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Brave Bitchute and Odysee

Controlling the internetNoticeable problems with Brave Bitchute and Odysee.

So this is a comment response I gave to one of my subs on Bitchute when he couldn’t get the video to work and others could see it. I asked him what browsers he was using. It started working the next day.

You know that both Brave and BitChute are evil owned or controlled, right?

I figured out that Brave was a while ago, and they censor on their community platform even if it has nothing to do with the Truth. It has to do with certain words they don’t like and they weren’t even die hard swear words. They were controlling what I say.

And we already know one of the owners is formally tied to Firefox, and Mozilla is evil, and every time I need help from them they are arrogant pieces of shit.

Plus I haven’t updated my Thunderbird because they SUDDENLY came out with a new HUGE version jump several months ago, and I just knew that it was also just one more company who had to revamp their software to get evil AI to track everything we say and who we are tied to. THEY ALL DO. I even started an article on it. This all started back in late 2020 or early 2021 when everyone was imprisoned in their home. I made note of it. Here’s one article with examples.

I think it doesn’t work anymore because all of these morons switched to the evil AI spell check that isn’t meant to work. It’s ONLY meant to work for the evils, not for us.

One company, sure, but that many companies suddenly revamping their software when everyone is not working and should have no money plus there was nothing wrong with their software before and they made it WORSE???

And Brave doesn’t actually protect from keyboard logging like Firefox does, but Firefox doesn’t do other things that Brave does.

More evidence Brave is evil owned

As of 06-05-24 I just got my hands on one of their desktop images, you know the images when you load a tab. It has skull and bones on it.

evil brave and skull and bones video

I’ve been having problems with sites coming up for me in the last week, but I thought it was my desktop I FINALLY got onto after being away from her for 2 1/2 years. Or my ISP. Maybe it’s not. They are destroying EVERY SINGLE SITE and software.

I literally mean it. Nothing works the way it used to before, features are changed so we don’t have them, even spell check doesn’t work anymore (it’s been at least 1+ years) on almost any site, browser, or software. I really think only the older versions still work. They made it stop working so we would have to do extra work to look up the spelling or misspell a lot of words.

As for BitChute, in the last 2 months I’ve come across several tabs that have videos that are no longer available. I wrote to them and they said the channel owner took it down. I’m like what, why would they do that??? He said I checked, yup, they took it down.

LOL, like I’m a moron. Even if he was right about one video, 3 or 4 videos? No, I don’t think so. Then I finally saw a message a week ago saying the channel spews hate speech so the video was taken down.

The ONLY time I am against free speech, is when people gather together to kill innocent people and incite others to kill those people without PROOF they are part of the evils or evil collectives. I’m also against bullying hate speech and while there’s always been immature babies online who attack others, now I think a lot of it doesn’t come from Humans, it comes from bots to create anger, stress, division, etc.

So, expect this platform to go south in the next year, maybe two.

We STILL don’t have a well coded, well designed video platform that can’t be taken down & allows all types of free speech. Once the evils bring these 2 video platforms down, that’s it. They will also take down Telegram of course.

I’m sure that Odysee is evil owned. My channel took a dive in subs about 1-1 1/2 years ago, plus they lowered how much you can make from their crypto, and I always got more new subs there then here, and then that changed which was very strange.

I even searched for the exact title of a video about 30 minutes ago, and couldn’t find it, not until I put my name in front of it, and NONE of the other videos in the search results had that exact name.

EVERYTHING is censored now.

Someone told me the other day she couldn’t find something on goolag. I can’t remember what it was, but it wasn’t about the Truth. It may have been about natural stuff.

I just read in a book that the evils even censor scientists who are on their side. They do this when what they say no longer has value for the evils. You can’t find them anymore in na.zi goolag.


The only way to win this war is with US!

People can shirk their responsibility in all of this which is just cowardice, but every day you can always choose to REALLY wake UP to Help Save Yourself, Humanity, and our Mother Earth.

Truth, Spirituality (nothing to do with the psyop known a religion), shedding your childhood trauma, becoming a mature adult, and then taking responsibility for yourself HAS to be done.

I know it’s hard because the evils control us, but it HAS to be done. If we all start to do it, this war WILL BE OVER. We have the POWER to stop them, but you have to play your part.

The key is learning who you are with everything else stripped away. Truly look in the mirror.

Learn how to love and respect yourself and then help others. If we all help one another, that’s sharing the workload.

Build alternative communities based on FREEDOM and Truth. Do it together outside of the evils’ mafia governments. It’s the ONLY way.


It’s our negative energy they feed off of. So long as we aren’t United and Strong, they can control us. We need to be United and Strong and NOT just accept what is going on. This is NOT a movie!!!

Both parts have to be done AND people have to STOP WORSHIPING MONEY.

The evils use money as a WEAPON. Money shouldn’t be used to judge others by their WORTH. Anyone who thinks this way is controlled by the evils and is harming Humanity. Yes we need it in THEIR system, so that’s why you need to break FREE from their evil MATRIX.

This war can ONLY BE WON BY US, not some deity or Human. That’s where the psyop religion comes in – SALVATIONISM.

They want you to NEVER grow up and fight them. They want you waiting for someone ELSE to save you so they have free reign to kill us.

Here’s my alternative therapy page. I hope you read and bookmark it. https://ourfreesociety.com/alternative-therapy-courses/

There’s NO SHAME in admitting you have issues. WE ALL DO.

It’s when you don’t care and don’t work to rid yourself of them (this doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a work in progress) that I have a problem with that because you refusing to not do the work affects ALL of us, not just YOU.

With tough Love

The Our Free Society Warrior Alliance
I hope you learned something.

Never make Authority your Truth… make Truth your Authority

The definition of insanity is blind obedience.

Culture teaches us that only the police have the right to defend.

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