Irish Devastation

Example of Irish Devastation

Here is a story of Irish devastation

Irish DevastationA story where the Catholic church, along with the Irish government, sold off, beat, abused or killed thousands of babies. The numbers still aren’t clear.

This is why we always say that the government is just an extension of the church meant to control people.

We don’t hide our feelings about religion and how evil it is overall. If you analyze how it controls and tells people how to act and behave as IF they are above everyone else.

We experience it online all the time, religious people talking down to people, quoting scriptures, trying to convert regular people, etc.

And the government protects ALL religions. This Irish devastation is an example, as it was a government funding institution. They had to have known what was going on at this home for unwed mothers.

Plus look at how the US government has protected the Catholic church AND Scientology for soooo many years.

First, within this Irish devastation, they told the families that their daughters HAD to go to these homes because they were unwed and a disgrace to society. That they would taint anyone they came into contact with.

Once they got to the home, they made them into a pariah and made sure NO ONE talked to them.

And if you think this was just something that happened in the 1700’s or 1800’s, think again, this was going on until the 1990’s.

Then after the mothers gave birth to the babies, they threw them out of the home and wouldn’t let them take their babies with them. One young woman walked the streets near this home for unwed mothers for 5 1/2 years asking for her baby. They just ignored her.

There is still an investigation underway, but it looks like they abused the children, killed them, OR sold them off to Americans. People around the area who just ignored it say they remember the screams of the children.

The nuns or whoever threw the baby’s bodies out in the back like garbage, or they drowned them.

This is DISGUSTING proof of how EVIL religion can be and this is only one example of the history of the evilness and corruption of religion.

Here’s the New York Time’s story.



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