The Fall of The Republic is The Rise of The Corporation Wake Up!

The Fall of The Republic is The Rise of The Corporation Wake Up!

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So I’m not sure where this original video came from, because I got it from one of the channels I sub to and while she admitted she mirrored it, she never gives us the link of the original video LOL Not cool.

Anyway, I liked everything he said UNTIL the very end when he applied that ONLY JEWS are responsible for all the evil in the world.

He’s clearly not educated on the truth and is just scapegoating ALL jews which is terrible. That means he’s a bigot.

But aside that, he lays things out in a clear manner about this scamdemic, so I’m uploading it.

I did hear or read somewhere that now we can’t criticize China either, but I don’t hear anyone blaming everything on China.

While China is part of the main evil collective (the country, not the head of state), they aren’t responsible for making the decisions that control our lives and have perpetuated this holocaust.

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