in movieland where they think war is about guns, a battle on the field of XYZ, cannons, bombs, etc., but that’s not the only definition of what is war. That’s just the mental image the evils want you to think of when you think of war so you ignore our war reality.

And while those aspects of old time war are still part of some everyday wars mainly perpetuated by the American military complex plus a couple of other countries, you need to know about the hidden war they have been inflicting on the human race for thousands of years.

These methods of war include controlling our minds (brainwashing) and guilting people so they don’t think for themselves and only think like the collective herd does. That’s called “group think.”

Remember back in the early 1990’s how they started teaching kids in school that everything was about groups and how being part of a group was so much better than thinking for yourself?

How everyone got an award even if they did nothing to deserve it?

At first I thought that it was good because it would build up the child’s self-esteem, but knowing what I know now, this was ONLY a tactic just like they do in all communist countries. The illuminati is the master of communism.

Teach the kids to be robots, dress the same, think the same, obey the same in groups.

Their other methods of war was slowly making us sick with their poisons and then would eventually kill us. They have ramped that up FULL STEAM ahead since the 1990s as well.

I noticed the other day that a lot of things all started in the 1990s.

You can read my very very long list of poisons they have forced on us for the last 100 or so years, or longer, if you go back to the industrial revolution.

The methods they use are well thought out. Nothing these evils do is by accident.

In fact, as of July 19, 2020, I just heard from someone that the next war is against our brain, and she included the soul in this.

I’ve been saying this for the last 3 years…

Every poison is directed at our hormones (so we can’t create babies and sexually we are deformed) or the brain. They focus on that and of course our digestive system because once the digestive system doesn’t work, the rest of the body won’t work.

Each and every form of war is meant to keep humanity docile so it’s hard for us to fight back because we have no energy. And low IQ means we can’t even think straight anymore so we can’t connect the dots that we are at war. It literally takes a ton of energy to keep the brain functioning properly.

What better way to control the masses then make them think all is fine on the homefront while they continue their methods of killing us and when I say us, I mean the 99% of us. The people who aren’t part of their evil cult who has been controlling us all this time.

If you think this war we are currently in with the coronavirus covid-19 scamdemic is the beginning, think again. This is just them making it very OBVIOUS that we are at war. You just weren’t awake enough before to realize it and frankly, neither was I.

I knew they were harming us, but I never likened it to an outright silent war until the plandemic started.

And people who are not WOKE still think nothing is going on and they are blaming everything on what they think is a pandemic.

There is NO pandemic. It’s all theater.

Anyone who believes that what the MSM is telling them is true is brainwashed. They are unable to think for themselves and then they become soldiers for the evils by attacking truthers.

This has all been escalating in the last couple of months, especially because the MSM and the criminals in government tell them we are bad, we are responsible for this coronavirus lasting so long, etc.

These people are essentially in a brainwashed cult and they worship that cult and can’t give it up.

What a smart idea on the evils’ part right? Get part of the 99% who aren’t very smart to work for them against people who are smarter and/or woke.

And what do people need to do when they finally figure out they are in a war?

Well, hopefully they fight BACK!

And we can’t fight back the normal ways, so we have to figure out other ways to fight back, which is why I started the Think Tank for all who care about humanity and themselves.

Or, your other option is to just sit back and do nothing. Every time you read an article or video you resonate with, just go complain or agree with other truthers in the comments on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all the other social media sites.

That’s the option the evils and criminals in the governments are hoping you take, and so far you are doing what they want perfectly. (shaking my head in disbelief)

What will it take for you to fight back?

When is the stress going to be enough that you won’t take it anymore?

When are you going to STOP hiding behind your monitor???

When you are starving to death? Because the evils’ plan is to start us to death, did you know that?

When you are sleeping outside in the snow freezing to death because you have been evicted and you have no place to live?

When your entire family (or friends) have left you because they are so brainwashed they would rather love their criminals in government than you?

And I don’t mean fight with violence, although I went from being non violent to saying that YES, we do have 100% the RIGHT to defend ourselves in a war. The Laws of Nature state we have the right to defend our body, belongings, house, even our friends and family when we are under attack.

Anyone who tells you that you DON’T have the right to defend yourself is part of the evil collective.

It’s no different than someone lunging at you with a knife and you just sitting there and taking it. Just because it’s not in your face and its being done behind the scenes doesn’t mean it’s not happening against you and all of us.

Will you be like the people who were killed in the first holocaust in WWII and just wait until THEY come to your door and take you away?

But they won’t take you away because all they have to do now is push a button and BAMM, you get sick and die. Or they make you do anything they want.

But make no mistake, they are already coming to people’s doors.

I’ve seen reports of that in certain cities in America and now in many countries, you can’t even go into a store now without giving them your personal information.

They will of course lie and say it’s because of the scamdemic, but anyone with a brain or anyone who knows what’s going on KNOWS it has nothing to do with that.

Who is going to fight for humanity?


Or are you going to expect someone else to fight for you?

Maybe you don’t care about your life or humanity. Maybe you are so far gone that you can’t even get angry or upset.

Did you know that depression is further down on the scale of having serious emotional issues? Did you that it’s better to be angry than depressed?

I get it, that’s one of the things the evils have done. Their poisons come from all different directions so that it has literally screwed with our cells, DNA, brain, feelings, and the list goes on.

I’m REALLY hoping you will WAKE UP before it’s too late.

So let’s jump right into how they have poisoned us over the years.

This is a shorter list than the other one I gave you.

  1. Religion, which took away people’s spiritual essence and controlled people’s ability to think and decide for themselves. Everything is about what gawd says, what gawd wants, what gawd dictates you to do.

    Where are YOU in all of this??? No wonder you can’t think for yourself.

    You do NOT have to listen to “gawd” in order to be a kind loving person.

    You were already born that way, you just need to learn something about real spirituality.

    You want to continue to worship gawd, I am NOT telling you not to, but you MUST THINK FOR YOURSELF!

  2. School, which is government-run so they raise the kids and brainwash them to love and obey the government. That’s why I can’t stand nationalism. It’s communism to the 10th degree.

    Even if it’s a private school, almost all private schools are funded by very very rich powerful people. They create a culture where you have to fit in and do what your parents did and we know what most of these parents have done.

  3. Fluoride which literally lowers the IQ in humans and also makes you docile. What better way to make people behave like they are in a vegetative state them to give them fluoride. You can read more about that here or watch this video here.
  4. Vaccines have been harming the world for ages and especially since the 1990’s, but most of the major so called “pandemics” have been caused by vaccines because there never was a pandemic. That’s how the evils play this game every 60-80 years because it WORKS. Why change the strategy when it works each and every time.Most people have been brainwashed to think we need vaccines (I used to), but really that was all just lies (propaganda) spread by the criminal government and the evils. If you still think vaccines are safe, why not answer these questions.
  5. GMOs – very toxic and dangerous not to mention they have taken over the entire food system WORLDWIDE. You can watch here.
  6. Pesticides and insecticides
  7. Biosludge – watch this video and make sure you aren’t eating when you watch it.
  8. Geoengineering – watch here, but this is a vast topic than includes way more than just the spraying. There’s your answer about why all these huge weather patterns keep happening. They are NOT natural, they are targeting specific areas and trying to kill off or decimate that area so it’s in financial ruin.
  9. The suntan lotion industry. Watch this video here about how the sun heals us and YET, they are trying to get rid of the sun and also keep us indoors. They’ve also been eroding the suns protective layer so the radiation is harming plants, trees, and us.

    Ask yourself WHY???

  10. Aluminum foil which people have been using for centuries and tons of restaurants use them for fast food containers. All aluminum is toxic, which is why they spray it on us all the time. Here’s a short video on aluminum foil.
  11. Plastics are also very toxic and found in every home, company, and restaurant. Every product you have in your home or car has toxic plastic in it that is giving off fumes and you are inhaling or ingesting it.

So let me know when you are ready to fight this war, because I can tell you right now, by the end of 2020 or even sooner, you won’t even have the energy or brain function to fight anymore.

Their psychological warfare during this scamdemic alone has already killed hundreds of thousands of people, and after this 2nd wave which we all know is going to be way worse because they will make it worse and they WILL lock us in our homes for LONGER, you may decide to jump to your death like I’m sure someone in this building is going to do.

Are you an animal that belongs in a cage???

The evils know people are waking up, and they are trying to prevent us from formulating a plan and they are rushing out their agenda. That’s also why they have been censoring us non stop since trumpet was placed into power.

Stay safe from the evils


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