Bottom Up

Change Your Thinking From the Bottom Up

Bottom UpBottom up vs Top Down. Right now we live in a society that is top down, which means the people who “claim” they have all this power over us control us. It’s time to take back our lives and work from the bottom up.

We Have the Power

We are at the bottom of the scale and really have THE most power since we are so vast in numbers.

Don’t think that just because you don’t have money and connections that you have no power.

Whether you want to admit it or not, we ARE a HUGE reason for our socioeconomic problems.

Why you ask?

Because we continue to accept and use this archaic system called capitalism.

We do this by buying materialistic items just to keep this corrupt failing economic system afloat.

Buying things we don’t need because THEY tell us we need to buy them.

If everyone stopped buying for ONLY one day, the entire economic system would collapse.

This is proof positive that the system is not sustainable, which means it can’t last into the future.

What are many of the negative symptoms due to having a capitalistic society?

  • As a society we are sick. Capitalism makes us sick. We work as slaves for corporations and overall we aren’t paid what we are worth. Even entrepreneurs work 70-100 hours per week which is NOT healthy.This health hazard has made us a society that misses a lot of work due to numerous sick days. We have been hearing this for years.
  • We know that our capitalistic society promotes greed and indifference among the uber RICH.Studies show they have no empathy for anyone once they start making that much money. This is why they can work employees to the bone, give them no time off, give them the lowest amount of money as a wage, and force them (us) to work long grueling hours. And they think nothing of it.

    This is why they can pollute our earth, waters, and air, and have no conscious about how it’s making us sick and killing us and every living creature on the planet.This is why most hoard their money and rarely give to people in need. Studies have shown that the very rich rarely give money to the poor. People who are middle or even lower class do donate a lot more than they do.

  • Capitalism creates structural violence. Structural violence is poverty and all the ravishes of inequality in our society.Dr. Paul Farmer explains it as: “Structural violence is one way of describing social arrangements that put individuals and populations in harm’s way… The arrangements are structural because they are embedded in the political and economic organization of our social world; they are violent because they cause injury to people … neither culture nor pure individual will is at fault; rather, historically given (and often economically driven) processes and forces conspire to constrain individual agency. Structural violence is visited upon all those whose social status denies them access to the fruits of scientific and social progress.”It’s a system that doesn’t meet people’s basic needs whether it’s due to ageism, classism, elitism, nationalism, speciesism, racism, or sexism. There are just some of the examples Johan Galtung cited in 1969.

    This is why gangs, terrorist groups, and white supremacist groups pop up, because there is an inequality and often poverty in the system that then leads to violence because they can’t survive.

    We have a class problem where people at the top receive the best of everything and we at the bottom receive less than nothing.

    How much money do you have saved in your bank account if you couldn’t work tomorrow?

    We are taught that it’s the poor people’s FAULT, when really it’s a structural issue due to capitalism.

How To Move Forward

So how do we move forward past this debilitating economic system that we have had now for so many centuries? A system that is only meant to make the rich richer and keep us as well behaved slaves with just enough to feed us, but not enough to ever get us out of this situation?

Peter Joseph who started the Zeitgeist movement wrote 2 books on the topic:

  1. The Zeitgeist Movement Defined
  2. The New Human Rights Movement: Reinventing the Economy to End Oppression

You will need an open MIND and the willingness to put aside what you’ve been taught in school (even if you took economics) and really embrace CHANGE.

It’s a movement that has caught on worldwide and will eradicate government and EVIL CORPS.

While nothing is perfect, it’s a goal we all need to set for ourselves as we work together to change not just America, but the entire world.

Peter Outlines His 5 Main Points We Need to Work Towards

  1. First, we need to automate and remove human labor. We are on our way there so this can be done easily.
  2. We need to create open source areas. An open source piece of software is where no one owns it and all developers collaborate to build and fix it. Like Firefox the browser or WordPress that can run your website.People will come together to create processes and systems that will create a labor-free world. Everyone will be able to participate in society as a whole instead of some fat cat telling YOU what’s good for you.
  3. We will be a world that shares, so instead of buying everything, we share what we have. This will, of course, reduce crime, since if we all have what we need, no one will need to steal or hurt anyone else to get what they need to live life.
  4. Instead of creating things that have to travel around the globe just to get manufactured, we will create localization by setting up print on demand 3D printers. This is already being done by Marcin Jakubowski. He creates machinery for farming at a much cheaper price than what you’d pay in the store. While he’s charging money, when we finally get rid of our capitalistic society this would all be free to everyone as we collaborate together.Manufacturing that isn’t done locally produces inefficiency and pollution when it can all be done locally.
  5. Create a digitalized network that everyone will have access to. This will tell us what resources we need, don’t need, are running low on, etc. Right now there is NOTHING that tells us what is happening because it’s ALL controlled by the EVIL CORPS under the guise of proprietary information. That’s another aspect of EVIL capitalism that hinders growth. The law that was put in place to stop people from learning and expanding a certain process, service, product, etc. all because it was supposedly created by one person. But it’s NEVER created by only one person. It’s always thought out or discussed by many people, it’s just whoever gets to the patent office first WINS. Another example of capitalistic winning over what’s good for society and our planet.

To see this full interview and get a better understanding of what Peter is talking about, you can click here.


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