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They feed us poison

PoisonThis article will cite the numerous ways they feed us poison. People don’t believe we are being poisoned, so here’s the evidence.

They, being the evils (the various different levels of 13 families) who control the world. Here is my list, but as I investigate more, the evils at the top of the evil pyramid are NOT human. I do recommend you sign up to my channel here so you get more information as I find the time to upload it.

If you don’t know who I’m referring to, in short, since the beginning of time that’s been recorded, there have been families that had murder in their blood.

They had many children by procreating with family members and the families grew.

They started war after war and harmed everyone in their wake.

They changed their names so as to not be traced, and they control us (always have) and everything we can do, our economic system, what foods we can eat, what we can buy, what man-made laws they create to control us, etc. While these are just the company names, here’s proof of what they own and pretty soon they will own everything you worked hard to buy.

They control our minds and the lies they spew, yes, even the history books and at least the school systems in the first world countries.

I call them the evils because they really are beyond evil, and elite sounds like they are special and above us and they AREN’T, and deep state sounds stupid to me because that implies they only come from the government and they don’t. They control the governments who then control us, the 99%. They are all over the world, but mainly in Europe and America. They have people all over in every country.

If it’s easier, you can call them the 1%, but that makes it seem like they are all about money and they aren’t.

Here is a good video on why we get the flu, and here’s a list of ways to help ease your pain when you get sick. I also have a lot of healing frequency tones. If you need something specific, let me know, otherwise here’s what I have in my MEGA folder so far.

I was going to upload them to this page, but I just don’t have the time to upload hundreds of healing frequency tones. I do recommend you watch the 2 videos on that page to understand more about how we are all made up of energy and frequency.

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I’m also going to include the poisons they feed our minds which most people don’t take into consideration.

Why am I sick?

So let’s get started…

  1. Fluoride

    They have been putting toxic fluoride into the water in the US and Canada since the early 1900s. Most (not all) of Europe has stopped doing that which is probably one of the reasons they are smarter than Americans and Canadians. I recently found out that they have also been poisoning people in the UK with fluoride.

    Fluoride harms the brain by lowering our IQ, and it pacifies humans so they don’t fight back.

    Fluoride also causes cancer, ADD and hyperactivity. You can watch this short fluoride documentary here.

    Even if you drink filtered water, you will still get fluoride from taking showers, washing your face/hands, brushing your teeth, and when you go out to a restaurant, 99% of the time they use fluoridated tap water to cook their food. Only some high end restaurants have a water filtration system.

    Same with any bottled juice you drink and of course the toxic pops/colas.

    You can watch an in-depth lecture on fluoride here.

    Cows get bone disease by fluoride pollution. Airborne fluorides have caused more worldwide damage to domestic animals than any other air pollutants quoted by the US Department of Agriculture in 1970.

    In 1962 they abused poor dogs to test how they would react to fluoride in the air because they wanted to know what happens with workers in those manufacturing plants. The dogs who breathed it for 6 days had huge lung damage and damage to their lymph nodes. This caused emphysema.

    Fluoride in the water is not pharmaceutical, it’s industrial waste, and odds are, your dentist is so uneducated, he/she doesn’t even know that.

    03-02-21 – someone’s comment in a fakebook group… “MY STEP DAUGHTER is one step below a DENTISET she told me that when they get rid of EXPIRED FLUORIDE they have to wear hazmat suits.”

    The government has been hiding the truth about fluoride and forcing it on both Americans and Canada for over a hundred years. Every time a scientist tells the truth, THEY ARE FIRED and they lose their grants! That is evidence right there that they want people to get sick from it.

    Why do you think 95% of all scientists NEVER COME FORWARD!

  2. Other Toxic Chemicals

    Let’s continue with the water topic. Do you know how many OTHER chemicals there are in tap water all over the US. Yes there are chemicals in other countries, but I’ll bet you anything America is the WINNER in how many chemicals there are in the public water system and even now in well water. This is ALL due to toxic manufacturing plants that spread poisons and the evils screwing around with mother nature and disrupting naturally occurring poisons in our earth that should never be touched?

    Here’s the SHOCKING list.

    a) Chlorine (which causes byproducts such as trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs)
    b) Lead
    c) Copper
    d) PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) – this is that toxic chemical on the bottom of your non stick pots and pans. I highly recommend you get rid of those. I stopped using them years ago and switched to high-quality stainless steel which isn’t as hard to clean as they make it seem. Just soak it after cooking, or put in some water, all-natural dishwashing liquid (this is the brand I use), and white vinegar, and simmer it for 20 minutes. Then you can use baking soda as an all natural abrasive if there’s some really stuck on dirt.
    e) Perchlorate
    f) Mercury
    g) PCBs
    h) Arsenic
    i) Perchlorate
    j) Dioxins
    k) DDT (Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane)
    l) HCB (Hexachlorobenzene)
    m) Nitrate
    n) Manganese (yes we need magnesium in our bodies, but not at these levels for children)
    o) Dacthal
    p) MtBE
    q) Radioactive substances (radium)
    r) Antibiotics dumped into the water supply along with LSD to make people brain dead.

    LSD may be good for a trip to dig deep into your conscious, but on a regular basis in small quantities, it’s meant to poison and make people docile just like with the fluoride.

    Like this article states, there are probably a ton more toxins in the water we aren’t even aware of, and this is a HUGE problem all over the US, not just in Flint, Michigan.

    Here’s another great article (amazingly mainstream) with more details, and they talk about Erin Brockovich who has been advocating for our health ever since she was poisoned in her home town many many years ago. She fought back and there was even a movie made about her. I recommend you follow her on Twitter.

    And lastly, here’s an article that discusses how all of the water pipes in America are crumbling (therefore poisoning us), and of course the criminals in government aren’t doing one thing about it. Of course the evil’s lying MSM isn’t reporting on any of the poisons in our water or the crumbling infrastructure.

    Why should they? This is how they feed us poison.

    I’m not 100% sure of this as I’m still researching, but I have a strong feeling this is how they are making people sick with covid-19. Through the water supply.

    On July 09, 2020 in a very long Facebook thread many women said that they have noticed the increase of chlorine in their tap water so that it’s burning their eyes, and it reaks of chlorine.

    Others said now there’s a white film they are noticing and others said that even their water filtration system isn’t preventing it.

  3. Fake food

    Let’s move onto all of the fake food we have been subjected to since around the 1950s.

    That’s when the fast food industry came to fruition and when they started marketing fake grocery store food to mothers using their propaganda that they wouldn’t have to spend hours in the kitchen anymore.

    While that’s true, they, of course, failed to mention how it’s not REAL food. It’s a bunch of chemicals thrown into a mix and instead of you eating REAL food, you are eating FAKE FOOD which of course has no nutritional value at all and the chemicals harm you.

    When they first started with the fake food at least there was SOME real food in it, but over the years they removed real food so much so that now it’s totally gone. It’s so toxic, it’s responsible for so many of the health issues that Americans, Canadians and other countries face. It’s not the only reason people are sick, but it’s a huge one.

    I recommend this book that investigated the truth about what goes into those products and you will be SHOCKED as to who bought out these companies to make them even more toxic.

    There are actual labs in Europe that create chemicals that duplicate the taste of REAL FOOD so you have no idea you are eating toxins because it tastes and even smells the same as real food – even chicken, beef, etc.

  4. High fructose corn syrup and sugar

    Corn syrup and white sugar is a toxin that harms our body. I use coconut sugar when I have to, but I don’t cook with or use sugar, not even in my herbal tea.

    And if you are going to use honey, make sure it’s Manuka and certified as such, because the food industry is run by the mafias. Here’s a link to the New Zeland association that lists only REAL Manuka honey manufacturers. Manuka honey is very healthy for you. Even better than raw honey.

    Just so you know, there are scams GALORE in the food industry where you think you are buying something real and it’s not.

    Even the regular honey is a whole scam industry. I don’t recommend regular honey, although raw honey is best if you are going to use honey. Most of what’s in the honey you buy is not 100% REAL honey.

    Amazingly honey is such a competitive industry, that people steal beekeepers’ bees. WOW!

    The book above discusses how sugar is literally in EVERYTHING we eat when it’s fake food. Even when you go to a fake food restaurant they put sugar and corn syrup in a lot of their foods.

    You think you are getting a better quality meal, but you aren’t, and I’m not even talking about the fast food places like McDonalds, KFC, Subway, etc., I’m also talking about the chain sit down  “restaurants” where everything is frozen and they just heat it up.

    It’s all made in huge quantities and shipped nationwide, and they do NOT care about your health, only about making money off of you.

    You need to find small mom and pop restaurants where the owners actually care about cooking REAL food from scratch and they use a stove and oven, NOT a toxic microwave. And diners don’t count because a lot of these diners never cook the food at all, they also just heat up the frozen toxic food, not to mention they use the toxic canola or sunflower oil.

    Here’s an article that discusses sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

  5. GMO (genetically modified organisms)

    GMO is basically Frankenstein seeds created in a lab that evil corps have a patent on so you can’t use their seeds without paying for them.

    There is nothing natural about them and all the science and signs point to the GMO plants/seeds causing many different types of cancer, infertility, hormone issues and more.

    Of course the WHO (you know the WHO that is causing us psychological warfare with the masks and imprisonment, social distancing, etc.) did ONE scientific study judging the GMO food for only 90 days and when other scientists studied GMO, they found that all the health problems started AFTER 90 days.

    How convenient to limit the amount of time they study the GMO food.

    Guess what else they only study for a short period of time and then say it’s safe because no illness occurred right away…. VACCINES!

    Clearly this is the evils’ go to method for rolling out fake science to prove to the masses who worship science that all is fine with in the world.

    I still have to upload the Percy vs Monsanto podcast and my notes so you can listen to that. It will show you just one example of how evil Monsanto is. And don’t think for one minute they aren’t part of the evil collective.

    But keep in mind that Monsanto (now Bayer) isn’t the only evil corp that provides GMOs.

    No one creates a company with a product that makes people very sick and kills them unless they are from the evil bloodline. It’s just not natural to want to harm innocent people.

    GMO has permeated the ENTIRE world pretty much. The bottom line is, if you have a natural organic garden and a GMO seed jumps across into your garden, BAMM, your organic garden will NEVER be the same and I heard from Percy that this is what Monsanto does. They dump seeds on other farmland that isn’t buying their expensive toxic GMO seeds.

    Anyway, I came across a great video that explains GMO in a good way and I learned things I didn’t know before. You can watch it here.

    Excuse the constant marketing push to the doctor’s subscription, but it may be worth getting it. I may still get it down the road.

  6. The poison of low quality TV shows, music videos, video games, and the Internet

    All of these low quality TV shows are meant to dumb and degrade a person’s brain and brainwash them to believe certain things that aren’t true. In fact, every time I come across a good TV show based on intelligence or humanity, it’s almost ALWAYS canceled within 1-2 seasons.

    Every other show is so shallow, it disgusts me. They are low in intelligence and of poor quality in the writing, direction and acting. That’s probably why they also came out with reality shows to make people think reality TV is real.

    I came to learn a couple of years ago that the episodes are edited to prove a point so you don’t really see the truth of what is happening.

    They also tell the people how to act, so there’s absolutely nothing natural about reality TV.

    Oh, and the producers will even covertly set the contestants up by lying to them to get a certain reaction out of them on camera. Again, nothing spontaneous about that.

    Since its inception, the evils have been using hollywood to literally tell you what to think about things. And since 2019’s TV season in the fall, I’ve noticed that the propagandas has gone through the ROOF.

    TV shows, video games, album covers, and comic books are also used for predictive programming so they tell us what evil things the evils plan to do to us in the future.

    They say that if we don’t stop them, then it’s our fault these things happen.

    Here’s just 2 videos on 911 that prove that it was pre-planned for 60 or so years. This one here, and this one has tons of examples.

    TV shows, video games and comic books are meant to desensitize people to violence, rape, emotionless sex, bullying, etc. They have brainwashed people so they think that physically and emotionally abusing others is a normal part of everyday life.

    It also stops people from feeling anything for themselves, helps stifle their intuition, and also stops them from having empathy for their fellow human brother and sister. Other chemical factors play a role in that last empathy part as well.

    Almost every single TV show is either some stupid sitcom, a show full of violence, a show that shows cops as being heroes when they are really criminals, and medical shows that push the allopathic (conventional) medical narrative so that anything holistic (all natural) is seen as a joke, scam, and not normal.

    They make these medical shows to get people to worship brainless doctors in white lab coats who know nothing about health (only disease), fake science, toxic drugs that harm the body and mind, and cutting people’s body’s open (surgery.)

    When people are in a state of oblivion, it’s much much easier to tell them what to do so they listen and obey the government, fake allopathic doctors, the mainstream media, the prison brainwashing school systems, etc.

    And while there were always shows of violence when I was growing up in the 70s, nothing can even remotely compare to the amount of grotesque violence there is in TV shows and movies now and it has gotten worse ever since the 80s-90s.

    Interesting how a lot of very negative poisons from the evils started in and around the 1990s. Even the Internet was essentially started in 1994.

    The internet and cell phones have caused major issues where people no longer socialize which is very very unhealthy for the human race.

    They sit in front of the computer screen or on their cell phone and can only type out their conversations. People are now afraid to talk on the phone or in person. I’ll just briefly say that sitting in front of the computer every day is also toxic for the body. There’s Computer Vision Syndrome (Occupational Asthenopia) which affects your eyes and I have that, and then all the health issues with sitting in front of the computer for 7-14 hours a day.

    Humans weren’t meant to sit for that long and yet they shoved the computer into our lives, so that’s what we do now.

    Look at how many jobs require sitting in front of the computer vs what jobs were available before the computer was around in every office and home.

    And if you don’t already know, both the computer (PC), monitor, modem, wifi, and the cell phone are very toxic to the human body and all living things. That’s another way they poison us through EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies), RFs (radioactive frequencies), and DE (dirty electricity).

    I know full well that they could have created all of these devices without them being toxic. And I know they know they are toxic because the telecommunication industries have been told that before and there are even Russian studies going back to the 1960s that said they were toxic.

    Here, read this and this. I have many more.

    From a sociological standpoint, they want people using these devices to bury themselves away from OTHER humans so they become hermits and don’t want to socialize, learn how to communicate properly, work on their relationships, work on their inner issues, or even make love and procreate.

    I am not against porn, but it’s a fact that the illuminati (the evils) probably started the porn industry or at least own almost all of it, and the porn industry has become so disgusting online, that men can no longer be satisfied sexually by their girlfriends or wives.

    Because this type of porn is so disgusting, they start to have kinks they had no interest in before. Kinks that are part of the very dark side.

    A huge amount of men masturbate anywhere between 5-10 times a day now and have harmed their penis and can’t even cum anymore. They are addicted to online porn, webcam models, phone sex, etc.

    Make no mistake, this is ALL poison on our humanity.

    Some men who are over the age of 18, but are little boys living in a man’s body use cell phones or devices that have avatars on them to replace girlfriends and sex.

    And the sex doll industry has increased quite a bit over the years. Now you can buy a doll that is so lifelike, why would they even need a real human being???

    Again, I have no problem with something like that as it’s kind of cool, but when they are using it to replace real live women, then I HAVE a problem with it.

    AI will be replacing humans, we’ve seen the writing on the wall for a while now and if most of us are dead due to eugenics and the rest are transhuman, then of course robots will become these people’s intimate partners.

    All of these factors literally make living breathing humans into robot-like zombies which is exactly what the evils want, as it falls in line with their transhuman agenda.

    Why do you think they have been forcing the switch from PC to mobile phone for the last 3-5 years?

    I know a lot about the online business industry, and I can’t stand the fact that so many of the new pieces of software are now ONLY available on your mobile phone. I just got pissed off at another company last week who only has their software available as an app.

    Even some banks won’t let you access your account unless they can text you a security code. Calling is out of the question. What about all the people who don’t want to use a cell phone because it is so toxic?

    They even got rid of shelf stereos forcing you to use your cell phone to listen to your music.

    More access to your toxic cell phone means more harm to your cells and DNA and we know there’s a link to infertility and all things cell phone, cell tower, etc.

    And another company wants to ONLY do 2FA (2 factor authentication) which can ONLY be done by your cell phone.


    You think this is just because mobile phones are easier to use and buy?

    No they aren’t. Not for me they aren’t. And the new cell phones cost more than a PC or at least roughly the same amount.

    On a cell phone I can’t type with 2 hands, I can’t quickly get around from one place to another, I can’t do nearly as much as I can with a PC.

    If google wasn’t pushing it, and every other company wasn’t pushing it, I wouldn’t have become suspicious about it, but they are and they have been for a while now.

    It’s because they can control YOU when all you use is your mobile phone and they can’t do that with your PC although I still think they can because they can see everything you are typing. Windows tracks us and of course google does.

    But when you leave the house they can’t tell where you are going unless you are on a smartphone. Now they will be using your cell phone for contact tracing. You think the evils didn’t think about that well in advance?

    Back to the sociological poisons… Why do you think they are forcing us to do social distancing?

    You think it’s because they care about you getting covid19? LOL Not on your life – LITERALLY.

    Kids (and many adults) can’t even share a meal without staring at their cell phones. They are addicted to it and it’s gotten way out of control.

    I saw a news show at least 5-7 years ago that showed that people somewhere in Europe never look up from their mobile phone and instead of calling people, they just text.

    I admit I’m addicted to my computer, but socialization outside my home office will always trump the net so long as the person I’m with is interesting and we are getting along.

    And I can’t stand typing out long conversations.

    Voice inflection plays a HUGE part in communication. If you are well versed, you can actually tell when someone is lying by their voice.

    I can tell how nervous a person is by their voice, angry, excited, etc.

    Then when you are in front of someone, you can read their body language. That’s 80% of how we communicate with other people.

    So they are definitely poisoning us by making is so people can’t (and now won’t) communicate with others properly, and this causes a breakdown in society, anger, frustration, and no peace.

    Music videos are all about cheap sex, trashy clothes which I used to think was sexy (and it was), but at some point it became disgusting to me as it got way worse then what was like in the 80s and 90s.

    Young girls have been trying to dress like the evil owned sexy music stars for decades. Back then I didn’t know that almost everyone who makes it in hollywood and the music industry are luciferian owned and probably also mind controlled. They wouldn’t make it any other way unless they sell themselves to the evils.

    Hollywood and the music industry have always been ripe with rape, sexual assault, theft, scams, drugs, and control and it’s very evil.

    And make no mistake, I LOVE music. It moves my soul and always will.

    But as John Lennon once said… well you can listen for yourself here.

  7. Vegetable and fruit production

    They purposely grow veggies and fruit that aren’t ripe and are toxic.

    They can use every excuse in the book that it can’t be picked ripe because it will spoil by the time it hits the store, but that’s just an excuse or lie.

    If there’s a will, there’s a way and how did we get ripe clean produce back in the 50’s and 60’s???

    If you are eating unripened produce which everyone IS unless they grow their own produce or they buy from a farmer they know who will pick the vegetables and fruit ripe, you are NOT getting the vitamins and minerals from what you are eating.

    Then let’s add to that how they have purposely killed the soil the produce is grown in.

    With all of the poisons they have sprayed (or dumped) into the soil, it’s not only made the soil toxic which means your produce grows toxic, but it also depletes all the minerals and vitamins you are normally supposed to get from that vegetable.

    Again, people will say it’s all about the money and Monsanto’s GMO which it is, but long before Monsanto started with their roundup they were doing this. And I don’t believe for one minute that they don’t know that they are killing us slowly by taking away the vitamins and minerals our bodies need in order to survive and even just function properly.

    Even organic produce probably has very few vitamins and minerals in it unless the farmer cares about the soil being full of nutrients.

    You think taking a pill of vitamins and supplements will save you?

    The evils have infiltrated the holistic or “all natural” industries. They buy tons of small mom and pop companies once they have a huge following, then they change the formula so it’s not all natural and most people don’t even know this has happened.

    They do the same thing with all natural food companies.

    If you have to buy vitamins and minerals and if you don’t get good quality, you are just throwing money away. And being forced to buy all these supplements just to get what our vegetables and fruit is supposed to naturally give us is very stressful to anyone who buys on a regular basis.

    Stress lowers our immune system and our brain and just overall makes us weaker humans.

    Again, ALL done on purpose by the evils.

  8. Glyphosate

    I think glyphosate deserves its own section just because of how toxic it is, but make NO mistake, there are other very deadly poisons out there that are almost never mentioned, and trumpet has allowed many of them back on the table to be spread around.

    Glyphosate is a worldwide toxin that has been sprayed all over the world. Allowed by the criminal governments and their criminal organizations.

    In fact, it’s so prevalent, that now (just like GMO) it’s impossible to get rid of unless we just banned it altogether which will never happen since China started producing it.

    It’s even in the mother’s breast milk and on every crop and food product that we all eat.

    It’s in the vaccines that the evils force on us and is in the air we breathe.

    The evils have been protecting Monsanto (the company who created this chemical) since the 1960s when they created the mustard gas that killed and maimed millions of Vietnamese during the Vietnam war that the CIA started.

    But it’s not just Monsanto, ALL of these chemical companies worldwide are protected because… you guessed it, they are owned and run by the EVILS.

    Even the names we trusted as children due to their propaganda lies have turned out to be evil.

    Just look at Johnson & Johnson who poisoned us with their talcum powder that was a household stable since 1894.

    Did you know that Johnson & Johnson also manufactures toxic vaccines?

So I’m going to wrap this up because it came out to be a very long article and I’m sure I’m missing many other poisons like:

  1. Geoengineering – watch this here about that.
  2. The poisons from mold that has become so much more toxic due to the poisons they spray on all of our earth, the EMFs, and the way they construct our homes, schools, offices, etc. Mold poisoning is now a worldwide epidemic.
  3. I just found out about this poison is called biosludge. You can watch this here.
  4. Aluminum is toxic – watch here.
  5. Mercury in our water so we can’t eat fish anymore and the poor fish have been poisoned.
  6. Farmed fisheries which are toxic. The pellets they feed them were killing the fish and us, not to mention the disease the fish get from being held prisoners in those pens. Same with shrimp and gawd knows what else they do to seafood.
  7. I almost forgot, THE pharma mafia drugs. And let’s NOT forget the toxic vaccines with their brainwashing lies that everyone needs vaccines otherwise we will all die. You can watch these two videos on that topic here. Cancer in vaccines – here. Swine flu vaccine story here.
  8. Manufacturing plants that spew tons of pollution into our air that then makes us sick. They use these chemicals in their plants and then dump them in the water (oceans or our drinking water) or bury them in low income small towns/cities.
  9. Coal mining is very toxic.
  10. The nuclear testing they did in the Las Vegas area maimed and killed thousands of people and still DOES. Same thing in Japan.
  11. Meatpacking plants are very toxic. The toxins that spew into the air can affect people’s health for miles away.
  12. Industrial farms (I’m not even talking about the farmlands, but livestock) is very toxic and poisons the animals and our water and soil.
  13. Plastics are very toxic. There isn’t one plastic that is safe, and most containers and all the things you use in your house are made of plastic. They harm our bodies, brains, etc. If memory serves me, plastics are responsible for the decrease in men’s’ penises.

    Most men now have very very small penises and this is NO coincidence.

  14. They poison our economy. They make the cost of living so high both parents have to work as slaves, and no one raises the children.

    And there’s usually very little money left over for anything else unless one or both are making a high income.

    Humans need vacations in order to destress.

    How many weeks of vacation do you get a year?

  15. The evils have created a society where no one knows how to communicate or work on their relationships and are never satisfied, or they rush into relationships that weren’t meant to be in the first place. Then the divorce rate sky rocked to 1 out of every 2 marriages end in divorce which affects the children, the parents, costs a ton of money, and ruins everyone’s lives including the extended family.

    Ruining all those people is a poison on society. Turning men against women is a thing. Yes, there’s this club where men bash women and avoid them at all costs. It’s been around for at least the last 5-10 years.

    Purposely making divorces stressful and expensive turns men and women against one another so they are divided and don’t come together to fight the evils.

    Smart plan right?

    Making men gay means no more couples procreating and men are no longer strong to fight back. Yes, some gay men are, but most aren’t.

  16. Wow, I almost forgot schools. All schools with maybe a small number are prisons meant to poison our children’s minds with lies and propaganda.As I delved more into the truth, I realized that everything I learned as a child in school was a lie.The same even in Universities and colleges.Ask any allopathic doctor who switched over to holistic what he learned in medical school.All Universities at least in the US, but I’m guessing everywhere are controlled by the evils. That’s a poison on our minds.

I’ll add to this as I remember more things. I’m sorry it was so long, but I needed to detail facts, and as you can see, each section can be an article all on its own.

I started to write this up because I didn’t want to have to type out all of the poisons that are forced on us by the evils when talking to people on social media.

Anyway stay safe and try to be well.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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44 comments on “They feed us poison”

  1. I forgot to add a few things, so here we go:

    1. The cosmetics industry is very toxic. Almost all cosmics, nail polish, etc. are toxic to our health and you are putting all of that stuff on your face.

    Same with shampoos, conditioners and hair products that most people buy from the drug store.

    Even if they buy them from salons, unless they are 100% natural, they are toxic.

    2. All conventional cleaning supplies.

    3. All laundry detergents, bleach, softner, and dryer sheets.

    4. Perfume and cologne is very toxic unless it’s very expensive and even then it’s toxic, but for some reason I can handle very high quality ones.

    If it’s cheap garbage, I nearly die around anyone who pours it all over their bodies instead of just spraying it once.

    I’ll add more as I remember things.

  2. Okay, thanks to Tricia for adding to this list:

    “Dyes, such as red 40, or yellow 5 and 6 (which are coal derivatives). These have been proven to cause ADHD/ADD.”

    They are found in:

    “a lot of drinks have red and blue coloring, Gatorade, fruit punch. Then yellow 5,6 is in things like doritos, cheetos, Kraft macaroni and cheese”

    I got a very detailed list of previous and present day dyes they use in food. It’s from Mullins book, “Murder by Injection”

    “Orange No. 1—used in fish pastes, carbonated beverages, jellies, puddings and many other foods (now decertified).
    Orange No. 2—Cheese, margarine, candies, exteriors of orange fruit (now decertified).
    Yellow No. 1—Confectionery, spaghetti and other pastas, baked goods, beverages.
    Yellow No. 3 (Yellow AB)—Edible fats, margarine, butter, candy.
    Yellow No. 4 (Yellow OB)—Margarine, butter, candy.
    Green No. 1—Cordials, candy, bakery goods, soft drinks, jellies, frozen desserts.
    Green No. 2—Frozen desserts, candies, cakes, jellies, biscuits, cordials.
    Green No. 3—Bakery products, candies, jellies, desserts.
    Blue No. 1—Frozen desserts, jellies, puddings, ice cream, candies, cake, icings.

    Yellow AB and Yellow OB, which are known cancer hazards, have been widely used to color margarine and butter. They are made from a dangerous chemical called beta-napth-ylamine. It is notable because it has low toxicity, that is, it is not poisonous in its effect, but it is one of the most carcinogenic substances known.

    Orange No. 2, O-tylazo-2-naphthol, which had been used heavily in United States, the food industry using thousands of pounds of Orange No. 2 annually, was finally discontinued in 1956 when it was found to induce intestinal polyps and cancer in test animals. ”

  3. I’m adding more here from this very detailed book by Eustace Mullins called, “Murder By Injection.”

    It lists all of the ways that the government poisons us and this is an older book, so I’m sure that the book isn’t nearly up-to-date.

    “American ingests some nine pounds of chemicals in foodstuffs each year, meaning chemicals so toxic that a fraction of an ounce can cause serious illness or death. These chemicals are put into our food chain as additives, preservatives, dyes, bleaches, emulsifiers, antioxidants, flavors, buffers, noxious sprays, acidifiers, alkalizers, deodorants, moisteners, anti-caking and anti-foaming agents, conditioners, curers, hydrolizers, hydrogenators, drying agents, gases, extenders, thickeners, sweeteners, maturers fortifiers, and other agents. ”

    I’ll add more to this article as I read and find out more.

  4. “The chemicals which are found in every home include benzene, which causes leukemia; the common moth spray and mothballs containing para-dichlo-robenzene, whose use forms an invisibly but damaging gas in some thirty million American homes; lindane, a common pesticide; chlordane, used for termite control (chlordane has been much in the news lately because of some families who became deathly ill after their homes has been treated by professional termite exterminators; one couple had to move out and totally abandon their home, after inspectors informed them there was no way it could be sufficiently cleansed of the chlordane residues to be habitable). Chloroform compounds are much more common in homes than is popularly realized. The EPA has found that chloroform levels inside of homes was five times greater than outside. Persons taking hot shower baths inside a closed shower curtain are unaware that they are inhaling substantial amounts of chloroform from the steam. Heating the water releases the chlorine in the heavily chlorinated water, which then emerges as a gas while the hot water comes from the nozzle. A daily shower is guaranteed to give you a chloroform high. Formaldehyde is also present in many homes in a number of commonly used compounds. “

  5. The chemical vinyl chloride which causes cancer (blood, liver, brain and lung.) They knew about this in the 70s and 80s, and they STILL use it to poison us although they “claim” they were phasing it out.

    It’s used in PVC plastic used in a wide range of products including pipes, wire and cable coatings, packaging materials, upholstery for automobiles and furniture, wall and floor coverings, flooring, backing for carpet, house wares, automotive parts, medical devices, and children’s toys.

    And their plants were posiitioned in low income neighborhoods (of course) where there are blacks and hispanics, so they and the factory workers were getting very sick.

    This is why I always get VERY upset at people who are clueless and want ALL factory jobs back even though they will kill you or at the very least make you so sick you will lead a miserable life.

  6. Another chemical that makes people gay.

    The number is the one you will find on the bottom of your plastic bottles, although it should be everywhere on plastics.

    “#3 – PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
    PVC is used in plastic cooking oil bottles, deli and meat wrappers, shrink wrap, sandwich baggies, and plastic “saran” wrap. It is also found in plastic toys, lunch boxes, table cloths and blister packs used to hold medications. And it is commonly used to make jewelry and faux-leather purses, shoes and jackets.

    PVC contains numerous toxic chemicals including lead and DEHP, a type of phthalate used as a plastics softener. As if the lead weren’t bad enough, phthalates are considered “gender-bending” chemicals which cause the males of many species to become more female.

    These chemicals disrupt the endocrine systems of wildlife, causing testicular cancer, genital deformations, low sperm counts and infertility in a number of species, including polar bears, deer, whales, otters, and frogs, among others.

    Scientists believe phthalates cause similar harmful effects in humans. If your home has flexible vinyl flooring, or those padded playmat floors for kids (often used in day cares and kindergartens, too), there’s a good chance it is made from PVC. PVC flooring has also been linked to chronic diseases like allergies, asthma and autism.

    PVC is one of the worst health and environmental offenders.”

  7. BPA is a very very toxic chemical that is responsible for making turtles change a different gender.

    Here’s that article.

    And affects tadpoles too – Here’s that article.

    You have no idea how many things have BPA in it and if you are drinking out of water bottles, well then…

    “#7 – Other

    #7 is a catch-all designation used to describe products made from other plastic resins not described above, or those made from a combination of plastics. While there are many different types of #7 plastics, the most common include 5-gallon-size water bottles, baby bottles and other polycarbonate plastics.

    It’s difficult to know for sure what types of toxins may be in #7 plastics since they vary so much, but there’s a very good chance that if they are polycarbonates, they contain bisphenol-A (BPA), or the equally concerning chemical created to replace BPA, known as Bisphenol-S (BPS).

    BPA and BPS are both endocrine disrupters that interfere with your body’s hormones, affecting your mood, growth and development, tissue function, metabolism, sexual function and ability to reproduce. Over 6 billion pounds of BPA are produced each year, so it is no wonder that the CDC found that 93% of Americans over the age of 6 have BPA in their urine and bloodstream!

    Some of the greatest concern surrounds in-utero exposure to BPA and BPS, which can lead to chromosomal errors, spontaneous miscarriages and genetic damage. But evidence is also very strong that these chemicals are harming adults and children, too, causing decreased sperm quality, early puberty, stimulation of mammary gland development, disrupted reproductive cycles and ovarian dysfunction, cancer, and heart disease.

    Research has found that “higher BPA exposure is associated with general and central obesity in the general adult population of the United States.” Another study found that BPA is associated not only with obesity, but also with insulin resistance, which is an underlying factor in many chronic diseases.”

  8. Someone just reminded me, mercury in our tooth fillings which is very toxic. Even composite resin which are the white ones can be toxic to your body, you need to get tested to see which ones your body can handle and also learn how to heal your teeth naturally.

  9. Okay people, this is a BIG ONE. I forgot to mention chemtrails above even though I was pretty sure that’s how they were making people sick with covid19.

    Then I came across this…

    Shame on me for NOT going to investigate what the 2-3 experts in chemtrails were saying like I did at the beginning of the scamdemic in March.

    I kept meaning to see if they made any correlation.

    Athough, I still think it’s other things.

    If you check out his humming articles, that may be it too.

    And I read it also causes morgellons if anyone has those symptoms.

    Remember, almost everything you have is a symptom, it is NOT a disease. You have to get to the root cause, and here it is, in combination with the other ways they are poisoning us.

    Here’s the site.

  10. While we all knew this before if we’d been paying attention for any length of time, for everyone who needs a study done because they aren’t intelligent enough to think for themselves and put 2 and 2 together (it’s called critical thinking and intuitiveness), here’s a new study that proves that mercury is one of the leading causes of autism.

  11. Well, we find MORE poisons from the evils.

    The evils have been poisoning us using yet ANOTHER method. This time it’s radiation from the fracking and putting it into the deicer products that deice your roads. Here are two videos. Video 1 and video 2.

  12. While this isn’t something people are around every day, the fact that they lie and say it’s safe and people go in DROVES (or used to pre-scamdemic) to the park for fireworks, it’s obvious they are poisoning us with this.

    What better way to poison people while they are trying to have FUN then with fireworks and those sparklers that I even used to love during an event that’s supposed to make you happy (birthdays).

    Here’s the article

  13. Here’s another discovery of poisons although I did know that cotton is almost always GMO, so anyone who wears cotton masks are probably breathing in GMOs, but what do they care since they don’t care about their health anyway, just following their masters’ orders.

    Towels and bed sheets contain formaldehyde, heavy metals, acetone, chlorine bleaches, and GEs which means genetically engineered.

    and who knew that formaldehyde was used in these processes:

    * Polyester/cotton or percale blend
    * “Wrinkle-resistant” 100% cotton
    * “Wrinkle-free”
    * Permanent press
    * Color-fast
    * Perspiration-proof

    Here you can read more about how they use chemicals in the process of manufacturing poisonous towels and bedsheets and then get organic sheets and towels which have the lable of SITO:


  14. I’m so happy I FINALLY found this article.

    A few years ago I thought I had read something about how Lyme disease wasn’t natural, but I couldn’t find the article anywhere.

    Well someone passed his site around and I found the article – phew.


    As usual, the US military industrial complex is making people with Lyme disease very very sick, and some are eventually dying.

    This is NOT the first time they have experimented on Americans and my question is, is this really an experiment, or were they rolling out their eugenics program years ago?

    My guess is that it’s a combination of both.

    This is NO different than what the nazis did to the people in the concentration camps, it’s just more on the down-low.

    And of course, they do this to people in other countries too.

    Remember, America is a military state. That’s what its purpose is. If you want to learn about that, watch this.

    And here is the Lyme disease article that also covers other atrocities the US government has done to people.

  15. They put poisonous bromine in pools, especially indoor ones.

    It’s pretty dangerous if it gets into the human body,” explains chemical industry analyst Laura Syrett of Industrial Minerals. “It can cause cancer, developmental disorders, thyroid problems.”

    Bromine is hazardous, according to Lenntech. It is corrosive to human tissue in its liquid state, and it irritates eyes and the throat and is highly toxic when inhaled in a vapor state. Bromine damages many major organs, including the liver, kidneys, lungs, and stomach, and, in some cases, can cause cancer.
    Bromine can be absorbed into the body via contaminated water and food, breathing it in, and through the skin, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

    Bromine in Pools

  16. So it turns out, they didn’t just poison us for YEARS with mercury fillings, even the white fillings have poisons in them.

    BPA and monomers.

    You have to find a good holistic biodentical dentist, and they aren’t easy to find in my opinion. Many of them are just in it for the money just like conventional dentists are.

    I remember when I realized several years ago that the conventional dentists are MONSTERS. They will lie and tell you that you or your child has a cavity when they don’t.

    They do this to make tons of money and just the trauma you endure having to go through the pain for no reason is HORRIFIC.

    Watch the first episode of the TV show “Whistleblowers.”

    I was horrified at what this Kool Smiles pediactric dental clinic was doing to harm little children by giving them even GROWN UP dental procedures.

    They targeted low income families who got money from the government to go to these dental cliinics and they asked no questions and let the children in the room alone with the terrorizing dentists whlie they pissed in their pants due to the pain.

    If it weren’t for a senior dentist who wanted to give back to the community by quiting his high paying dental practice and went to work for Kool Smiles, this would STILL be going on and who knows, it may still be going on, just under a different name.

    Be careful what you are putting in your mouth and please watch this documentary about teeth and your health.


  17. Ok, so we finally have evidence that graphene oxide (the nanobots) are in everything related to the covid scam.

    Spanish researchers and their video.

      1. Masks
      2. PCR Tests
      3. The vaccines (death jab)

    Here’s another video, but it’s only proof about the death jab. I’m sure more will come out soon.

    The man who invented it. Video.

    Now I want you to understand that for decades the evils have been spraying this on us using their CHEMTRAILS. if you don’t know what that is, watch this and this.

    I heard the first version was called smart dust which was sprayed starting in the 80s and then they progressed to this more toxic version.

    I heard one guy had to move from his home because of all the spraying and he found the nanobots in a bin near his house that had water in it.

    Anyone who has Morgellons has tons of nanobots in their system.

    Listen to this podcast from a young woman who was already transitioning from human into AI because they attacked her.

    How to at least heal yourself in some way from it.

    Honestly, I don’t think there’s any way to heal ourselves completely. Anyone who has worn masks, taken the toxic PCR test and ESPECIALLY taken the death jab is in serious trouble, but even if you haven’t done these, these nanobots are EVERYWHERE.

    A woman did an experiment and bought clothes from different states and tested them. You can do the same with a microscope. It doesn’t even have to be fancy.

    Here’s evidence of it being in masks and another video.

    Here’s evidence that the PCR test is NOT meant to test for the fake virus.

    And this explains more about the PCR test in general.

    Proof they will deliver the nanos into people’s brains.

    Proof the PCR test makes you into a brainless robot for the evils.

    I’m sure if you only get one test it’s not too bad, but there are people who have gotten tons of these toxic tests.

    Anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to stick a LONG Qtip into their nose so it goes so close to your brain, well you need to have your head examined because you made that choice before and you should have been studying the body long before that AND used your common sense that it’s DANGEROUS.

    Back to the nanotbots – they have been spraying this on us for decades now and now they are giving it to us straight in our nose, mouth, and injecting it into our bodies. And this is also a brainwashing tool.

    I hope I’m wrong and we find methods down the road.

    List of healing methods.

  18. Even though glyphosate is mentioned above, I don’t think people really understand how toxic it is and here’s new ways they use it to make us sick and kill us that I didn’t know about.

    Using it in bio-diesel fuel.


  19. Even though I talk about EMFs above, I JUST learned that the electrical wiring in our apartments and houses can be causing all sorts of health issues.

    Here’s an article on that. It has to do with it not being insulated, and my guess is 75% of all rentals have terrible wiring.

  20. Radioactive Deicer Used In Ohio From Fracking Waste. I’m so glad I finally found this video.

    I have such a LONG list of videos and I couldn’t find this and a few weeks ago I looked for it for over 20 minutes before I gave up.

    More evidence that they are radiating us.

    Always think RADIATION, because that’s what it is, whether it’s small particles, large or somewhere in between, it doesn’t matter, ESPECIALLY because it’s all accumulative.

    Here’s the video.

  21. Ok, a new list of older poisons that they did on purpose….

    The Army conducted 239 secret open air germ warfare tests.

    From 1950 to 1966 they did testing on the New York subway, Panama city and Key West.

    They sprayed nerve agents over Alaska and dousing Hawaii with bacteria. They also sprayed Canada and the UK.

    Serratia bacterium, contraceptive corn, nerve agents, Flu vaccines have been grown in chicken eggs even though it is said that they can cause more mutations when you grow them in a chicken egg.

    They sterilized patients in mental hospitals.

    ethno-bomb where they can harm only one ethnicity.

    The evils created a hit list against doctors who criticize Vioxx.

    Watch here.

  22. In February 2021 (see above) I added more information about how toxic clothes and bed sheets are because we wear them all day every day and sleep in them and they are absorbed into our skin.

    Well, I found learned the following from someone… “Artificial fibers interfere with our natural electromagnetic fields.”

    If you haven’t heard me talking about this in the last year, everything is about frequency!

  23. Lead poisoning. It’s mentioned loosely above, but I really want to detail it here.

    “Lead-based paint and lead-contaminated dust in older buildings are common sources of lead poisoning in children. Other sources include contaminated air, water and soil. Adults who work with batteries, do home renovations or work in auto repair shops also might be exposed to lead.”


  24. Wow, I completely forgot to write this one in, so it’s a good thing I came across this video.

    It’s a much better video on how toxic LED and CFL light bulbs are to us and NOT just because they have mercury in them. And PROOF on how they are forcing it on us.

    Go look outside at ALL of the street lamps now. Make sure you read my comments in the description because I don’t have time to do up comment slides for every video.

    In fact, I wrote an article on CFL light bulbs years ago long before LED light bulbs ever came out. https://wedeservehealth.com/the-environment/emfs/cfl-curly-light-bulbs/


  25. I’m sorry, I thought I had added in here about how toxic CASH RECEIPTS are due to the thermal paper, but when I went to go look, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    So the evils are transferring BPA to us (bisphenol A) via ALL cash receipts worldwide and if you use creme, your hands are wet OR (get this) hand sanitizer, it’s even worse.

    It gets into the bloodstream and is way worse than if you ingest it because your liver detoxifies (we hope) it out.

    BPA is found in TONS of plastic items, but EVERYONE handles cash receipts. That’s both customers and the employees at EVERY store in the WORLD!!!

    What does BPA affect?

    Obesity, miscarriage, reduced libido, impaired sperm quality and altered immune, liver, thyroid and kidney function.

    It’s ALSO found in canned food and most low income and low IQ people all eat food from cans.

    I thought it was aluminum that was the issue with canned foods, but it’s a double whammy with BPA too. sigh


  26. Here’s one many of you won’t know about or believe, but if you’ve been studying frequencies like I have, you will totally understand. https://ourfreesociety.com/Odysee-Frequencies-Playlist

    Since we, and all living things and even tangible items are made up of frequency and vibration, today I found out that MOST pictures on the internet are FAKE. They were created by the AI that controls us.

    So I thought about it later, that all of the music we listen to now (I’m not sure what year this started) is also probably FAKE and created by the AI.

    It may even go back as far as when they came out with keyboards to replace pianos, but I’m not well versed enough to determine that, and that’s certainly not as bad as what I’m talking about.

    Some of the music I put behind my slides to do videos has to be AI generated and it’s TERRIBLE. Shitty sounding music because I listen to a lot of music before I choose one on these free sites. Getting good music is hard and very expensive.

    Also, in October 2022, I started to notice that ALL of the companies that had HUMAN voices on their IVRs stitched to a computer generated voice (Amazon, and I can’t remember what other company) and I’m SURE that also harms us on a vibrational level.

    Pre-scamdemic I used a software where you can type in your text and it will record it back so you don’t have to pay a voice talent. I picked the one that sounded the most authentic, but I’ve heard some that are terrible even on videos and sites.

    Note: just because you can’t tell it’s computer generated, doesn’t mean it’s not harming you on a vibrational level.

    So THIS is another way to poison us because how do we know that some of the singers we listen to aren’t ALSO computer generated? We know from decades ago that many lip synced.

    You have that, the IVRs, music online needed to do work with, and we are being harmed on a vibrational level all the time making us sick.

  27. So, I’m sorry I didn’t have this on the list from the beginning.

    So this is a WORLDWIDE issue except maybe in France and some 3rd world countries, although certainly not all.

    The evils created a HUGE campaign using their low IQ doctors, their fake science and the mafia governments. It was about how fats were bad for you and most everyone believed it.

    When the evils did this in your country will be different than in the US. I’m using the information about the US below.

    There’s a HUGE difference between unsaturated fats (that’s what they put in EVERYTHING you eat), and saturating fats. These doctors tell you that ALL fats are bad for you when they are NOT! Only the NON natural ones are bad for you.

    Animal fats, butter, cheese fat, avocado, etc. are very healthy for you. Did you know there’s an avocado mafia in Mexico???

    Then they lied and said raw MILK was bad for you, so even in some 3rd world countries, they can get raw milk from their local milk guy, but then they act like morons and BOIL IT. WOW. Or go back to buy the more EXPENSIVE pasteurized milk from the stores.

    They are so afraid of drinking FRESH raw milk, that they looked me like I was fucked for wanting to drink raw milk.

    Any time you overheat something, you break down its nutritional components.

    Now there’s one extra part of this equation which is very very hard to find.

    The cows giving you the raw milk or raw cheese have to be eating GRASS.

    But what about in the winter Michelle?

    They have to then eat GREEN wheat, not the toxic brown wheat. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as green wheat until recently.

    Most farmers are brainwashed morons and they feed their cows antibiotics, “commercial dairy animals are injected with rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone), and they are fed genetically modified grains, which are not a part of their natural diet.” They are often fed OTHER ANIMAL parts (GROSS) and then by proxy, you are eating their sick meat and drinking their toxic milk.

    If I ask a butcher or even the milk guy what the cows eat, will he even know or care?

    This is a quote from someone else… “Saturated fat in form of grassfed butter is needed by the heart. That should give a few moment of food for thought. Saturated oil is also needed for brain.

    When did the evils start outlawing raw milk?

    The federal government, in using its illegitimate and unconstitutional authority to regulate various industries — such as food, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and other commodities — has raised the ire of producers and advocates of raw milk consumption, including Amish communities throughout the American heartland.

    Raw milk — that which is unpasteurized and unhomogenized — was the only kind consumed by humans until Louis Pasteur invented the pasteurization process in 1864. When the Progressive Movement of the 1920s intruded into food production, the federal government outlawed all raw milk under the guise that the government has the innate responsibility to promote public health. Ever since, the federal agents have enforced laws advocating mandatory pasteurization, allegedly to ensure that milk is free of listeria, salmonella, and e. coli. Other U.S. health agencies — including the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — have strongly recommended that the public not consume raw milk or raw milk products.

    In 1987, interstate commerce of unpasteurized dairy products was limited via federal legislation, and under the Obama administration, the FDA has also begun a policy of using federal taxpayer funds to finance anti-raw milk campaigns throughout various states.


    In many countries around the world including in Canada, you can’t get raw milk ANYWHERE and if you try, according to the mafia government, you are committing a crime and so is the farm selling it to you.

    This was a great way to harm people’s brains and the rest of their health. Poison people with pasteurized milk and CHEESE!

    I don’t believe for one minute this has anything to do with the dairy lobby. It has to do with the evils finding new ways to degrade OUR HEALTH!

    Pete Kennedy, president of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, noted that undercover stings are not unheard of. “It happens quite a bit,” he said. “It’s almost like they treat raw milk as crack. It’s happened in a number of states, and at the federal level.” Kennedy’s organization has sued in an attempt to halt FDA enforcement, and the case is pending in an Iowa federal court.

    The federal government’s war against raw milk bears numerous similarities to its war against drugs. Both the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) engage in extraordinary displays and abuses of police power to crack down on those suspected of acting in violation of federal laws, and often subject citizens to violent tactics. As a result of these heavy-handed regulations, members of religious groups such as the Amish (known for their devotion to traditional values, nonviolence, and asceticism) have been reduced to the status of “smugglers,” acting in constant fear of prosecution under federal law for maintaining traditions that are both benign and of interest to a broader epicurean and health-conscious audience.

    Yup, healthy raw milk and CHEESE is just like toxic crack. Only a low IQ MORON (or part of the evil collective) would say such a stupid thing.

    is due to pasteurization and grain-fed milk intolerance. Probably pasteurization’s worst offense is that it makes the major portion of the calcium contained in raw milk nonabsorbable. Pasteurization came into being to try to clean up dirty milk from “distillery dairies” in the mid 1800s.

    It was never meant for clean milk from healthy animals on pasture.

    In order to absorb calcium from milk, we need the enzyme phosphatase which is naturally present in raw milk. High temperature pasteurization heats milk typically to 165 degrees or more, and destroys phosphatase.

    Significant portions of other vitamins are lost in the pasteurization process as well, in particular the highly important vitamin C. Typically the conventional type of milk that most people drink contains fecal matter, blood, and pus. Commercial milk must then be pasteurized to make it even drinkable. Pasteurization cooks this material. It makes sense that significant portions of the population are going to be allergic to this toxic soup.

  28. So I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before because a year ago when I first heard it in lettuce, I wasn’t 100% sure it was legit and not just FEAR PORN, but I think it’s safe to say that they are doing everything in their power to death jab ALL PURE BLOODS whether we like it or not.

    I already knew we were being infected by the zombies (I’ve been several times), but now it’s going to be in our beef, vegetables, EVERYTHING.


    You can’t get MORE poisonous than THAT!!!

    And please remember, if you are NOT meditating or praying with us on Sunday to get rid of the evils, you aren’t doing your part to fight in the war. Please spread.


  29. So if you scroll up to November 2022, you will see the video I uploaded about how harmful the LED radiation light bulbs are.

    I’m sure they do a ton more than that, but that’s all I have for you right now.

    Healthy incandescent light bulbs have been banned in many countries all over Europe.

    Well guess what… NOW THEY ARE BANNED IN THE US by the evils and their evil collective pedo biden – https://odysee.com/@OurFreeSociety:2/American-mafia-government-banning-all-healthy-incandescent-light-bulbs:4

    Of course the evils spread their lies that it’s ALL for the fake climate change scam, they are better priced, last longer, etc. and for all the zombies, they believe every word of the lies.

    Please buy your healthy incandescent light bulbs now. https://amzn.to/3HpJbKw

    If you can use my link if you are already planning on using evil amazon, please do so I can make a few cents off of your purchase. Amazon gives us peanuts in commissions.

    I don’t recommend amazon to anyone, but I have to use it for reasons I won’t get into.

    Thanks and stay well.

  30. I went to buy some natural nail polish and had to do a deep dive to find ones that had mainly good reviews.

    I just found another one where they list the most major TOXINS inside nail polish.

    Most people have no idea how toxic the beauty industry is. Makeup, hair color, nail polish, etc.


    TPHP triphenyl phosphate

    ATBC acetyl tributyl citrate

    Toluene compounds



    Butyl and ethyl acetate




    MEHQ/4 methoxy phenol

    If you want my list and notes of the nail polish companies I researched, just reach out.

  31. Some pillows (or most) are made with petroleum products.

    And when you sleep, you are breathing VERY deeply, plus your face is always on the pillow. sigh

    If you come across any great comfortable pillows for the neck and spine, please reach out.


  32. “Petroleum jelly, aka jelly made from mineral oil/petrol, which is found in thousands of products, is a carcinogenic cancer-causing chemical, found in vaseline for instance.”

  33. Ok, so let’s talk about silicone and yes, I’ll also be repeating some toxic chemicals that I already mentioned above because they are in this PDF I got from the man and woman who created the all natural shampoo and conditioner hair products I use and have been using for years.

    In fact, when he started talking about how silicone is so dangerous, the FDA went after him.

    As you will see, as USUAL, they are ALL meant to turn boys and men into WOMEN, and fry our BRAINS, and in 3rd world countries or people with low incomes, this is especially true because they can’t afford holistic products, and most of them are too braindead (not all) to care.

    Let’s get started…

    “Silicone- any of various polymeric organic silicon compounds obtained as oils, greases, or plastics and used especially for water-resistant and heat-resistant lubricants, varnishes, binders, and electric insulators.

    Unbelievably, major natural grocers (Whole Food) and distributors still consider silicones organic and safe even though experts in the industry like Beth Terry, author of Plastic Free:

    How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too explain and teach how plastics and silicones are hidden dangers in plain sight.

    Here’s a list of some of the increasingly many forms of silicone derivatives:


    And here’s 2 new ones that hid the word “sil” in them…


    Silicone and its derivatives have a purpose in the world… electrical insulation, caulk, etc.

    Also, phthalates have tremendous evidence as hormone disruptors in boys specifically. Belegenza is phthalate free.

    Phthalates in perfumes are known hormone disruptors. In 1989 the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health evaluated 2,983 fragrance chemicals for health effects. They
    identified 884 of them as toxic substances.

    The US Environmental Protection Agency found that perfumes can contain toluene (which has since had lots of measures put in place to eliminate) , which has been reported as causing liver, kidney and brain damage as well as damage to a developing

    That was the big problem years ago in the nail salons. Also, the big news about phthalates now is that it is associated with evidence of hormonal imbalances, especially in boys and men, links to cancers and tumors, and fetal developmental problems.

    It has been found used in vinyl, toys and cars, and is a key ingredient in nail polish. Is phthalate that new car smell?

    Phthalate-free is the way to go! It’s no wonder so many sneeze as they go down the detergent aisle at the grocery!

    I thank Alan for creating this list and allowing me to copy it.

    Here’s his site – https://belegenza.com/

  34. Ok, let’s talk about tattoos which I’m 100% against unless it’s a small tattoo, and after this article and even another one that’s been removed (I’ll try to find another one), I’m pretty sure my disdain for tattoos has been warranted all along.

    I started to become appaulled when I saw so many Americans getting not one tattoo, but TONS all over their arms, neck, chest, sometimes legs, etc.

    I find it very ugly and I’m sorry if that offends you.

    I remember several reality TV shows about tattoos, but at the time I wasn’t a Truther.

    Fast forward to me moving overeas and I saw several people in this small town also with growing tattoos and tattoo parlors and considering it was a small city, I started to wonder what was going on.

    Then I started to see Canadians getting tattoos (sometimes tons) that I had never seen before. Canadians have almost always been more clean cut than Americans.

    Then in Mexico I started to see people with tattoos and by this time I was positive the evils were behind this.

    The one thing I will say is that it’s YOUR choice if yu poison your body.

    Maybe if yu have no food then yes, you may have ot eat the evils’ poisonous food, but no noe ois putting a gun to your head to get a tattoo.

    So here are just the mainstream carcinogens in the ink you are digging deep into your skin with…

    I’ll link the article at the end.


    Black ink is often made of soot, containing products of combustion, called hydrocarbons.

    Black ink can also contain animal bones burned down into charcoal.

    Some ink also contains animal fat as the carrier, as well as gelatin and beetles.

    Heavy metals are often present in colored inks. Colored inks can contain lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel, and titanium.

    Where does the pigment go when it is faded by sunlight or removed by laser light?

    Some of the ink could be absorbed into the bloodstream. Making it possible that getting a tattoo removed can be even more dangerous than the original.

    Red pigment often causes the most skin reactions and is considered the most dangerous because it contains cadmium, mercury or iron oxide.

    Purple uses toxic manganese violet.

    Animal based inks that are often referred to as “India Inks.”

    I don’t think her tattoo alternatives are necessarily great, but I don’t have time to go research if vegetable glycerin is better than regular glycerin which is toxic. And since she is vegan, I’m not sure I truest her alternatives.

    Here’s the article – https://www.nontoxicrevolution.org/blog/how-toxic-are-tattoos

  35. I tried to edit it but decided to leave it as is so you can try and figure it out LOL

    This man uses code. I assume it’s to trick the AI, so I don’t understand everything he says even though it’s clear he’s intelligent. SMH

    This is ALL about the play on words and scamming and poisoning us with FOOD.

    “BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (Butylated hydroxytoluene) put on the wax paper of a cereal box is not labeled because it isn’t IN the doof. There is another unforgiveable trick where they put FREON “ON” frozen french fries and potato-thingeys to give them that ‘fresh’ taste that doesn’t require labeling because it is ON not IN the doof”

  36. Someone emailed me to put this in my health site, but since this poison list is way longer than anything I have over there, I’ll add it here.

    PFA – “PFAs are a group of synthetic chemicals that have become ever-present in our daily lives. They can be found in numerous household products, including non-stick cookware, stain-resistant fabrics, cosmetics, cleaning products, food and food packaging, and even in your drinking water. These invisible toxins have been linked to various health problems, including cancer, thyroid disease, immune system dysfunction, and developmental issues in children.”


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