The First Set of Facts About British Petroleum

British PetroleumWe are going to start detailing what really happened with British Petroleum (BP) back in 2010.

Doug Brown, the chief mechanic aboard the deep water horizon from Houston, Texas was injured during the terrible explosion aboard the ship the night this whole fiasco started.

He was told he needed to talk to the coast guard and Trans Ocean lawyers. He wasn’t allowed his own attorney and was kept awake for 40 hours. Never once did BP ask him how he is doing,  although he worked for Transocean, not British Petroleum.

They forced him to sign an NDA, told that he had to state he wasn’t hurt, and that he knows nothing about what happened.

During the months that followed, British Petroleum did whatever they could to confuse everyone by saying they will pay claims, but on the other hand, they tried to avoid it.

There were several companies involved with this one oil drilling

British Petroleum (BP) – was leasing the rig from Transocean
Transocean Ltd. – owner of the sunken platform.
Halliburton – responsible for the drilling procedures. Covered up any flaws.
Cameron – located in Houston provided the blowout preventer that was supposed to stop the oil from spilling.
Schlumberger Ltd – oversaw the oil well, but were told to leave the day of without shutting down the well first.

The US government allows subsidies for the drilling of oil, with very little oversight. We (the citizens of the United States of America) give BIG OIL soooo much money via these subsidies, that this is why they BIG OIL continue to drill even though they make very little money off of the actual drilling.

They have raped the ocean floor of oil

Transocean got their insurance claim paid out racking in $401 million, but through a very old law dating back to the 1800’s, they put a cap on the law suit claims in the amount of $26 million.

They were the ONLY ones who got paid for the disaster.

John Hofmeister, former boss of Shell America, is the only insider who spoke out against what happened. Although we applaud him for that, we don’t like the guy since he keeps telling us Americans that we HAVE to keep drilling since we rely too heavily on oil. He’s clearly not smart enough to think outside the box, and it’s clear he doesn’t want to. Doing the same TOXIC thing over and over again and telling everyone that’s the ONLY solution is just him being stupid.

He’s a BIG OIL man and always will be

The Deepwater Horizon oil well had issues from day one, and they were behind schedule rushing things, as this was costing them tons of money.

Due to the rushing, they had gas leaks, plus BP skimped on controlizers. Halliburton had recommended 23, British Petroleum only inserted 8.

They also ignored the information given to them that the blow out preventer was defective.

In order to take the easy least cost-effective way out, British Petroleum sprayed a toxic chemical (Corexit), burned the oil, and then lied, saying a lot of the oil disappeared.

Alabama was greatly affected by tar boils that washed ashore

This affected their sand crab industry.

The EPA wouldn’t tell them the health hazards of what was happening and what the people were clearly seeing.

British Petroleum brought in people to clean up the beaches with lame small hand shovels. Anyone with half a brain could see this would NOT clean up the ocean and beaches and be a long-term solution.

British Petroleum continued to release press releases lying to the public saying that all is fine when logic dictates there is no WAY that all can be fine. Oil is toxic to all natural living things.
In Louisiana, the shrimp were dying which of course affects shrimp farmers. Grand Isle, Louisiana also had HUGE issues.

Then in order for the government to protect EVIL CORPS as they always do, they created a new law that the coast guard enforced. British Petroleum was working directly with the coast guard.

A $40,000 fine if anyone was caught near the oil spill. The government and BP didn’t want the truth to come out about how bad this disaster really was. The propaganda was that it was for our safety, but we know that isn’t the full truth.

17% of Louisiana’s workforce works in the BIG OIL industry, while the fishing industry is a lot less.

This toxic chemical, Corexit, was banned in Europe

The Corexit chemical that BP used was sprayed over the water via airplanes and what it does is break up huge clumps of oil, but really what it’s doing is pushing it down into the water and of course poisoning all the marine life.

Until 1990 , Dr. Rickki Ott worked for the commercial fishing trade in Alaska. Then after seeing what happened with the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Dr. Ott decided to change her profession to Marine Toxicologist because of what she learned about Corexit and how toxic it is. She now studies the side affects of Corexit.

The chemical is sooo toxic, it harms the liver, kidneys and will kill unborn fetuses.

It even damaged the rubber from the ships spraying the stuff onto the water.

Doug Brown

Doug Brown wanted to use a safe method to get rid of the oil by grabbing it up into a supertanker, separating the water from the oil, and then putting the water back into the ocean.

Of COURSE British Petroleum refused, as it would have cost them more money to take the safe way out.

Since BP refused, TMT a shipping company, sent their own tankers out at their own expense to do some of this work.

Unfortunately because British Petroleum and the government used Corexit to break up the oil into tiny particles, this other safe non-toxic method would no longer work since the oil was no longer in large lumps.

The fishermen who no longer have jobs due to the oil spill were either paid a ton of money to have their ships just sit out in the ocean, or were part of the ineffective cleanup crew. Giving them these jobs shut them up, and made it appear to the public like things were being done to deal with the oil spill.

As part of their contract, they weren’t allowed to discuss what was going on. Despite that, on camera, one man spoke up and probably lost his job because of it.

Mike Papantonio co-hosts a nationally syndicated weekly radio program called “America’s Lawyer”, which appears on RT America

Papantonio is noted for his success in mass torts, product liability, personal injury, and wrongful death cases. He also specializes in corporate crime and environmental law. He saw the signs that BP was acting in a criminal manner by trying to amortize the costs of the oil spill over 10-15 years so they don’t lose their status as a “good” company and get taken over by Shell and other oil companies.

Even though there were signs saying the kids can’t swim in the water, since they saw no oil, they still went in potentially causing them harm.

British Petroleum hired independent scientists who had to sign NDAs (non disclosure agreements) so the information they compile is held secret from the public.

Around August 8, 2010, Matt Simmons, former CEO of Simmons & CO spoke out against BIG OIL in an on camera interview. A few days later he was dead. While he was 67 years old and based on the clip in this documentary he does not look healthy, we found this suspicious. Yes, he could have died of natural causes, so we did look up his death online, and others also think it’s very suspicious that he gave this interview one day and then days later he was gone.

He had been very critical of British Petroleum, and was also about to start a new company on alternative ocean energies called, “The Ocean Energy Institute.”

We all know how EVIL CORPS discredit and sometimes kill off people who speak out against them.


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