What Do Whistleblowers and the First Amendment Have in Common?

Whistleblowers and the First AmendmentIn order to get any truth in this day and age, there needs to be whistleblowers and the first amendment is needed to protect the whistleblowers and us as a people. You never know when one day you may be a whistleblower.

Unfortunately, there is no longer a first amendment to the constitution of the United States. The government and EVIL CORPS have made it almost impossible to tell the truth to the people.

911 was a great cover to allow the government to use even more of their spying on the citizens of America. In fact, they often get to spy on people, journalists, etc. without any proof that the person is doing anything wrong. They get to use the “terrorist” excuse and to do whatever they want to that person whether it holds any validity or not.

Journalists are constantly being threatened to divulge their sources when they write or expose a story that shows corruption in the government.

In fact, most journalists won’t even publish most of these stories for fear of their lives being turned upside down, or their reputation being tarnished by the government.

While there has always been corruption, Obama ran for office based on the fact that he would protect whistleblowers. But in fact, the opposite occurred. During his administration he tried to take down more whistleblowers than any other president in the history of the United States.

If you wish to make a difference in this world and allow journalists and whistleblowers to speak the TRUTH for all to hear, help the “Freedom of the Press Foundation.”

You can help whistleblowers by protecting them. They have developed tools and software that allows information to be passed to journalists so the government can not get their hands on it to quash the truth.

They have, or in the process, of creating encryption tools for journalists to protect their sources. Ways to send encrypted texts and make encrypted phone calls, and a “dead drop” system called SecureDrop so a whistleblower can get in touch with a journalist to tell their story.

They will even give you “how to” articles on how to share a leak with the press, how to use these secure apps, and how to protect your privacy in this day and age of 2018.

Governments shouldn’t be the only entities that develop spy programs, we the people should be able to protect ourselves as well as Whistleblowers and the First Amendment.

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