What is an Evil Corp

I Thought We Would Address What is an Evil Corp

What is an Evil CorpYou may be wondering what is an evil corp.

Someone recently felt we were treating ALL corporations the same, and just like you shouldn’t label all women or all immigrants the same, you shouldn’t label all corporations the same.

We thought this was amusing since there are few, if any, corporations with integrity. And we don’t feel you can compare corporations that knowingly go around harming humans to one sect of humans such as one gender, or an entire race of humans.

Because some of us are entrepreneurs, we never thought corporations were EVILS CORPS, but our journey on this topic started back in 2004 when we saw the documentary, “The Corporation.”

We were deeply disturbed by what we learned, but put it aside.

Over the years as we grew to understand how society actually works, and we realized we had been led to believe something totally different, we also learned that many of the HUGE corporations are in fact quite EVIL.

We rarely if ever use the word “evil” to describe a person, because we understand that people who do negative things aren’t really evil, they have just removed their connection to the Universal force that is love. Not to mention, the word, evil, is quite melodramatic, and people throw it around any time they get upset at something.

But the more we learned how these corporations get away with murder both literally and figuratively, due to their power and wealth, the more EVIL seemed an appropriate word.

Most people really don’t know (or want to know) that EVIL CORPS also control the government.

We are led to believe that the government controls them, but nothing could be further from the truth.

So in order to get our point across, we challenged this person who was sticking up for EVIL CORPS to a test.

We asked him to give us 15 HUGE corporations he feels do business with integrity.

And we gave him a list that he needs to follow so we then change our minds and now consider that corporation NOT EVIL.

Here is the list:

  1. Their products don’t harm humans, animals, the air, water or earth in any way when manufacturing them or when people or animals consume them.We are holistic and therefor feel anything that is a chemical and isn’t natural is harmful to all natural living entities. We understand this is a tall order for most EVIL CORPS, so we are willing to give them a little leeway, but we would ultimately ONLY want to see corporations that manufacture all natural products.You may think this is impossible and we say that’s just NOT true.The ONLY reason society accepts ingesting toxins into their body either by eating, drinking or breathing it in, is because that’s all they know. Or, they just have no clue how harmful these toxins are.

    They believe the government protects them and wouldn’t let these EVIL CORPS harm them, but as we mentioned earlier, that ISN’T the reality in modern day society in 2017. And this isn’t something new, this has been going on for many years starting in England at the beginning of the industrial revolution in the late 1700’s and in America shortly thereafter.

    Of course back then things weren’t as toxic as they are now, as the world wasn’t completely industrialized since the revolution was just starting out.

    Plus, their greedy little minds hadn’t yet hired thousands of scientists to create these corner cutting measures that we are now faced with today.


    Without thinking of what their so called “inventions” would do to the earth, air, water and humans, these men (women never decided this since they had no power, so we can’t blame them) decided GREED was more important than the safety of the people around them.

    And remember that back then anyone who believed in the “all natural” was considered a WITCH, and often killed even by being burned alive.

    Like many harmful events that took place, these killings were ALL done in the name of religion. This was supposedly to “protect” religion, or they killed them just because these holistic people were different.

    Can you imagine today being hauled out of your home and killed just because you didn’t believe in medicine that doctors were forcing upon you?

    Or you didn’t want doctors to drain your body of blood so you decided to use herbs instead.

  2. They treat their staff well by paying them a good wage, give them benefits that actually help them (not some small policy that doesn’t help at all), ample vacation time per year, and a healthy maternity leave. People need more than a week or two maternity leave, and did you know that in many countries in Europe they are given 3-4 weeks of vacation in their FIRST year of employment?If the employees work overtime, they are paid overtime.
  3. They don’t lie to their staff when it really matters, such as telling them they will get a raise so the staffer continues to work hard, then they decide at the last minute not to give them the raise, or they come up with bullshit excuse to fire them.For matters that have nothing to do with raises, they can’t avoid (this is a form of lying) the truth by not disclosing to the staffer that they are going to be fired or laid off.
  4. They allow staff to move up the ladder if they deserve it, instead of finding excuses to fire them so they don’t have to raise their pay or salary.These EVIL CORPS often hire someone brand new just so they can back out of increasing their employees’ wages.
  5. They teach their staff on the job so they grow as human beings. as well as learning new skills. Especially in the fast food industry, they create machines to do all the work so the workers leave the job not having ONE skill they can use at their next job.
  6. The corporation only farms out a small percentage of jobs overseas. They keep jobs in their own country to ensure people have employment and money goes back into society.
  7. They work on improving their company.You will be surprised how many of the 1% now buy UP their own stock, keep it to themselves, and they spend NO money on their corporation to make it a more positive company. It affects things such as not increasing their employees’ salaries, pensions plans, or health plans, R & D to make the product better, customer service, etc.This is ALL in the name of GREED!
  8. When they do hire labor outside their country and that labor is in third world countries, they don’t participate in hiring either child labor, or hiring adults and paying them so little they can’t even survive.This also INCLUDES NOT using the CORRUPT American prison system that forces prisoners to work for wages under a dollar.This is “legal” because once again, the corporations control the government, so they made this legal. Legal does NOT mean it’s ethical. In fact very few laws are ethical because they are made by man, NOT by the Universe or Nature.
  9. They provide a healthy work environment void of sexual pressure or harassment, back stabbing among staff, management stealing subordinates’ ideas claiming they are their own, verbal or emotional abuse from management or higher ups, etc.
  10. They don’t put their staff in harms way by making them work unprotected. Forcing them to work with toxins of ANY kind, whether it’s liquid chemicals, all the way to toxic parts of computers and anything in between. Many workers are injured due to unsafe corporate practices. If they aren’t injured on the job, months or years later they become ill due to their work environment. Or, their newborn babies are born with deformities or health issues.Of course this goes back to point #1, if it’s harmful for staff, it’s harmful for the ENTIRE population and earth.
  11. We’d love to add this one in there and we REALLY feel it’s a MUST, but we know most of you will say it is NOT the duty of a company to be positive.We DISAGREE!How a society functions is directly affected by the people in it, and since corporations are RUN by humans, how they behave and what their character is like matters.The corporation should only contribute in a positive way to society, which means their product or service shouldn’t degrade society.

    And we don’t mean using religion’s idea of what degrades society, but what actually DOES degrade society.

    For example, alcohol is legal, yet people use it to mask their feelings. It does nothing to benefit society when it’s taken to excess. In fact we know that alcohol can cause alcohol poisoning in college students, or people become alcoholics over time.

    Even in TV shows they showcase actors drinking non-stop to push the idea that if you don’t drink, something is wrong with you.

    We aren’t saying get rid of ALL alcohol, what we are saying is don’t make it a focal point of society. Educate kids and adults on why it’s not healthy and make the corporations pay for that since they are the ones selling it and making the money off of their products.

    That is just one example, we can showcase several others.

  12. They don’t try to monopolize their industry by buying out every competitor or every person’s idea that is similar to their product and service. When we say idea, we mean something that isn’t fully developed and yet could do damage to their bottom line if it ever got developed.This includes not quashing the idea or stealing it and launching it as if they created it. This also includes NOT defaming other people or killing them (this includes competitors) just because they came up with a similar or better idea or product.If you only knew how MANY products and services have been quashed that would have moved our society further along not just in technology, but also with SAFE technology. And we use that word technology loosely, so it can be anything that includes food, all natural medicine, energy, clean water, transportation, communication, computers, education, etc.In fact corporations USE the government to go after people and companies to shut them down or throw them in jail on “man made laws” just to prevent them from providing these products or services to the public. These EVIL CORPS do this because they want the ENTIRE share of the consumer pie.


  13. They don’t try to create new laws or get rid of existing laws that will ONLY benefit them while harming society.The lobbying scam needs to be ABOLISHED just like the entire government does, but this lobbying practice is so corrupt, that even the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 is useless. Whoever has the most money, influence (and secrets) to grease the palms, wins.Do you as a citizen know what goes on behind closed doors when it comes to lobbying?
  14. They don’t lie in their advertising or on their packaging.This also includes omitting what is in a product or where it came from which is another form of lying.Right now it is legal for them to lie or use wording that is misleading. They get away with it all the time. And we JUST found out they are 100% allowed to lie and then blame it on US, the consumer for believing their lies. Read all about it in this article here. This means they went to court JUST to get the law changed (see point #16) so they can lie and NOT be sued for lying.
  15.  They don’t lie to their customers in any way. This can be verbally, as many companies lie and then blame it on the consumer for NOT reading their terms and conditions knowing full well most people never read that for numerous reasons.
  16. They provide GOOD customer service, meaning staff is polite, they know their job well, the customer doesn’t know MORE than the staff does about their job, AND they don’t constantly make mistakes.Only a company that has integrity CARES about hiring skilled intelligent staff and would provide this to consumers. The EVIL CORPS hire the bottom of the barrel staff and/or hire overseas where the customer service is atrocious. Yes they do this to skimp on wages, but they also do it because they don’t care if they make you upset or they waste your precious time.AND they have gotten away with it because consumers have let them.
  17. They don’t rip the customers off.
  18. Overall, they treat their customers with respect. There will always be exceptions.

So that concludes our list of what an ethical corporation would look like and you can be a cynic and say it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find any company like that and we would say that’s CORRECT, which is WHY we call ALL corporations – EVIL CORPS.

Only a small percentage of medium to large companies strive to be ethical, but then they are usually bought out by the EVIL CORPS and once that happens, they ruin the products and/or services and everyone is back to square ONE!

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