Critical Care Nurse

mold fungusThis is a comment from a Critical Care Nurse, and everything she said was so spot on that I had to share.

And she said it ALL 3 years ago.

I’ve only edited it for some grammar and structure.

“I just watched your video and I will say that you’re almost a hundred percent on track here. I am a critical care nurse of 12 and a half years who got sick in the system.

And when I step back to take a look at what went wrong, what I found out was horrifically alarming. And just how brainwashed as nurses and doctors we really are.

The word biotics actually means life, so when we take ” anti antibiotic” that is “anti life”.

And I’ll say this up front Louis Pasteur was a fraud. He tried to come clean on his Deathbed that the theory of germ wasn’t correct. Human beings are a germ. We have a trillion cells in our body hundred trillion cells. Let’s get this correct. 100 trillion cells. The majority of these cells are prokaryotic cells 10 to 1 ratio. Within those cells is your bacterial DNA .

Don’t let the word bacteria alarm you. When you hear “gut Flora” that is bacteria that is designed for your life existance…that little bacterium knows how to take food and change it into everything your body needs. It knows how to shutdown systems knows how to run the show.

Within that DNA inside your bacterial cell there is 200 billion codes written. This is how your body can grow a baby, this is how your body can heal itself.

Your cells communicate with each other. It is one of the largest electrifying communication Network that there will ever be. And as a nurse in 2001 when they completed the Genome Project we thought that we’re going to be major cures for all disease but that is not what happened.

We have become sicker since then. They have learned how to manipulate genes. Turn them on and off buy the stuff they’re injecting into your body and buy the stuff they’re using to culture your foods with and the so-called chemical preservatives.

Majority of all food now is cultured with fungal yeast species these species allow the industrial companies to make cultured foods. Not naturally fermented anymore. They’re using these yeast fungal cultures and yeast and fungus with the same thing they’re under the same umbrella, so it doesn’t matter what you want to call it, or even mold it is all deadly.

Vinegar products, anything citric acid, absorbic acid, even the supplements that you buy to make yourself healthy is no longer unless it is specified from Whole fruit or whole vegetables, it is derived from algae or fungal yeast. These species can grow even lipids fatty acids any of your me no acids but what you get is a fungus in into your body that will eat your nutrient they live off the host so it mimics the nutrient you need while it is a trojan horse to your body it is a deadly infiltration.

And I believe they know exactly what they’re doing this is been going on for years cancer is a fungus and you have doctors who have been screaming this for years and they have shut them down or kill them.

Even in the dairy Field this is why they’ve had to ultra pasteurized milk you know like pasteurize it twice is because of the deadly toxins that are in the milk from the fungal feed that these animals are being given the amount of vaccinations that they are being given and the antibiotics that they are being given has led their milk and their meat to be fungus ridden and mycotoxins are deadly. This is the secondary metabolites to fungus secrete.

You can Google or antibiotics mycotoxins this is what they are, they are a deadly toxin that we inject into our body and shut down completely shut down our immune system.

It’s a antibiotic doesn’t kill fungus it kills your bacteria that you need and your body that has your DNA.

This is insane what they have done. I guess it’s actually pretty genius to them. You want to destroy a population here you go and all of us were so brainwashed to believe in this BS they’re culturing milk products for cheese and dairy sour creams and yogurt with lactococcus lactis its former name was streptococcus.

So imagine that, so now you’re eating all these fungal products, and when you take in this lactococcus cheese or streptococcus cheese. however you want to say it, you had just at it a deadly bacteria cocci and no matter what form positive or negative one is e.coli.

One is pneumonia. If your immune system is weakened, this is what you will get if you eat bread, drink beer, drink wine, kombucha, these are all cultured with a fungus sacchramyces servation is a fungus it is also involved in a huge human experiment it’s called” Crisper case 9″ .

On that human project, just add the word sacchramyces CERVACIA lactococcus lactis and put Crisper case nine in front of each one.

Anything that you’re eating that’s fermented such as your mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard anything with vinegar.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the phone with FDA, CDC, USDA to find out information. I will say do not under no circumstances take a probiotic either. Probiotics are fungal cultures. I just went to a large seminar and Ocala Florida to listen to what they had to say I took my notes for my own research and the person that was with me looked at me and said, “my God, you just been validated.”

Whether or not the person teaching knows what is happening or if she’s just brainwashed into the system like I was I don’t know, I don’t care to know. What I do know is unless you make the probiotic yourself from using a brine water and your vegetable, stay the hell away from it.

Do not use any industrial cultures in your food. Do not use any of their supplements.

You have to understand that pharmaceutical companies are trying to get on board with this whole natural thing. They’re called nutraceuticals, natural Pharmaceuticals is what that means.

Pharmaceuticals or poison even the word pharmaceutical means poison the word pharmacist means sorcery in Greek language.

Are Medical Systems lingo is derived from Greek the father of medicine “Hippocrates”

( Hippocratic Oath) is Greek and he says quote “let food be thy medicine and Medicine be thy food”. that was three thousand years ago.

This is what are medicine used to be based on, and the American Medical Association came in 1912, took it over, and called our doctors quack doctors for using food as medicine.

Food is more Than People realize. Its enzymes minerals that are electrifying to the body. This is Magnesium copper, folic acid, manganese, all your amino acids, potassium, zinc, I could go on and on. Their 90 essential minerals that your body needs to run your motor. Like a car needs gas, your body has systems that needs to run it has to have fuel …these minerals and enzymes are your fuel …body system processes shut down without proper fuel.

When you take a pharmaceutical poison you suppress your body’s ability to be able to function.

JFK and his last speech announced the next War would not be announced and it would be by” infiltration”. Well it is here, they have infiltrated your country. They are destroying your water, your food, your medical system, the atmosphere you breathe.. fluoride was the first thing they brought in.

Fluoride is a Dudley industrial waste product watch the video the” fluoride deception”. they use fluoride to make sarin gas a chemical warfare gas.

Biological warfare is fungal. You can look this up just Google “biological warfare”.

It’s time to wake up.

Sorry for my book. I’m very passionate about this mess we’re in and this video is electrifying to know that somebody else is awake. The goofy very careful of that beer because all you’re doing is putting it right back into your body. unless you make it yourself and you make it without any cultures, and there are ways to do that, because our forefathers back in the day didn’t have industrial cultures. Fermented foods used to be healthy they’ve taken all the quality of help out of it and injected it with fungal cultures.

WOW, this Critical Care Nurse is a fountain of knowledge. I just wish her English was better. I tried to clean it up without doing any real editing.

Powerful woman. She even taught me a few things.

I personally know that I’ve been poisoned by mold, but I thought it was mold in the home. About 5 years ago when researching, I finally figured out why I am so sick. It was due to MOLD!

I had no idea that the evils were intentionally putting mold into everything we eat. I thought it was the EMFs creating more mold toxicity and the pesticides, herbicides and other poisons. Maybe even glyphosate, I can’t remember right now. I’m positive it’s a combination of all of that.

That explains a TON as to why so many people have mold poisoning symptoms, maybe even if they don’t have mold in their home.

Stay well.

90% of us are sick even if you don’t know it. They have been killing us off for years and loving every minute of it (sigh)

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