Abusive Cops in Oklahoma

Here is an Example of Abusive Cops in Oklahoma

Abusive Cops in OklahomaThis video will show abusive cops in Oklahoma where first they chase a black man, then they are seen running into his house without a warrant, then they pepper spray his 84 year old mother as she starts to get upset.

Then the abusive cops lie about what really happened and try to figure out a way to blame everything on the innocent victims.

This is one more example of how and why ALL government is not a good choice to run our society. Time and time again we see examples of innocent citizens being abused by government officials and especially cops. The people who get it WORSE are blacks, and other so called “minority” groups, and it’s just not right!

Free yourselves from abuse of power and oppression, decide NOT to vote in the next election and decide once and for all that there should be NO government.

You are much better off putting your energy into creating a loving free community of your own.

Note: we just realized the video with the PROOF has been taken down off of You Tube.

This is what happens with the proof, it just gets SWEPT under the rug.

We will keep this post up because it details what we saw in the video at the time.


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