How They Convince Us

Government and How They Convince Us We Are Free

How They Convince UsLet’s discuss how they convince us that we aren’t slaves and we are free.

Here are examples of how they convince us we are free:

  1. They use terms like social contract, the national interest, common good, majority rule, and representative government.These terms have all replaced the rights that the kings and aristocracy had.
  2. They hide the truth of what is really going on by using euphemisms such as:

    Defense – which is really mass murder of innocents
    Taxation – which is really strong armed robbery
    Justice – which is really kidnapping and extortion
    Government – which is really a gang of people who claim domination over specific areas. If you study all governments throughout history, you will see they establish and promote a monopoly of institutionalized violence.

In fact when you look at the total picture, there are two sets of people and two different sets of rules. Those in government who have the authority that you and I will never have, such as stealing, caging or killing you.

If I can’t do those things and you can’t do those things, then why should anyone else have the right to do those things?

And while they have brainwashed us in their government schools to think that we can’t live without them, it’s actually the other way around. They would NEVER be able to survive without all the money we give to them.

And since we give them a good chunk of our money anyway, this is exactly why we feel the services that the government “supposedly” provides would be better off run by us, the community, working together with common goals and without the middleman who does a terrible job at it anyway.

All the government does anyway, is take our money, and then uses a small portion of that to then sell us back the services we are already paying for to begin with.

All the government does is stick its nose in between every transaction that takes place between us citizens, and if they don’t like something we are doing, they attack us because like we said, it’s them against us.

And if they “claim” they do good by providing us with certain services, that makes no logical sense, because you can’t do a good deed while using threats and violence, which is what they do when they take our money from us. Or, THEY decide when to cut these services we are paying into that many of us need.

In fact many of the governments (at least in North America) don’t even provide crucial services that we as citizens and the ENTIRE PLANET needs.

In Canada while health care is supposedly free, there are little to no doctors around to be seen in certain provinces, or there are very long waiting lists. You have to go into a clinic and see a nurse, or some clinic doctor who is sub par.

Or they FORCE you to see only doctors who believe in one of two methods of healing:

  1. Drugs
  2. Cutting you open

Neither of these methods actually “heal” in the truest sense of the word.

And if you don’t believe in either solution for your health problems, you have to pay huge sums of money out of your pocket to see a doctor or practitioner who believes in treating ALL of you, not just pushing chemical toxic drugs or cutting open your body which is a huge shock to the body, mind and spirit.

And the government doesn’t provide products or programs to pay for preventative methods so we don’t get sick in the first place like:

  1. Clean toxic free nutritiously rich produce  Рeverything is toxic from pesticides to the soil. The soil has been depleted of ALL nutrients it once had due to how the toxic EVIL CORPS, farmers and government has raped the land. This is all due to greed!
  2. Supplemental vitamins and minerals that the body needs so much BECAUSE of #1.
  3. Detoxification methods for getting rid of parasites, toxins such as mercury, lead, aluminum, etc. With all the toxic manufacturing methods of plastic, metals, toxic dumping in the water, etc. our bodies are filled with these toxins that need to be released in order to be healthy.
  4. Massages, infrared saunas, hot tubs or jacuzzis, vacations, and alternative therapy courses that help relieve stress. Stress is THE number ONE reason for illness, loss of work, unhappy relationships, etc. They keep us working 45+ hours a week for low pay and we barely get ANY vacation time.
  5. Chinese medicine modalities such as acupuncture, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, etc. Medicine that dates back 2500 years ago. Again, it deals with the ENTIRE being of the person, not just the physical body.

It is a commonly known fact that preventing illness in people is WAY less expensive than paying for their stay in a hospital or them having to go see a doctor for a myriad of tests non stop. Not to mention, it leaves them unable to work, puts stress on the family or relationships, and patients usually become depressed from being ill.

So knowing all of that, ask yourself WHY they don’t want us to have choice, why they don’t seem to want us to be free of illness in the first place. If it’s less expensive to prevent illness than to tackle it once the patient is ill, why haven’t they allowed this in North America?

And in America there is NO health coverage at all, unless you pay BIG bucks every month for a plan. And the government even forces you to pay into this plan even if you will NEVER use it because you want to go the holistic drug free route.

That’s a great example of coercion right there.

So some people say that the government protects their rights. Well the minute they step in to protect your rights, they take away your freedom to decide WHEN you want them to protect you.



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