arrested for drugs

Arrested for Drugs

arrested for drugsHave you ever been arrested for drugs?

Are you trying to find a way out of going to jail?

This is a fascinating interview with Barry Cook from Never Get Busted. He has these two sites. First site and second site.

He’s a former drug enforcement agent who was one of the top agents in the entire country. He was committed to his job and arrested many people who had drugs in their possession whether to use or sell.

Then the Internet came along and he started hearing the word “prohibition.” He started researching more and eventually realized everything he had learned before was pure propaganda from the state.

He started to change his mind and became an activist. He was raised by his educated parents to always taught him that when you find out you are wrong, admit it and become right, and that’s what he did.

His life took a turn for the worse when he created two videos for High Times (the magazine) on how to not go to jail for drug possession. In October 2006, his website got leaked to the media and the next thing he knew, he was all over Fox, CNN, etc.

A reporter from Associated Press came to interview him and the next thing he knew, there were helicopters flying all over his house and he was harassed by the police for two years. They raided him three times, and arrested him and his wife several times. They took his Autistic son and really abused Barry overall even though he had done nothing wrong.

Before and during all of this he went through a huge emotional trauma when he realized how much harm he had caused so many people by arresting them and making sure they were locked up in a cage.

He became depressed, suffered PTSD, even became addicted to drugs (he’s clean now.)

He came to understand that caging a human being for doing or selling drugs is inhumane, and that people become addicted to drugs due to previous trauma and having PTSD. He’s 100% correct on that, so while he claims he’s not a smart guy, the very fact that he came to that conclusion makes him smart in my books since most people are CLUELESS when it comes to human nature, psychology, spirituality and the occult.

Seven years ago he escaped the US and traveled to Venezuela which back then had no extradition treaty with the US. Then Brazil accepted him as a political refugee, and once his legal issues were cleared up in the US, he moved to Mexico. Recently he went to live in the Philipines.

During his time in Mexico, his wife had enough being on the run, being away from America, and all of the activism he did. She left to go back to the US, hooked up with his best friend and then the best friend killed her. WOW.

Due to all of that trauma, his kids were taken away from him by family. This all devastated him.

He feels doing this activism is his karma for putting all of those people in jail who didn’t belong there.

He’s opened two drug addiction clinics, one in Mexico, and one in Thailand. A third will be opened in the Philipines.

He treats harm reduction for drug addiction, and harm reduction from the police.

He openly explains how the legal system in the US against defendants isn’t fair at all. The police, prosecutor and judge are all in on it together to make the defendant take a plea or lose altogether. And now he says that these days even the defendant’s lawyer is usually in on corruption that goes on between the American legal system and the poor defendants.

He works as a legal consultant. He charges $200 to look at a drug case, and then if you need further help, it’s $1,000-10,000. He has many tricks up his sleeve and knows he’s better for a defendant than any lying lawyer is.

During the interview, he gave a couple of examples of how he got two people with a drug offense off, but of course, he doesn’t guarantee anything. For the $200, he will tell you if you have a chance at winning your case.

Here’s the video. Enjoy!


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