Who builds Your Smartphone

Do You Know Who Builds Your Smartphone?

Who Builds Your SmartphoneFiguring out who builds your smartphone is crucial to you understanding how these EVIL CORPS operate. These American and Chinese  companies look the other way when they hire companies overseas who take advantage of children.

These children are usually from the Congo. The Congo is a country where children are often abused by their fathers or family. They are forced into working for a VERY young age (we aren’t talking teenage years.)

Because the labor is so cheap, The EVIL CORPS usually make a HUGE profit off of the backs of these tiny children.

Besides the harmful toxic parts of your smartphone that affect these young children (and adults), these children are forced to work countless hours every day, otherwise they are beaten.

The children are also lowered into the cobalt mines without any protection at all, and can often be suffocated if the mine caves in.

The next time you buy your new smartphone, ask yourself THIS question… are you okay with a small child being abused to build it? What if it was your child or brother or sister being forced to work to build your smartphone?

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