Notes on the podcast about What REALLY Makes Us Ill

What Really Makes You IllI wrote up notes on the podcast about What REALLY Makes Us Ill so if you don’t have the time to listen to the video version, you can read over my notes. The notes go in order with when they said it.

The full podcast title is David Parker & Dawn Lester: Viruses, and What REALLY Makes Us Ill.

I really do suggest you listen to the video version and also get their book. You can also see their site here.

And if you find any parts that you don’t agree with, please reach out to me so we can have a discussion, but you better come prepared with written evidence disputing anything they said.

It was hosted by Mark Devlin who is also a truther. Please follow him here on Spreaker.

David Parker and Dawn Lester have been researching this topic about viruses and what makes us ill for 10 years and their book just came out in Dec. 2019, so they knew nothing about the coronavirus covid-19 scamdemic prior to this.

Why the book started being written

David started writing about this topic because many of his relatives got cancer, got chemo, etc. and they all died, but there was one relative who refused everything and she got better and lived.

That’s when he started to question the men in white coats and the scientific community.

They were writing a book on reality and needed some information on viruses, so they started to research viruses. That’s when they started researching HIV Aids which was supposed to wipe out the entire population but never did. It just went away.

Interesting how the lies that are spread by the evils eventually go away

Same with ISIS. How come there are no terror attacks now that we are all locked down?.

Why isn’t anyone talking about the boogeyman climate change anymore?

My comments – climate change is a hoax (aka false flag.) All of the terrible climate disasters we have had in the last 40-70 decades have ALL been created by the governments (especially the US) of the world. They have HUGE machines that can do this. It’s called geoengineering. You really need to study this. You can go to this site here, and here.

Back to the interview…

And there’s no more news about Epstein and Prince Andrews.

My comments – for those of you who don’t know who Jeffrey Epstein is, he is a long time pedo master who not only saw young girls around the ages of 12-14, but had very powerful rich men and women fly to his island in the Caribbean to see children. We don’t know how old those children were.

He was once arrested years ago and the case pretty much disappeared due to his connections. Then he was arrested again in 2019, sat in jail awaiting trial, and then was either killed (suicided) by the evils, or whisked away and is living on some island somewhere. Us truthers all knew that would happen.

Prince Andrews of the British monarchy was only one of many in the black book that flew to Epstein’s island.

Back to the interview…

A few days before this interview, professor Neil Ferguson who told the UK that everyone had to be locked down and social distance themselves resigned. He was found to have been visited by a girlfriend of his during this lockdown.

My comments – Here is an article about that, but it’s from the BBC which no one ever trusts.

They were discussing Ferguson resigning as a good thing.

Back to the interview…

They realized when researching HIV, that there was NO scientific proof behind it.

They looked into Kary Mullis who won a nobel prize for the PCR test. Read here.

Mullis also looked into HIV to see if the virus had been categorized (isolated) and found that it hadn’t been. There were no papers to prove this so called virus.

My comments – I heard that the AZT drugs are what killed the HIV patients, not HIV itself.

Back to the interview…

There is tons of information that suggests there are papers, but when you go to look for them, they aren’t there. They found this to be the case over and over again. The science isn’t there, it’s based on assumptions and dogma.

They talked to a few doctors that admitted things, but only in private, not out in the open.

And they have since talked to Dr. Andrew Kaufman who has lost his job, but they haven’t taken his license away. He says that when he was in school, they would tell them that this illness is caused by this bacteria or this virus, but they NEVER let them see any paperwork.

The students don’t ask for the experiments or even try to do the experiments themselves to isolate the virus because they don’t have the time. They were just supposed to trust the professors, medical establishment, and they do. They accept whatever the school teaches them.

The doctors are taught the wrong things so they do the wrong things. They are ignorant and they don’t know everything as most people think.

So David and Dawn decided to investigate what really makes you ill and not trust anyone. Not the doctors, scientists, or the government. They only looked for the evidence.

Doctors are only taught 1 day of nutrition, and in the rest of the medical program they are taught about the PHARMA MAFIA (my words) and what drugs to push for everything the patient comes in for.

One day during a routine appointment, the interviewer (Mark Devlin) decided to ask his doctor about vaccines. The doctor immediately started to get defensive and said you shouldn’t believe everything on the Internet.

He asked him why it’s a good idea to put mercury, formaldehyde and aborted fetal tissue in a vaccine. The doctor said… well it’s safe, we have had training, and they wouldn’t put it in there if it wasn’t safe.

The doctors are taught that they are gawds and that EVERYTHING they are taught is the gospel. They QUESTION NOTHING for themselves.

My comments – I believe they are just robots.

Back to the interview…

During a surgery, if someone drops a hypodermic needle, they have to immediately treat it as toxic waste, so WHY is that going into people’s bodies/bloodstream?

The French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur (and two others) came up with this idea of germ theory about how germs, bacteria and viruses work. This was in the late 1800’s, but others had been floating this idea around even 150 years before.

Because it’s a theory, it’s never actually been proven. It’s just a hypothesis. Here’s what Britannica says about germ theory.

What happens is that these people come up with an idea which has never been proven, but is still accepted as a truth. Then others come along and add to that theory and pile more misinformation on top of that theory until no one even thinks to prove the original idea which wasn’t correct to begin with.

It’s a flawed axiom.

My comments – I looked up the definition of axiom for everyone… An axiom is a statement or proposition which is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.

Back to the interview…

These so called “scientists” (I (me) use that word loosely) assumed that because they could see bacteria near dead or dying tissue, that the bacteria was attacking the cells and therefore caused the illness. They only used an optical microscope at the time.

So it’s like saying that because firemen are always at a fire, that they are responsible for starting the fire.

Then people started to try and kill this bacteria which would then harm people even more, plus kill them.

The entire allopathic medical industry is built on this germ theory that isn’t true.

Then in the 1930’s the electron microscope was created where they could see even smaller particles within the blood. That’s when they started to see what they labeled as viruses which is a Latin word which means poison or toxic material. These particles were actually just protein particles.

During this entire time they never actually proved anything they were seeing by isolating this so called virus and proving that IT was causing disease. They still don’t even do any tests today which shocked David.

There are 3 tests you need to do in science to prove something

  1. You need to isolate it.
  2. Take an electron micrograph of it.
  3. Determine what it’s genetic makeup is and fully categorize it.
  4. Than prove that this so-called virus causes the disease.

It’s a big deal if you get your name on an original paper claiming this virus does this. The person who claims this gets promotions, extra money, their name in shining lights, and you would be able to see very clearly that a paper was written on this “virus, but they (David and Dawn) couldn’t find papers on any of this.

David challenges anyone to produce the papers for the covid-19

Kary Mullis also couldn’t find the papers to prove HIV/AIDs.

Who controls/controlled the allopathic industry?

And of course the Rockefellers are the ones who created the pharmaceutical industry with his oil company because most drugs are produced with petroleum.

The pharmaceutical companies own or control part of all of the medical training schools and so 90% of what the doctors learn is how to prescribe toxic drugs

You can not get a virus from someone coughing on you, you touching something they touched, etc. Viruses aren’t alive.

The flu experiment

The US did an experiment many years ago. They tried to get people who had the flu to give it to people who didn’t have the flu.

They had the sick people cough into the healthy people’s faces over and over again and the healthy people never got the flu.

Three years ago a German doctor by the name of Dr. Stefen Lanker challenged the medical establishment by offering 100,000 Euros if they could prove that a virus caused measles. It went all the way to the supreme court of Germany and they sided with him. No one could prove it.

He said that it’s not just measles, but ALL diseases are not caused by viruses. His training is in virology.

My comments – I looked him up, and you can read his PDF here. Unfortunately, there isn’t much out there from him in English. That PDF was clearly translated by a professional.

Back to the interview…

The germ theory is a lie, and this gives the evils (my word) the ability to create and force vaccines on everyone. You throw out the germ theory, and it removes the need for vaccines.

Germany forcing vaccines on children

And despite the German supreme court stating that Dr. Lanker’s findings were correct, a month ago the German government is now forcing the measles vaccine on every child otherwise, they can’t go to school.

Mark Devlin (the interviewer) woke up because he used to be a DJ, and he realized that the music industry is controlled by the evils so they can brainwash the masses.

David and Dawn did an interview with Crow 666 and Dr. Andrew Kaufman heard it. He bought their book and was thrilled with it. He said had he read it earlier, he wouldn’t have had to do all of that research.

The one thing Kaufman disagreed on in the book is that you don’t need to eat meat. The authors have been vegetarians for decades, and so is Devlin. Devlin has been a Vegan for 6 years now.

David went on to talk about eating only organic if you can because the soil is depleted and you don’t get the nutrients.

My comment – I’ve known all about the problems with food (produce and animals) for decades, but I’m not a vegan. I believe the poisoning of the food supply is all done on purpose. It’s the evil’s “slow kill” plan.

Then he talked about how animals get forced drugs and hormones. Then they started to investigate animals. Do the same rules apply to them as with us humans and disease and they found it’s exactly the same.

Mad Cow Disease

They started researching Mad Cow that happened only in the UK.

My comment – I don’t know, I thought mad cow was also in Canada. I remember that the US wouldn’t buy meat from Canada for months.

Back to the interview…

What happened, was that the British government told the farmers to dip their cattle in very high doses of organic phosphates. Much more than in any other country.

My comment – I didn’t know what this meant so I looked it up because obviously the word “organic” is misleading. Turns out its part of an insecticide. Why they would DIP cattle in an insecticide is beyond me other than they (the evils) either wanted to scare everyone so they would be very frightened by this fake mad cow disease, or they wanted to poison the cattle so when people ate it, they would get poisoned.

Here’s an article about organic phosphates.

Back to the interview…

Organic phosphates attack the nervous system which then made it appear that the cows were going mad.

This was all kept secret by the British government because they could be sued, as many farmers lost their livelihood and hundreds of thousands of cattle were killed.

Same with the Myxomatosis in rabbits. They are all being poisoned.

My comment – you see lengths the evils will go to in order to create a lie and sell it so people are petrified and cling to mommy and daddy government????

Back to the interview…

They figured out what disease comes from.

There are 4 main reasons

  1. Lack of nutrition
  2. Toxic intake
  3. High levels of sustained stress
  4. Electromagnetic radiation

How the body protects itself

The body can look after itself if you address those things, especially nutrition.

During the day the body creates free radicals that can be destructive at the cellular level.

While you are sleeping at night, the melatonin, bacteria, and exosomes work to sweep up these free radicals and get rid of them. This is the body’s cleanup mechanism.

If we have too many toxins in the body, then the body can’t get rid of them fast enough.

When we get a cold or a flu, it’s the body’s way of cleaning up the body. It often uses the mucous membranes

The UK has now added ammonium in their water.

My comment – I didn’t realize parts of the country also have fluoride in the water. I thought all of Europe was fluoride free. Looks like they started getting it very early on in 1964-1988.

Back to the interview…

The lie spread that pushes the vaccine narrative

Since there are no viruses and germs that can invade the body, this means there’s no need for vaccines.

Again, it’s false to believe that bacteria is harmful to the body. There are trillions of cells and trillions of bacteria in the body which is there to clean up the body.

The whole idea that vaccines build up the immune system is a lie. The body doesn’t have an immune system. Each organ has its own function to do. You can boost the health of the body, but not the immune system.

So this whole idea that the vaccines boost the immune system and prevent diseases that don’t exist is complete nonsense.

My comment – This also means that the holistic industry is also run on a lie, as many companies sell products to help boost the immune system.

Back to the interview…

The vaccines are very dangerous because they are putting toxins into the body that would normally never go in there. They are bypassing the skin which is the body’s first defense mechanism and going straight into the bloodstream.

And alternative research now says that they will be putting RFID chips in vaccines so they can track people.

Just last month Matt Hancock (My research on who this is… Matthew John David Hancock is a British politician serving as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care since 2018) said they won’t even need to make vaccines mandatory because people are going to willingly want to be injected.

(17 May 1749 – 26 January 1823) Edward Jenner was an English physician who was a contributor to the development of the smallpox vaccine. The practice of vaccination was popularized by Jenner, and since then has been used ubiquitously (found to be everywhere) to prevent several diseases.


They discuss smallpox and the lie that was spread that Native Indians were given blankets with smallpox on them to kill them.

My comment – There is no way I will read this book. Just the reviews alone are enough to make me sick,

Back to the interview…

David states that this book proves how the Native Indians were killed. How they were driven off of their land, they could no longer grow crops or hunt to get food and so they became very ill and got blisters due to malnutrition and stress.

My comment – during the interview they only discussed the Spanish flu briefly and I need more explanation. Regarding the Spanish flu…  this lie that millions of people died worldwide could also be a total scam, hoax, etc. just like they are doing now with coronavirus and covid-19.

How do we know how many people actually died back?

All these evils need to do is spread lies through the MSM and place liars (shills) among regular people to spread the lies and regular people will believe it because they normally don’t question anything. For thousands of years, most people have trusted the government and also the men in “white coats.”

Back to the interview…

Back to the Spanish flu… They researched the US and found out that the soldiers were given vaccines, so they could have died due to that.

The soldiers were also given high amounts of aspirin. Very high doses that they no longer give to people and aspirin in high doses can kill you.

My comment – aspirin is very dangerous to the human body even in low doses.

Back to the interview…

Then they looked at India and why people were dying there during that time. Indians were under British rule then and had to join the army for WWI. They weren’t used to the living conditions, the horrific situation that all the soldiers were under due to the dirt, not enough healthy food, the stress, etc.

They also found that during that time India had weather issues that caused droughts which meant less food or less nutritious food.
They figured out that the lies made no sense. There’s no way they could have taken this so called “flu” with them back to India because supposedly people were dying within 24 hours, so how did they get from the ship back home within 24 hours?

The covid-19 scam

They talked a long time about the covid-19 being a scam, how the stress on people who believe all the lies is what’s killing them. That people don’t even want to go to work even if the government tells them to because they are so petrified.

I’ve mentioned this from day one… all the suicides, domestic abuse, no sunlight, no exercise, fear (stress) etc. only makes people more unhealthy.

Why doctors don’t come forward with the truth?

The question was posed to them as to why the doctors aren’t coming forward.

Because they don’t want to lose their income.

My comment – As has been said before during other interviews, the doctors need to pay off their HUGE debts, pay their expensive mortgage, the kid’s private school, etc.

Back to the interview…

Only Dr. Kaufman has come forward.

The doctors have to deal with their conscious about not coming forward with the truth.

Which side are they going to choose?

This is the end of my notes.

I hope this interview taught you something, but their book will cover a lot more. Again, here is the link to it.

Of course nazi goolag removed the video.

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