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What they started in the mid 1990s

What they started in the mid 1990sThe evils and what they started in the mid 1990s.

I’m going to put my poison list here just so you have it. How many of these poisonous items started in the 90s, I have no idea. It would take too long to research all of them.

So I started to notice back in July 2020 or so that so many terrible things the evils started all started in the early to mid 1990, like 1995. I also just found out (I have yet to watch the video), that this was the decade when they started implementing the steps that would bring us to this war we are in now starting with the scamdemic, and working their way through to killing us off and making the rest into transhumans.

It’s no coincidence that they started all of these things at the same time, so I’m going to start listing them because I’ve already forgotten most of them.

  1. GMOs (genetically modified organisms). This when they ruined all of our crops and their goal is to remove ALL natural crops so only their toxic seeds are left to poison us with. I don’t think they started making genetically modified mosquitos and salmon at that time, but who knows what ELSE we are now eating that’s GMO.

    I’ve seen a HUGE increase in sushi places in two different countries that aren’t Japan. They were huge in Toronto even back in the 90s and I used to eat good Japanese all the time, but why in the WORLD would sushi places be popping up in countries in the Middle East and in Mexico?

    You can chalk it up to them just making the rounds worldwide, but I don’t buy it. These types of countries are hard pressed to change what they are used to eating. They aren’t as adventurous as first world countries.

    If it was one or two sushi restaurants okay, but that’s not the case. Even small cities have at least 5-10 sushi places.

    I wonder if ALL of the fish is now GMO. sigh

  2. Chemtrails (geoengineering) where they spray toxins on us, kill the trees, farms and poison us with aluminum, graphene oxide, barium, strontium, and mercury.

    In this video I’ve even heard there’s chloride, cancer microbes, and viruses (this I’m not sure about) and NOW I found out MOLD – link. And then you WONDER why you are getting SICK!

  3. Cell phones were just getting started in the early 1990s and it’s been downhill ever since. Back when they were bricks they were way less toxic than they are now and of course there wasn’t anywhere near as many cell towers as there are now. And don’t even get me started on 5G which was ANOTHER reason for the scamdemic, to somehow get them ALL set up worldwide while people were imprisoned in their homes. But I digress because we are talking about the 90s now.
  4. Facial recognition – the guy who first started it claims he did it because of how he had to provide ID 2-3 times per day when traveling around Jerusalem, but that could have been just a cover story. He’s Arabic (Joseph Atick), and he and his team launched this facial recognition in 1995 (FaceIt) and that’s when he said intelligence agencies started to call him.

    How in the world did he get that much money to have a team for something that no one even knew about back then. Hardly anyone even had a computer back in the mid 90s. You had to have a need for it and the Internet had only just started becoming more mainstream at that time. In the episode of the TV show called “Dark Net,” it appears like he no longer thinks it’s a good idea and he somehow thinks we are going to be able to say no to them tracking us without our permission LOL, yeh okay.

  5. Elana Freeland Who is an expert on all things geo-engineering and 5G said the US military had a full-scale revolution in military affairs called RMA.  They moved from conventional warfare to tactical warfare.

    We moved from symmetric warfare to also asymmetric warfare.

    Asymmetric Warfare

    Famed policymaker and diplomat Henry Kissinger once commented that ”the guerilla wins if he does not lose. The conventional army loses if it does not win.” What Kissinger observed was that armies with different sizes and resources can fight in different ways. This has been true throughout human history, but since the mid-20th century we’ve developed a name for this: asymmetric warfare. Something that is asymmetrical is uneven, unequal, or imbalanced. Asymmetric warfare exists when the two main armies are of unequal size or strength. It’s a different way to wage war when the sides of the conflict don’t look the same.

    She thinks that cloning and genetic alteration of humans has been going on for at least 20 to 30 years.

  6. Agenda 21 was launched in the early 90s. Playlist.
  7. The Barcelona Declaration – Video.
  8. Vaccines – they ramped up how many vaccines babies and children get and this was basically the start of autism. It started either in the year of 1989 or 1990.
  9. The internet sort of launched to the public around 1994 and little by little during that decade, people started buying computers for their homes.

    While I used to love the Internet and I am a nettie and netrepreneur, I realized about 2 years in after I started full time online, that this was going to be the demise of our society and I was right.

    I only came to that conclusion because people online were very very angry, and they would say and do things that they would never normally would say or do on the phone, and especially in person. They were releasing their anger because they had no control in their lives.

    At the time, I didn’t even think that there would be something called social media that would brainwash people and essentially tell them what to think and make them into robots where they would click on emojis just like a rat does every day when it goes to its wheel. You can watch the video about social media here.

    I also didn’t know what a search engine was, and how it could control what people thought based on the sites it would offer them for information.

    And at the time I was NOT a truther, so I had no idea that the REAL reason they gave us the Internet was to control and also track us;  read everything we do or say which clearly they would never have been able to do WITHOUT the internet.

    And I didn’t realize how addictive it would become and how people would hide behind their monitor and become antisocial so that later on when they rolled out the scamdemic, it would be normal for many to continue to stay at home. During the forced imprisonments, I even read several people say online they already never leave the home, so it’s no big deal.

    I had no idea that people would prefer a monitor to a REAL LIVE HUMAN BEING and that this would bring down the society as a whole.

    As I’ve been saying for several months now, people are ALREADY transhuman, they just don’t know about it, nor care. They want to become robots because they don’t like being human and they don’t want healthy relationships since they don’t care about themselves, humanity. They would rather worship something else then learn what life is REALLY all about. sigh

  10. HAARP – the HAARP machine came out in the early to mid 90s.

    This machine can make you sick by targeting your cells, tissue, etc. In fact, it can target HUGE regions and make a whole bunch of people sick. (hmm, why does that sound familiar?)

    It was also a research lab on how to create weather weapons. Weather weapons harm us biologically and even psychologically. The trauma of them fucking with our Mother Earth kills tons of land, living organisms, animals, humans, destroys buildings, houses, creates mold, costs billions, creates homelessness, destroys land and crops and the list goes on. This is the evils’ go to and what they lie to everyone about calling it CLIMATE CHANGE. There is nothing NATURAL about climate change. Playlist.

  11. If memory serves, it was around this time in the early 90s that they started pushing for EVERYONE to have a college degree. You couldn’t get a job if you didn’t have one.

    How did this harm us you ask?

    Well, besides young adults now being in debt, they didn’t get to see the world, they could now be under  more constant brainwashing that they already experienced in grade school all the way up to high school, and most kids don’t even know what they want to do in life come the age of 18.

  12. While couples started having problems conceiving (having babies) in the mid to late 80s, I’m pretty sure that in the early 90s, the amount of infertility clinics started to sky-rocket.

    Here’s a passage from ncbi – link. “In 1985, the first IVF baby in Missouri was born to a couple who underwent IVF at Washington University, and delivered at what is now Barnes-Jewish Hospital2. Since that time, the practice of IVF has continued to evolve at an astounding pace.”

  13. I remember in this book I read (great book albeit disgusting) that a guy who used to work for one of the chemical labs that creates FAKE FOOD was complaining about how the fake food (my words not his) started to get so bad in the 90s, he couldn’t eat it anymore.

    Did you know that Philip Morris bought out one of the major FAKE FOOD companies?Of course BIG TABACCO that makes people sick and KILLS them would be involved in FOOD that does the same thing.

    Of course, ALL owned by the EVILS.

So, this is my list for now. I wanted to get this published because I’ve had it in my head for so long.

If you come up with anything else, just register to comment and comment below, or email it to me.


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7 comments on “What they started in the mid 1990s”

  1. While this isn’t something the evils started, but I can bet you anything the evils are behind these horrific events.

    It looks like dolphins started beating up and killing harbor porpoises for no reason starting in the 1990s, and of course the low IQ scientists can’t figure out why this is happening.

    I don’t know, MAYBE because the evils are dumping poisons in the oceans????


    It’s happening worldwide too.

    It looks like it may only be bottleneck dolphins, but I don’t have time to research it in detail.

    The dolphins don’t eat porpoises and their food supply barely overlaps, PLUS they don’t even swim in the same waters because porpoises swim in cold water and dolphins in warm, so how they even come across one another is beyond me.


    This article mentions TESTOSTERONE in the male dolphins. Where have we heard that the evils are killing males’ testosterone before? The gay trans agenda ANYONE???


    JUST TERRIBLE. Makes me want to cry.

  2. In the early 1990s, they started to decrease the quality of at least all things electronics.

    I remember the first Mitsubishi VCR I purchased while expensive, was of very good quality. By around 1992, 1993 or 1994, the quality of VCRs had plummeted, and then from then on there everything started to decrease in quality so all things (not just electronics) started to break down, forcing us to have to rebuy it every 1-2 years.

  3. Global information grid architecture – sorry, I’m only learning this now, but I want this here so you have it. It’s where they use the PAN (personal area network – I think that’s the definition) to run DATA through our bodies.

    It’s been around since 1995 at the bare minimum.

    This makes sense to me, because I remember back around the beginning of the WAR when only 1 or 2 people were talking about how WE ARE GOING TO BECOME THE CELL PHONE. Then I heard nothing more about it. The evils quashed it.

    This is complex information and the channel creator is not great (this is my opinion) at teaching. That’s why I didn’t watch her videos months ago when I was given the first link.

    I’ll have to comb through it because this information is TOO IMPORTANT to ignore. I’ll see if I have the time to make up text slides or just write my understanding in the description. Others who are more tech savvy can chime in to tell me if I’ve got anything wrong or their opinion.

    It’s clear she knows something and no one ELSE is talking about it and she’s very intelligent, but she’s a GEEK. If you know anything about geeks, they usually (not always) don’t communicate well and aren’t organized.

    I’ll upload videos soon.

  4. In 1994 the mafia US government put in the “securities entitlement” into the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) and it was pushed through all 50 states.

    It took 10 years to get done, then they changed the bankruptcy law in 2005, then they tested it out with the Lehman Brother’s case.

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