Start Your Own Communities

So one way to break away from government is to start forming your own community

CommunitiesThis isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it’s your LIFE we are talking about here. Don’t mistaken our words, this is NOT an offer to make money, this is NOT an MLM company!

This is an offer to change your LIFE!

We know it sounds hard, but right now you are working hard for someone else, so what difference does that make?

You probably aren’t happy, because you are being controlled by government and your boss. You feel like you have no control over your life, and you bitch and complain all day and night, stressed to the gills with no end in sight.



It’s time to roll up your sleeves, get your health and sanity back, AND change your life!

More and more people are quitting their corporate jobs and looking for more meaning in their lives. They are sick and tired of the “rat race,” and working to make someone else RICH!

They are sick of their money being stolen from them for EVERY little thing.

They are sick of the fake food, fake smiles, fake relationships, the toxins from EVERYWHERE poisoning them and their family. You can thank the EVIL CORPS and government for that! They want to keep the masses under their thumb and what better way to do that, than to keep them sick, stressed out and unhappy. AND making billions of dollars off of your hard earned money.

These previous “corporate” types are waking up to the fact that NO ONE is going to change their life but THEM.

There is no knight riding in on a white horse to save you. YOU have to save you, but you aren’t alone.

We know it’s scary, but if you have the desire (even if it’s tomorrow), we’d love for you to join us so you can change your life.

So long as we support and protect one another, we the PEOPLE will grow in strength and numbers. Make NOOOO mistake, you just have to STOP THE BRAINWASHING, decide to take a stance, get over your fear of being a slave, AND pass the message on to others.

We need to learn how to provide the services the government “currently” provides so we can run our own community that much better. Free of corruption, AND the way we want it to run.

These small communities are popping up worldwide. They are called “Freedom Cells,” meant to promote freedom of course.

While it’s in its infancy, people are already teaching others how to protect themselves, how to feed the communities, how to support one another, more truth about what goes on at the hands of government and EVIL CORPS, etc.

It’s a good way to meet people, find out what and where meetings are taking place, what tours are taking place, and also ban together to start businesses. The best way to be FREE, is to run your own business.

Even if you’ve never run a business before, the BEST business to run is called an ESOP (employee stock ownership plan.) It’s an employee-owner program.

The program involves employees who own a share in the company, so they use their skills to grow the company. It’s what you are doing now, but instead of working for someone else, you work for yourself and STILL take a paycheck + home every week!

The Benefits of Being a Part of an ESOP

  • You feel empowered that you actually own something.
  • You learn new skills you would never have learned before because you are part of the business making decisions.
  • Your ideas are actually heard and not stolen by your manager.
  • You get to see what goes on behind the scenes with the books.
  • You make more money. You aren’t just making your salary or hourly rate anymore, you make dividends from the profits of the company.
  • The turnover rate is usually very low, so the business makes more, since high turnover rates always costs businesses money and lowers moral.
  • There are fewer layoffs.
  • Employees who own stock have the desire to build it instead of just working as slaves to make some CEO rich. This makes everyone very happy so their personal lives are much happier.

While the companies usually don’t become billion dollar companies and nooo, you won’t be driving a Mercedes after the first day of owning your own company, the integrity within the company far outweighs any dollar amount. And if you work hard, you WILL eventually be able to buy or build your own home, buy a nice car, etc.

PLUS, you can never lose your job unless the company folds, or you behave badly, which of course no one wants.

It’s a Win Win for everyone!

Here is a list of ESOP companies worldwide.

Start Being Part Of The Solution

Be a Part of Your Own non-violent Revolution!

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