Video From Soldiers Against War

Soldiers Against WarSoldiers against war are speaking out in a very aggressive way to show you that YOU too can become part of the solution, You aren’t part of the solution when you allow the government to control you as a citizen. When the US military invades countries they have NO business invading, or they set up military posts that stay permanently in that country, they are doing it in YOUR NAME as an American.

What the US Government Does to Other Countries

This is why so many countries worldwide hate America and Americans, because the United States of America goes into their country (by way of the CIA or military) and takes them over. They either rape them of their natural resources, OR they kill most of their civilians in the name of “terror” which most of the time is just a lie to hide why they are REALLY there.
Even if America hasn’t invaded one person’s country, people from other countries see what America is doing and they don’t like it either. This is why traveling around the world on a US passport isn’t a safe idea.

We’ll repeat again, the ONLY reason America invades countries is because of MONEY. Who gets this money? Well it certainly isn’t you or us, we can tell you that much.

It’s a known fact that this has ALWAYS been the reason for war. It’s not due to a threat, it wasn’t even due to a threat after 911. It was ALL about MONEY!!!

Veterans Against War

There is an organization called Veterans for Peace, and there’s a video on their site that even shows they were blocked by the police in the Las Vegas Veteran’s Day Parade even though they had a permit.

It’s interesting to see how people who are PRO war STILL continue to think that if America doesn’t go to war, the entire country will fall to pieces.

This is how brainwashed and idiotic people are. We can’t even call them ignorant which means, “lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated,” because they have chosen NOT to be aware. It’s not like there isn’t a ton of information out there that contradicts everything the government says. All you have to do is research the situation even just a little bit to see that there is almost NEVER a justification for war in this day and age. This isn’t the 1600-1800’s.

Here’s another site for Iraq Veterans Against the War.

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