Holocaust Update

Holocaust Update

This will be the start of my new holocaust update. It’s now July 15, 2020.

I mentioned back in March this was a NEW holocaust and some Jewish people got upset at me for using that word.

I said I don’t care, I’m speaking the truth and if you can’t see that this is a holocaust, then you are morons. Jewish people do NOT own the word “holocaust.” It wasn’t just Jews who were exterminated by the nazis, it was also blacks and gypsies and NOW it’s the ENTIRE WORLD except the people the evils consider worthy of keeping alive.

Here’s two videos that explain Agenda 21 and Agenda 30.

It’s now July 15, 2020 and the holocaust is continuing and people STILL don’t see it rolling out.

This is exactly what happened in the first holocaust when Jews just kept thinking that everything would go back to normal eventually and that everything they heard was just a rumor and OF COURSE it wouldn’t happen to them.

And now instead of it being rumor, normies are calling truthers nuts, conspiracy theorists and these moronic people are trying to SILENCE the truth.

So it’s not just the evil corps trying to silence us now like google, youtube, amazon, twitter, facebook, paypal, etc., it’s also regular laypeople now.

I’ve had people say they are going to report my posts on Facebook. These people are severely disturbed siding with the enemy trying to harm people who are telling the TRUTH.

I’ve seen people on Facebook threaten to report businesses and people who aren’t upholding the mask, quarentine or social distancing law. And they do report them.


These are man-made slave laws meant to control people and harm them.

And by the way, the holocaust was funded by the Rothschilds. Hitler was a Rothschild. His father was an illegitimate but still had Rothschild blood in him.

My point is that almost every single war has been funded by the evil cult by way of governments and their spook agencies. Normal people don’t go around starting wars.

So here’s the update

  1. Toxic suffocating masks will be mandatory worldwide along with fines if you don’t wear one. And you won’t be allowed in any store, bus and eventually even when you are just walking around outside. It’s like that in some countries already and has been for months.
  2. Masks will make you sick (especially now in this heat) and then they will lie and say you have covid19 even though you are sick due to the masks. Remember, they lie all the time saying people have covid19 when they don’t or that people DIED of covid19 when they didn’t.
  3. Here’s Fauci saying way back in March that no one needs masks, and then the evils changed the script to say we DO need masks.
  4. Here’s two doctors saying masks are harmful to our health.
  5. And here’s a whole slew of science (real science, not the fake science) that says there’s no evidence that masks help you prevent ANYTHING.
  6. I just read a comment from someone in South Africa who said the following, “Mandatory masks have just been imposed here in South Africa. No social visits. Alcohol and cigarettes banned. Curfew between 9pm and 4am. Looks like the orders have been received.”
  7. So it looks like they will start implementing a curfew on all of us and it’s starting with South Africa. It may take 1-3 months to hit your country, but make NO MISTAKE, this is the writing on the wall.
  8. As for the ban on alcohol and cigarettes, I don’t smoke or drink and neither are healthy for anyone, BUT this will freak out billions of people. I have no idea if this is what their plan is, but I could see the evils implementing this so that they get people really angry, more depressed therefore more suicides, killings, and abuse. We already know there’s been tons of suicides due to peolpe realizing they are more a slave now than ever before.
  9. It’s the same trick that the FBI used with the mafia families. Create conflict on the streets and let the mafia families fight one another while killing each other off.I’m SURE the evils are just sitting back smiling while everyone kills one another. A good way to implement their eugenics program without having to lift a finger.You think I’m crazy? Just wait a few months and see what happens. You told me I was crazy back in March and look where we are. They started the George Floyd false flag which then turned into blacks fighting whites.


The more you fear this flu, the MORE you are playing right into their hands.

WAKE UP, they are not doing this for your health
or for black people

Everything you see is a lie from the MSM. STOP WATCHING THE MSM. Start doing your own research.

The evils control the MSM and always have. They control your government and always HAVE. They control the ENTIRE WORLD.

We are AT WAR!!!

Question Authority

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  1. OurFreeSociety at 6:13 pm

    I need to first state that I can not STAND Gab as a social media platform.

    I first went on it about 3 years ago around the time trumpet was placed into power by the evils, and within 10 minutes all I saw was hatred towars ALL Jews, immature comments, and trumpet lovers, which means they worship the government.

    Someone on Gab I discussed this with told me it’s not a place for me and I never went back.

    So despite that, seeing what they are doing to him breaks my heart.

    But look below at the comments and it doesn’t surprise me.

    I believe in free speeach, but I don’t belive in HATE SPEECH.

    Disliking a certain race due to (fill in the blank) is one thing. Even naming names about a certain race when they do something that’s evil sure, call them out.

    But to spew hatred and try to get others to hate a specific race, gender, ethnicity, religion is, in my opinion, stepping over the line and trying to create violence.

    It’s, in my opinion, no different than parents who raise their children to hate all black, all Jews, all Mexicans, etc.

    It’s just WRONG.

    Now despite that, I STILL think it’s wrong what’s happening to the owner, ESPECIALLY if he were to start another business and then be blacklisted. Blacklist Gab, okay, but to stop the guy from making ANY living at all???

    Here’s the article


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