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Worldwide Meditation and Prayer Circle

Group PrayingHow to take down the evils with a Worldwide Meditation and Prayer Circle.

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Please do NOT assume this your typical meditation and prayer circle. Nothing could be further from the truth. Please read the entire page and the 2-3 subpages to understand. Thank you

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Once you have read the instructions and are ready to start your mediation or prayer circle, please click this button so we know how many people are attending.

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Online Meditation and Prayer

So science proves that prayer works when you focus on one topic to pray about. And while I don’t believe in prayer as I’m spiritually conscious, I certainly don’t want to discount all the billions of people out there who do believe in prayer and its power when done correctly.

We ALL have power within. This is why the evils have hidden this knowledge from us, because they don’t want us to have POWER!

MeditationIt’s also been proven that meditation works (in conjunction with other things) both for yourself and when you gather together with others to again, focus on obtaining a common goal. I read this book a few years ago and it was proven that they could clean a small body of water.

They didn’t have a lot of people meditating together, and I can’t remember how long it took, but I think they only did it for a few months if memory serves.

So both meditation and prayer in large groups will have a HUGE impact on what we want and this isn’t even about what we want, it’s about what we NEED! FREEDOM and to obtain that, we need to get rid of the evils!


Can you ONLY IMAGINE what we could accomplish if there were MILLIONS of us meditating and praying all at the same time focused on ONE goal/intention?

Do NOT get caught up in your religion. This is WHY the evils created religion, to DIVIDE US.

It does not matter if you are spiritually conscious, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Catholic, etc. If you want PEACE AND FREEDOM and clean air, water, food, and a healthy EARTH, and you truly want those things for not just yourself, but everyone, you will find a way to put aside your differences and join us.

We are ONE

Yes, we are our own individual person and we should NEVER EVER conform to groupthink and stop listening to our own individual self.

That’s why we are in this mess because most people follow others instead of thinking for themselves. BUT, we are also ONE energetically, and we ALL need to learn how to help one another.

We used to help one another many many years ago, but slowly the evils drove us apart and DIVIDED US!!!

We are ALL tied to the energy of the Universe and that is why the evils are so scared of us and they keep us divided.

They know that WHEN we get together to create real change, we can BRING THEM DOWN!



I did sign in for an online meditation gathering when the war first started last year, but in my opinion, it wasn’t set up correctly and I haven’t heard about any other meditation circles since.

Along with a course I’m taking, the Universe put this thought into my head that this is a VERY good way to bring down the evils without violence or even leaving your home.

Remember that you are NOT trying to kill them, your goal is to take away their power and make them disappear. How that happens we leave to the Universe and/or god.

Maybe you want to make all of their power and money disappear.

You are doing this because you are defending yourself and our world (humanity and our Mother Earth).

Mark Passio –

Natural Law Transgressions

When it comes to the Laws of Nature, you ARE allowed to defend yourself and the evils have been harming us and keeping us as slaves for a very long time (even moreso now.)

Mark Passio –

Freedom for all

Once you have read the instruction and are ready to start your mediation or prayer circle, please click this button so we know how many people are attending.

Please let us know your general location:

Here are the Worldwide Meditation and Prayer Circle Steps

  1. On the calendar page, I will set up some dates when you can do your thing for the Worldwide Meditation and Prayer Circle. We are starting on Sundays.

    I will set them up for the next 6 months to be held once a week every Sunday. If you want more than once a week, just let me know. If a lot of you write to me, I’ll add more dates. The more we do this with more people, the faster we will be able to manifest this.

  2. Since we all live in a different part of the world, the times will be open. You can start any time around 7-8  am (07:00) your time and do your thing throughout the day or night for that day  – Sunday, until 11:59 pm or 23:59 that night. This does not mean you need to meditate or pray for the whole day. It just means you decide when you want to do this on Sunday.

    When we get enough people, there will be others doing the same thing at the same time you are. Our goal is to get hundreds of thousands of people doing this at exactly the same time you are doing this worldwide. That’s why you need to spread this far and wide even to people you don’t know.

  3. Please make sure you click on the button every Sunday so I can track how many people are participating and from which country. I invested a fair amount of money having that created, so please click on it, but only if you are actually going to do or have already done the meditation or prayer circle.
  4. The first step is to raise your vibration so when you do meditate or pray, it will have a much bigger impact. I recommend you put on fast happy music you love and if you want, dance around for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or longer.

    You can also watch a funny movie or standup comedian. It’s your choice.

    This will raise your vibration.

    You can also listen to this frequency that connects you to source consciousness.

  5. Once you feel your vibration is high and you are smiling ear to ear, now is the time to do your thing.

    Remember that there is no right or wrong way to meditate or pray. Do whatever feels comfortable to you.

  6. Find a comfortable quiet place and avoid being around ANY electrical equipment like your cell phone, wifi, computers, smart devices, etc.
  7. Put on some meditation or prayer music. If you need total silence, that’s fine too.
  8. If you have music you think others would like, please e-mail it to me so I can review it and see if I want to upload them here for people to download.
  9. You can do your meditation or prayer for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or an hour. The choice is yours. I’d rather you do something than nothing at all. Pressuring yourself won’t work, so just set it as a goal to do your part to take the evils down so we have FREEDOM. Enjoy the process and the experiment of doing this with millions of others worldwide.
  10. If you can, meditate or pray with your community, church, friends, etc., but this is a personal thing, so there is no pressure to do this with others.

    Just remember that the MORE people you get involved in this Meditation and Prayer Circle, the more this will work, but they can be involved in their home, they don’t need to come to a public space.

  11. Here is the list of the names of the lower level 13 evil families and the higher level 13 evil families. I would start with the top and work your way down. I didn’t add the evil collective names you are most familiar with like kill bill gates, fauci, trumpet, biden, boris johnson, paul mcBride, justin trudeau, emmanuel macron, etc.

    Yes, they are part of the evil collective, but they are primarily face puppets. They do the bidding of the evils who control the world. Once we bring down the top level and lower level evil families, the british empire, and the vatican and jesuits, then the face puppets will also be wiped out.

  12. Every Sunday before or after you do your thing, please don’t forget to click on the light blue sign-in button listed a couple of times on this page.

Suggestions on how to get rid of the evils

  1. The intention for this Worldwide Meditation and Prayer Circle is to make the evils disappear but remember, this ALL has to be done together on the same day. Picture each name in your mind disintegrating. Nothing violent (unless you want to). They, their money, and their power are just gone, POOF. They will no longer have any control to continue on with their WAR AGENDA.

    See this videos for some examples of what you can imagine in your mind. This may be tricky at first, so don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t flow for you at first. You can always try next Sunday or ditch these examples altogether.

    Now because there’s so many names of the evils, don’t force yourself to get rid of them all in one session unless you have the time. Do as many as you feel comfortable doing and then repeat the names or continue from where you left off on the following worldwide meditation and prayer date.

  2. You can also write each of their names on a separate piece of paper and light it on fire as you are meditating or praying. PLEASE be careful with fire. If you don’t know how to handle this, don’t do it.
  3. A more aggressive method is to take a baseball bat and on a pillow with the piece of paper, bat the piece of paper while screaming at them to disappear and LEAVE! Don’t be upset if you start crying, that’s a great way to relieve stress about what the evils have done to you and us.

    Maybe go to a private baseball range. Put a few of their names on a baseball while you bat it over and over again.

  4. Based on the video I gave you, you can write out their names in erasable ink or pencil, and erase them out. Or write their names on a whiteboard or chalkboard and erase them. Imagine they are crumbling up and turning into dust or whatever your imagination comes up with.

Closing Comments and Last Step

  1. Don’t think about the so called “virus,” the deaths, them making us sick, their Agenda 21 plan, nothing. You are just picturing the evils’ names in your head and making them disappear. If you start thinking about everything else, this won’t work. The way this will work is if our thoughts are focused on this one thing over and over again worldwide for months until THEY ARE GONE!
  2. Once you are finished your meditation or prayer, don’t expect anything. Just go about your day and let the Universe or god work their power along with your help. If you have expectations, it won’t work, so let it go. Don’t think about it or start to wonder when it will manifest or happen.
  3. So in order to finish off the project, you need to fill the void (vacuum) with something you do want. Once you remove what you don’t want, you have to fill it up with something else.

    For me, it will be Freedom, Love,  and Happiness.

    You can imagine images of hugging your kids, partner, seeing everyone close to everyone else, NO MASKS, everyone healthy, everyone hugging everyone, having a positive relationship with your partner or spouse, having a community where everyone is healthy and FREE, traveling freely worldwide, etc.

    Imagine whatever you truly want in life that makes you happy so long as you are not harming anyone.

    Here are some images to help you and here’s a truly inspiring video.


Once you have read the instruction and are ready to start your mediation or prayer circle, please click this button so we know how many people are attending.

Please let us know your general location:


Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope you are doing well.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you start learning NATURAL LAW with Mark Passio’s lecture. Here are the links to get started.

Service to Truth

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Worldwide Meditation and Prayer Circle
Striving for Peace and Freedom Worldwide
Our Free Society

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