Reliability with Wikipedia

WikipediaSo at one point in time we really believed that Wikipedia was a reliable site where we could go to find legit truthful information.

Then we started to hear the odd person say you can’t trust the information on the site.

After that a year or two later, Wikipedia got almost an entire episode dedicated to them on the TV show “The Newsroom.” The topic was about how they couldn’t even get the correct University MacKenzie went to and how she tried to have it changed a couple of times to no avail.

Then in 2014, it came to the attention of Abby Martin from RT America’s Breaking the Set, that her Wikipedia page had been taken down not once, but twice.

While she didn’t care whether she had a page or not, the very fact that it had been removed twice sparked curiosity, so she looked into it.

Supposedly she wasn’t newsworthy enough AND they couldn’t find third party sites who could verify information about her. She thought this amusing since around 5-7 sites have written about both her, and “Breaking the Set.”

Because of her investigation, it became clear that there’s a lot of lies spread due to the whole “Wikipedia” culture. Even other sites or companies create fake accounts you can buy just so you can create, edit or vote on deleting pages. Also editors who know one another can gang together to get something edited or removed.

There are also other sites like this that have this bully type nature where everyone knows everyone else and they all gang up together to make decisions.

Abby also found out that even some countries use the site to bolster their image using prizes as incentives.

We stopped donating to Wikipedia and using Wikipedia as a good source of information a few years ago and now only use it to find out about TV shows, but we know that the vast majority of people OFTEN cite Wikipedia as a truthful source of information when clearly it isn’t. I mean come on, Wikipedia usually shows up on the first page of Google, how can you miss it?

Here is the full report from Abby Martin

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