What is Freedom

What is Freedom?

What is Freedom?Today in a comment, someone on YouTube asked me what is freedom. What does freedom mean to me?

So I decided to create a post so it’s clear what I consider having freedom actually means, since I work hard to try and educate people that they don’t have freedom as things stand right now.

In this article I will use the word “you” and for the most part I mean the royal you or the government, but I want you to feel like I’m talking just about you so you understand what I’m getting at, as you are a human being just like anyone else.

If you were to go work for the government tomorrow, that doesn’t mean you are any different tomorrow than you were today.

You are still the same person and therefore have no more rights than you do today.

I’m talking for a realistic spiritual perspective, not the controlling fake imaginary society that has been created by the evils of the world.

The evils wouldn’t be able to control the world and society if they hadn’t first convinced the majority of the people that they have no power. That only people born into a certain family have it. Only people with X amount of dollars have it, or only people who get a certain position at a job get it, etc.

When you pass over (die), you are no different than anyone else and that is proof positive that you and I may have different skills, different body and facial types, may have different ethnicities, different amounts of money, intelligence levels, etc., but as two human beings, we are created (born) equal.

The Universe doesn’t give one person more than the other, both of us were born naked and healthy (we hope) ready to forge the world.

Given this fact, you have no more rights than I do and neither does the president or prime minister of some country. I have felt this way since I was a child and figured out the difference between right and wrong.

Now onto my list detailing what is freedom?

  1. Freedom is about self-ownership. You own yourself. No one can own you like the government has for thousands of years.
  2. I can inject all the drugs in the world into my body. It’s my body and I own it. Even if I kill myself because I OD on drugs, that’s none of your business. All that should matter to you is that I don’t harm you with my drugs.
  3. No one can tell you how to live your life, that’s a decision only you can make.  Even your parents can’t tell you. They may try, and many succeed because they are controlling negative people, but they can only tell you what to do, you don’t have to listen, the choice is always yours.
  4. You decide what is moral, no one else. Everyone has their own opinion about what is moral and what isn’t. For example, I think lying is immoral, yet 95% of all human beings either lie often or chronically lie 15 times a day, so they obviously don’t think it’s immoral.
  5. Freedom of speech. Unless it’s someone trying to entice people to hate or harm someone else or a group of other people, I have the right to say what I want even if you and 10,000 others don’t like it.
  6. You don’t have the right to tell me what I can grow, cook, give to another person, what I can build or not build, etc. If it’s my home or land, it’s my land, and it’s my business. The only exception would be if somehow what I’m growing injures you as my neighbor. But as you can see, no one ever follows this train of thought, as all of the toxic industrial farms that harm the animals, pollute the air, pollute and poison the water and the neighboring people are able (with the criminal government’s protection of course) do all of these harmful criminal things to other human beings with no repercussions.
  7. I have the freedom to own land I’ve either found that was uninhabited or paid for from someone else. You can’t take it away from me just because one day you wake up, find someone who’s willing to pay more for it, or you want to build a mall or road on it. That’s called theft.
  8. You can’t force any medical treatment on me. Even if I’m ready to die, but I don’t want what you are selling, you can NOT force me to take it. My life is mine, and I choose what to put into my body. The same goes for my children. You don’t own them, and neither do I, but since I created them with help from the Universe, I am responsible for their well being and educating them.
  9. You can’t force your religion or anyone else’s religion on me.
  10. You can’t force me to go to your school. If I don’t like any of your schools, again, you are not my master, I decide where I go to school or where my children do, and it’s my decision what they learn. Why should it matter to you anyway? Unless I’m teaching them to hate and kill others and they actually go out and do these things, it’s no business of yours what me or my children learn.
  11. You can’t force me to respect you. I hope that I will if you treat me with kindness and respect, but your perceived notion that you are better than me because let’s say you are a cop, or a judge or a lawyer, or the president is just that, your opinion. It doesn’t make it fact, and you trying to force me to respect you otherize you will kidnap me and throw me in jail is a criminal act by the very Laws of Nature. At the very least it’s dogmatic narcissistic, or psychopathic abuse. I see this as no different than some man coming to my house and kidnapping me and holding me in a cage in his basement.
  12. I decide who I am going to donate my money too. Stealing part of my money to then line your pockets with it, or create/build something I don’t agree with or is subpar construction or wasn’t designed in the proper way or is harmful to our environment or to all living creators,, or you give my money to one of your friends who then charges a fortune to build XYZ is theft, plain and simple. Just like with everything, I should have the choice on whether I contribute to someone else’s idea of how things should be built and run. Threatening to send me to jail or fine me even MORE money because I didn’t give you my hard-earned money is again, theft.
  13. I have the freedom to move around without you constricting where I move to so long as I’m not interfering with other people and their right to live where they live. Man is the ONLY creator who decided they had the right to go out there and kill others for their land and then draw a line in the sand saying that YOU can’t step over this line. Then continue to kill others every few years to take MORE of their land and widen that line in the sand. Prior to that, there was NO line in the sand. People just cohabitated peacefully until psychopaths came along to steal people’s land usually by first killing them. Another criminal act put forth in the Laws of Nature.
  14. You have no right to force and enact your man-made laws upon me.

    You don’t know me, you have no right to speak for me or decide what laws I should follow and not follow. Right now the governments of the world have hundreds of thousands of man-made laws meant to control and silence the masses. Many of them are so old they don’t even make sense in 2019/2020. They create these laws so they can then use their criminal legal system to stop people from being free. Many of these laws now even stop people from helping others.

    Then they cage them after first abusing them by making them spend tons of money they don’t have to go fight in their court system run by people who are criminals (psychopaths). These criminals have no conscious, have no empathy, think they are better than everyone else, and don’t even care what the situation was that brought that person into their criminal courtroom in the first place. The majority of the time, the jury isn’t even told all the facts, or the jury comprises of people who aren’t even that intelligent to decern the facts.

    The system is rigged to control either people of color OR people who don’t have a lot of money. The majority (with a small exception) of rich or super-rich people get away with every crime in the book because they are never charged in the first place. Their crimes are ignored or they use their money to pay off people to look the other way or not complain at all.

    Or on the off-chance they are charged, they have the money and power to hire the most expensive lawyers to get them off. Attorneys who have connections and are also almost always chronic liars, thieves or sociopaths. It’s one BIG club.

    If you and I did the same crime these people do on a daily basis, we would be thrown in jail.

    And among the hundreds of thousands of laws that these criminals in government create out of thin air, there never seems to be ones that affect the evils of the world.

    The ones who poison the air, water, earth, humans, animals, insects, our ecosystem, food supply, our soil, etc.

    Ones who create toxic tangible items that then harm us, build toxic buildings that either fall apart, or were built with poisons.

    Ones who build unsafe cars or other tangible items such as cell phones and all things wifi including cell phone towers.

    They continuously create all things imaginable that are harmful to the world at large and YET, there’s no laws for them or the criminal government looks the other way if there is a law on the books.

    But if I came to your house and poisoned you, I would be thrown in jail. And you are just one person who maybe got sick or died from my poison, whereas these evils poison millions of people on a mass scale leaving them sick or killing them.

    And the criminal legal system is purposely created in such a way that the average lay person can’t read the legal jargon or fight the system because it’s so complicated and overbearing. That even trying to take someone to court can take years if the case isn’t dismissed prior to that. And of course it’s almost always the cases brought on by regular people (class actions), people who are of color or poor who take the longest. No coincidence there, and another example where people have NO freedom.

    It’s a system created to force people into having to hire a lawyer who is almost always a criminal him/herself.

    This complex one-sided system was created on purpose. Anyone who tells you different either doesn’t know what they are talking about or is working for the evil side.

    The prison and legal system is also meant to throw innocent and low intelligent or mentally unstable people in jail. They don’t know their rights (neither do most people who haven’t studied the law and why should we have to?), and therefore these people (could be you or I) are coerced during an immense time of stress when the brain never works properly.

    And there’s many examples where things go beyond coercion, where cops lie, play games, pretend they have evidence they don’t have, they prevent the person from having breaks, water, food or anyone there to support them. That includes kids too.

    After 10-24 hours of non stop abuse, the person finally caves and admits they did something they didn’t do because their entire brain and body has been abused by the cops and the system that allows this to happen. This happens very often.

    Or if that’s not the case, they are convinced (coerced) by their PD or attorney to take a plea. And the PD or attorney isn’t even there to support their client, they are there to work with the courts in getting plea deals and filling up the toxic criminal prisons.

    This fills up all of the money-making prisons and keeps the criminal prison system making money, along with judges, politicians and evil corporate people. This is off the backs of either innocent victims or nonviolent people who commit these controlling man made crimes.

    That’s lack of freedom right there.

    The fear that you can be thrown in jail for as little as feeding the homeless, recording how a cop is treating a citizen, or non violently protesting something the evils are doing is lack of FREEDOM.

    And unless someone is violent, they should NOT be caged.

    Instead, we should be helping people work through and releasing their childhood traumas, helping them to love and respect themselves so they love and respect others, teaching them about spirituality (not religion) and this will help heal them thereby also helping heal society.

  15. I’ll briefly discuss how the criminal legal system also FORCES people to have the full bail they need to get out of jail, and the DA or judge usually makes it so the bail isn’t proportionate to the crime.
  16. Or how they steal people’s money, house, cars, and tangible items once they are arrested. They do this even before person has been convicted and even if they are then found not guilty, do you know how long it takes to get your stuff back? Or how much would mysteriously go missing? They do this even if the items weren’t bought with the proceeds of crime. These criminals line their pockets or do it out of spite leaving people who never did a violent crime homeless and with nothing to live off of.
  17. The ONLY laws that matter in this world are the Laws of Nature.

    Yes you should defend yourself and your home (that includes our Earth) if someone attacks you, but right now if you harm someone when you defend yourself, the odds of you going to jail are very high. Even the schools started expelling students who stood up to bullies.

    It’s a culture of teaching people they have no right to stick up for themselves so they are forced to feel subservient so they are more easily controlled by the cops and government.

  18. And NO, you shouldn’t go out and purposely harm anyone else. Sometimes we harm unintentionally. And that harming should be applicable to animals and other living creatures. That should also include food which is part of nature and lives to sustain us, all living creatures and the ecosystem. Failure to respect and care for the earth and all living species on it whether you are building a house or a manufacturing plan should be law, but it’s not. And when someone breaks this law, there should be a consequence. There should also be rules (NOT thousands), but not rules to oppress, rather a few rules that are common sense and are based on respect towards others.

So while I’m sure I could come up with more examples, in answer to your question, what is freedom? This is what I consider to be freedom.

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