Nancy Pelosi Drunk

Nancy Pelosi Drunk

Note: goolag took this one down too. Someone stated in the comments on Bitchute that the audio was slowed down to make her look drunk.

I said ok, give me the original as proof and I’ll remove it.

He never got back to me.

If you find the original, please let me know, as I don’t want to post untruthful things.

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I barely know who this woman is other than I’ve heard her name mentioned several times, but OMG, this is what you statists actually WORSHIP!!!

Who gets drunk in front of a camera unless they are severely depressed.

I am not here to make fun of her, but I’m just shocked.

PLEASE STOP WORSHIPPING CRIMINALS. This is why they are this close to killing off humanity because you WORSHIP government and are LETTING THEM!

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